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Premium menswear handcrafted in San Francisco, crowd-sourced and delivered to you at wholesale.
Premium menswear made in America, crowdsourced and delivered to you at wholesale.
Premium menswear made in America, crowdsourced and delivered to you at wholesale.
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4,010 backers pledged $449,654 to help bring this project to life.

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Onward with Thanks

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Today is our last Kickstarter update. It’s been a long while since the last jeans were shipped. You made Gustin happen with your support and tremendous spirit. All we can say is thank you.

We set out to create the first fully crowdsourced premium fashion company; a company that would break all the rules people thought were unbreakable in this industry.

We believed we could deliver Barney's quality at Gap prices, all locally made -- your support let us prove it.

We believed our new model could remove the inefficiency that plagues most fashion brands -- your support let us prove it.

We believed an authentic, honest and open relationship between designer and wearer is the only way forward -- your support let us prove it.

We did a lot together in 33 days!

As many of you know, we have also begun to deliver on our larger promise of turning Gustin into a thriving brand all on its own at -- under the exact same model you supported.

Lastly, we're having the time of our lives. We hope it shows in the product we create for you and the service we provide. You know how to reach us so please do and keep watching us at!

Thanks again.

The Gustin Team

Twelfth Production Update

Hey Gustin Fans!

Production on Kickstarter orders is wrapping up. We have less than 400 of over 5000 pairs left to ship. We have 200 pairs done at the factory today, and are getting the rest on Tuesday. They should all be in the mail by Wednesday of next week.

Josh and I have been taking a few moments (it's rare that we do this) to reflect on what's happened over the last year. We started thinking about a new model for fashion last April. It took us until November to solidify what that model was going to be, and how to start it (we chose Kickstarter, but I'm guessing you already figured that one out).

When we launched the campaign on January 7th, there was no massive media campaign, no social media strategy. We each sent an email to our close friends telling them about it, and posted on our personal Facebook accounts. 33 days later we closed the campaign at (just shy of) $449,654 - surpassing our goal by the insane margin of $429,654.

Huge thanks to every individual who made this happen and to everyone who has kept the pace just as frenzied on our own platform at We are having an absolute blast and hope it comes through in what we’re building for you. There is so much more on the way that we can hardly contain ourselves.

Keep reaching out to us. This was a tradition we started when we launched, but there is no such thing as too many emails. We love it. The Gustin community is what makes this all so special.

Little plug here. We released some new things on our site this week. A natural undyed selvedge from Cone, a sixteen ounce dark indigo Japanese fabrica super light nine ounce denim from Japan and a broken weave like the Standard. Check ‘em out.


The Gustin Team

P.S. Our team has expanded.

Left to right: Stephen (Super Heavy), Josh (Regular), Justin (Organic), Sarah (Standard), Keith (Regular)

Eleventh Production Update

Hey Gustin Fans!


Production is humming along at our factory here in San Francisco.  It's now a very well oiled machine with our shipping center, and almost every pairs goes in the mail the day it comes off the line.

Here's a new update on all the Kickstarter denims:

We're loving the feedback we've gotten so far.  This ability to talk with people who wear our jeans is amazing - keep it coming.


Things are going awesome over at as well.  We released some really cool black and brown belts last week.  People loved our initial release of natural belts, and these are a good addition to the stable if you need something a little dressier.

In addition, we've got a nice lot of denims up on the site now:

JUST RELEASED! The Blue Line2 is a classic 14oz Cone Mills selvedge with a navy id.

The Italian BlueID is probably the softest denim we've come upon. 12.5oz indigo with a bright blue selvedge id.

The Slate is an awesome grey selvedge out of Japan - the lightest shade of grey we've offered.

The Green Weft is another Cone Mills selvedge.  The greenish weft gives this fabric a very inky blue finish.


We've had the chance to meet a bunch of backers so far. If you're in SF and want to come stop by our little office in SOMA, just shoot us a note -  It's been awesome to connect in person with people wearing our clothes so far, and we'd love to meet you!


Josh and Stephen

Tenth Production update

Hey Gustin fans!

Sorry for the lack of update last week. Things are humming along very well, but there wasn't anything too exciting report on.

We get lots of emails each and every day from people about their specific order. Instead of answering these one by one, we're providing a full status of each denim.

We're shipping most pairs separately (e.g., if you got the Double Standard, you'll get two packages). For the first ~1500 pairs shipped we didn't send tracking emails, but we switched shipping systems last week and are now notifying and provided tracking information for every package. We ship via USPS Priority.

If you've got any specific questions about your order, please email us -


The Gustin Team

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Ninth Production Update

Hey Gustin Fans!

Last week was another crazy one for us here in San Francisco.  In the midst of everything, we forgot to send an update last Friday - hopefully you'll forgive us! Every piece of the production process has been touched on here. May fabrics are already being sewn and we’re really pleased with progress and quality. Japan Standards are starting to look almost like completed pants! We still check in on your denim multiple times per day to make sure it’s perfect.

Our efforts are heavily focused on shipping right now. We've become friends with the Postmasters at a couple local post offices, and they are wide-eyed each time we roll up with hundreds of pairs of jeans. Our backs are sore and our arms tired, but the emails we've been getting as people receive them make it worthwhile.  Check out this one:

Got mine yesterday. Wow, so good! Makes me hate myself for paying $250 for (company name removed) back in September. Never agan, you guys have nailed it.  BTW, the fit was perfect. Also, on some of my other jeans the hardware has rough edges and is raised in the center. I can't tell you how many times I've scratched my phone putting it in my pockets. It's a crazy small detail but I'm happy to see yours are flat and smooth.

On the second front, the full business of Gustin is going great! We have the fortunate problem that everything we put up sells out (rather quickly). Josh and I were hanging out Saturday night, and we realized that everything except for the Black2 (which has since sold out) was gone! We're continuing to push our mills to find more fabric - and we have some really cool releases in the coming weeks.

Right now we've got new items up at

The Simple Wallet - This was definitely born out of our own needs. We hate bulky wallets, and didn't want to pay the $75+ that other brands charge for veg tanned full grain cardholder. Very simple, very high quality. $20.

The Green Weft - People loved The Greenback so much, that we went to Cone Mills to see if they had anything similar. This is a little heavier, and the indigo warp is a little deeper, but it still has that amazing green weft. Can't wait to see how it fades.

The Classic Belt - The best all-american belt we could come up with. Available for 60% less than most brands charge, just like our jeans.

Everyone - we're so thankful for all of your support through this.

Take care,

Josh & Stephen,
The Gustin Team