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Premium menswear handcrafted in San Francisco, crowd-sourced and delivered to you at wholesale.
Premium menswear made in America, crowdsourced and delivered to you at wholesale.
Premium menswear made in America, crowdsourced and delivered to you at wholesale.
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4,010 backers pledged $449,654 to help bring this project to life.

Twelfth Production Update

Hey Gustin Fans!

Production on Kickstarter orders is wrapping up. We have less than 400 of over 5000 pairs left to ship. We have 200 pairs done at the factory today, and are getting the rest on Tuesday. They should all be in the mail by Wednesday of next week.

Josh and I have been taking a few moments (it's rare that we do this) to reflect on what's happened over the last year. We started thinking about a new model for fashion last April. It took us until November to solidify what that model was going to be, and how to start it (we chose Kickstarter, but I'm guessing you already figured that one out).

When we launched the campaign on January 7th, there was no massive media campaign, no social media strategy. We each sent an email to our close friends telling them about it, and posted on our personal Facebook accounts. 33 days later we closed the campaign at (just shy of) $449,654 - surpassing our goal by the insane margin of $429,654.

Huge thanks to every individual who made this happen and to everyone who has kept the pace just as frenzied on our own platform at We are having an absolute blast and hope it comes through in what we’re building for you. There is so much more on the way that we can hardly contain ourselves.

Keep reaching out to us. This was a tradition we started when we launched, but there is no such thing as too many emails. We love it. The Gustin community is what makes this all so special.

Little plug here. We released some new things on our site this week. A natural undyed selvedge from Cone, a sixteen ounce dark indigo Japanese fabrica super light nine ounce denim from Japan and a broken weave like the Standard. Check ‘em out.


The Gustin Team

P.S. Our team has expanded.

Left to right: Stephen (Super Heavy), Josh (Regular), Justin (Organic), Sarah (Standard), Keith (Regular)


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    1. Missing avatar

      Alain Culos on

      Dear All @ Gustin,

      I just received my Super Heavy.
      Perfect fit.

      This is a beautiful pair of Jeans, very comfortable, even softer to wear than the Black2.
      I am so glad you guys found a way to make it work for me despite all the mix-up about sizes.

      I am looking forwards to many years of wear (starting back in early May).

      You deserve all the success in your venture, past, present and future.


      P.S. thanks to Carpman for a great tip on stretching (my regular ended up on the small side).

    2. JoeAM on

      Hey Gustin! What kind of boots is Stephen wearing in the above photo? They look super rad. Thanks! - Joe

    3. GUSTIN Creator on

      Hey Flora (and anyone else) - send us an email if you want to chat -

    4. Missing avatar

      Flora Gillespie on

      Hello, I posted a comment 4 days ago hoping i could exchange sizes & haven't heard from you. As Sherman suggested my husband is taking the 33's but that still leaves me with the 31's. I would really appreciate an exchange?

    5. Missing avatar

      Carpman on

      For those having fit problems and would like to give a bit of a stretch a try, the wet & wear method is popular. You can soak them in cold water and then wear them dry to accelerate the easing. If you want, you can just soak the area the needs stretching, like just the waist or just the thighs. Or you can pull on them a bit, like in this video. Just remember to sit on an old towel to avoid any blue bleed onto the furniture. Don't use warm water or any kind of dryer. Imparted energy causes shrinking, whether that's from heat or kinetically through motion. That's why an energetic wash, even in cold water, can cause shrinking.…

      I understand your pain. These jeans are too nice not to give something a try.

    6. Luke Lafreniere on

      I want to start this off by saying I am very new to the whole quality jeans thing and have never owned a pair that cost more than $20 before -

      I ordered "THE SET" in an attempt to enhance my wardrobe, I ordered size 36, I know Gustin DID say to order a size above what you wear... I have only worn size 36 since about 8 years ago and there wasn't an option for size 37 so I didn't want to order a size THAT much bigger... I have been informed now that size 37 doesn't actually exist and that I should have ordered a size 38...

      I realize this isn't Gustin's fault but I would really like to be able to use the(after taxes and shipping) $315 worth of jeans I have purchased so does anyone have good tips on stretching them? I can do up the top button but it hurts a little and i cant put my shoes on... (I am not over weight) I am currently trying to wear them with the top button undone to stretch them outbut it still isn't comfortable. should I wash them a few times? or is there maybe some way to stretch them by tension or something?

      I REALLY like the build quality and feel of these jeans and would love to wear them, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    7. Missing avatar

      Carpman on

      Fit numbers are more of a fallback. The best way to determine size is to measure a pair that fits well and compare to the measurements that Gustin provides. Sizing one number up is a shortcut, but you risk not getting the size right. This applies to almost every manufacturer these days, as so many of them use vanity sizing. You used to be able to trust that a 32 waist was actually 32", but those days are gone. One company may have a 34" waist and another a 36", but both are marked 32, so you need to measure a pair that already fits if you can't try the new ones on. I suspect that a person that normally wears a 32 in today's sizing may even need a 34 or 35 in Gustin, depending on the brand they normally wear.

      Maybe it's just that I'm old enough to find vanity sizing an aberration and still think in terms of the old sizing. Personally, I'm glad Gustin sizes this way.

    8. Sherman on

      Flora the instructions say:
      "We recommend ordering one size larger from what you would normally wear."
      Sounds like you went the opposite direction.

      Give your husband the 33's that you got for your son, he should fit those.

      Muzic is right, the Standards stretch out pretty fast. Mine stretched out in about 3 wearings. They fit really nice right now.

    9. Missing avatar

      Flora Gillespie on

      Ditto for me, I'm kind of frustrated. I purchased 2 pairs for husband and son. We followed fit directions and ordered 1 size smaller than they normally wear. They don't fit at all and they cant close the buttons. Husband generally wear a 32 so ordered a 31 ; Son normally wears 34 so I ordered 33. As per Sasan, I need to exchange these.

    10. GUSTIN Creator on

      Sasan - we'll take care of you, no worries. We'll message you directly with instructions on how to measure and figure out the right size.

    11. Sasan Shahnam B on

      Okay, I'm kind of frustrated. I just received my first pair and they look wonderful, but don't fit at all. I generally wear a 32 that fits fine, a 34 fits as well but slightly loose. So I ordered my Gustins in a 33 and I can't even close the button. Now what? I'm going to be really upset if I can't exchange these.

    12. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    13. Martin Cheung on

      lol. same situation here. Ordered an 32, but I cannot even close the top button. :-\ But it looks and feel amazing.

    14. Hidzir Ismail on

      Hey guys... Well done. My pair of Japan Standard arrived Singapore about 2 weeks ago and it looks and feels really awesome!!! But, it seems like my brother gonna have the last laugh coz that size 33 fits more like 32 for me. Should have ordered size 34. :-(
      Still, I hope to get my hands, or should i say legs, on those great jeans of yours one day. Keep up the great work guys! :-)