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$7,157 pledged of $54,000 goal
By WearsIt
$7,157 pledged of $54,000 goal


 Thank you to all of our backers for believing in Boomerang! We've decided to pull this Kickstarter and regroup - we haven't given up on the project and will keep you updated with what we decide to do next. Be sure to visit our website to sign up for our newsletter if you missed your chance to back us. We'll be in touch soon!



These are our latest prototypes which are currently undergoing rigorous testing.

 We've amplified our Bluetooth signal specifically to ensure fantastic range and consistent connectivity.

Kids feel more free to explore when their boundaries are clearly set. That sense of freedom to play and explore is something we want to recapture for our own kids. We wondered what it would be like to take those boundaries and make them mobile.

Boomerang will quickly become a part of your routine when you head out. You don't even need to open the app to activate Boomerang, which makes leaving the house a fuss-free affair.

Whether you're in a busy store or a wide-open park, the Boomerang app for iPhone and Android gives you control to set the boundaries you want for your child. When they get close to the edge, Boomerang will give them a little chirp to let them know they're getting too far. Think of it like a giant soap bubble - if they pass through, it will pop and you'll know immediately.

 Screenshots taken from current development app.

There are times when you lose sight of your child or just need help finding them quickly. Boomerang's audible alerts make it easy to hear your child even if you can't see them. And if they get too far on their own, Boomerang will automatically alert you.

Boomerang is an unobtrusive solution to keeping your kids close. It’s smaller, lighter, and less expensive than its GPS friends which are designed for older children. The battery lasts longer and there are no recurring fees.


The chaos of life can leave us confused over who's responsible for whom. Having Boomerang paired to your phone means you'll never leave your child behind, or forget which parent is responsible, should paths diverge for the day. And if you have multiple kids, you can connect up to five bracelets to your phone at once.


Boomerang is the first kids wearable to detect the presence of skin to know when your child is wearing it and when it has come off. Put Boomerang on and hold your phone to it to automatically activate the bracelet. Take Boomerang off within a few feet of your phone and it will automatically deactivate until you put it back on. After the initial setup, you will never need to open the app during day-to-day use.


Handoff between parents is just as easy. Pass your child off to another person with a simple tap and a swipe. All you need is the Boomerang app installed on both phones and you'll be ready to go in no time!


Boomerang is designed to be worn out and about. It gives you a layer of confidence that your child is nearby during any outing and gives you a faster heads up if they get too far away. You can cheer on your older kid's soccer match without worrying about losing the little one.

Boomerang is designed to help set knowable boundaries from the time your kids start toddling to the day you're confident to let them wander. Empower your little explorers.


 We want Boomerang to last you a long time, which is why we not only made it tough but built it around a replaceable battery. The app will alert you when the battery is low to give you plenty of warning.

Note that the electronics do not come out of the bracelet, only the battery is removable.

Backing Boomerang will move us straight into production. Not only will you receive your very own Boomerang, but the money we raise will immediately go towards funding the following: 
 - Production Tooling and Manufacturing
 - Antenna Design Refinement
 - Mechanical Design Refinement
 - Material Integrity Testing
 - Certifications: FCC, CE, Bluetooth, CPSA


How loud are Boomerang's alerts? Boomerang's alerts are designed to be informative - pleasant in normal circumstances and urgent when alarming. The loudest alarms at 95 decibels, enough to hear across a park outdoors - it is designed to demand attention from anyone nearby.

Does Boomerang use GPS? No - Boomerang relies on Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity with your phone combined with our custom distancing algorithm. This means you don't have to pay any subscription fees and results in longer battery life. Boomerang is intended for young children who you want to keep close when out and about.

How big is Boomerang? Boomerang is the same size as your average kids watch.

How many bracelets can I pair to my phone? You can have up to five Boomerang Bracelets paired to your phone at once (both Android and iPhone).

What if I want to buy more than two Boomerangs? Simply add $75 to your pledge for each additional Boomerang you would like us to send you.

How did you overcome Bluetooth's connection challenges? We've significantly amplified Boomerang's signal to ensure a better experience than the average Bluetooth device. This improves reliability and reduces signal loss, resulting in a stable connection over greater distances.

Is there a subscription fee to use Boomerang? No. Once you buy Boomerang you can download the app for free and use it for free.

What age range is Boomerang intended for? In our testing, Boomerang is best suited for children from 10mo (just walking) to 4yrs old. It can be used by older children as parents see fit.

How long does the battery last? Based on our testing, Boomerang will last for over 200 hours of on-time - roughly three months of average use. Boomerang uses the CR2032, which is the most common watch battery in the world.

What is your typical use case? We've designed Boomerang with your outings in mind - so our testing revolves around adventures lasting a couple hours in length every day to places like parks, malls, theme parks, zoos, shopping trips, and more.

Will people be able to get my information off Boomerang? The only information available on Boomerang is that which you put on it yourself, and is only made available to others while alarming. That way anyone who finds your lost child can quickly get your phone number and any other information they need in order to reunite you quickly. It's a feature we hope you'll never have to use, but will find comfort in knowing is there.

What's the effect on my phone's battery life? Boomerang uses Bluetooth Low Energy, having a minimal impact on your battery over the course of a few hours (in current testing, less than 2%).

How does Boomerang detect water? Boomerang's alarm will go off any time it loses its connection to your phone. Immersion in water cuts that connection, causing your phone to alarm after a few seconds.

How will Boomerang be affected by airplane mode? When you're getting on an airplane, be sure to deactivate Boomerang before you turn airplane mode on, otherwise you'll set off the alarm and make a bunch of new travel buddies really quick.

Will Boomerang automatically start when I reboot my phone? No. If you reset your phone or power it down, you'll just need to open the app once after you power it on to get it rolling again.

Can my kid wear Boomerang on her ankle? Boomerang is designed to be worn on your child's wrist to ensure maximum signal strength - in testing we have seen poorer performance when worn on ankles.

Can I get a Boomerang for my dog? We wanted to find the best solution for keeping track of your child, so Boomerang is specifically designed to be used with children. We'll have to keep track of our furry friends the old fashioned way for now.

Is there any scientific evidence that kids thrive with known boundaries? For sure! Check this study out.

I live outside the US - is VAT covered when I back you? You'll need to take care of any taxes including VAT that might be incurred with your purchase if you live outside of the United States.

Thanks for your support!

Specifically, we'd love to thank 3rd Space in San Diego for their friendship and continued support of our Kickstarter development, and the Isaac Foundation for all of their wisdom and countless encouragements in developing Boomerang itself.

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Risks and challenges

Individually and together we've brought multiple projects to completion over the years, from Battle Bots and NASA competitions, to the famous HexBright Flashlight. We've already established relationships with our manufacturers and packaging company and everything is ready to roll. There is a little more development to be done as we polish the design and move to a unified band, but the heavy lifting is finished. We're ready to face whatever hiccups come our way as we go to production and are confident we can deliver Boomerang on time.

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