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Premium menswear handcrafted in San Francisco, crowd-sourced and delivered to you at wholesale.
Premium menswear made in America, crowdsourced and delivered to you at wholesale.
Premium menswear made in America, crowdsourced and delivered to you at wholesale.
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    1. Josh Flint on

      Dropped in to the Gustin store the other day for the second time since the Kickstarter ended intending to buy a couple of pairs of jeans.

      Unfortunately it appears that Gustin ships jeans as individual units and charges (pretty high) international shipping on each pair. There's no option to combine shipping, even for multiple orders from the same production run.

      Definitely avoid them if you're an international customer.

    2. GUSTIN Creator on

      Just a reminder, you can shop our store, including our new jackets here! -->

    3. Janardan Nathan on

      @Jason Fox:
      Hi Jason. I advice you to proceed to
      Click on the "Sign up" link and create an acct. After that, Login and click on the "Submit a request" button. Type out your full request here.

      I received a reply within the next working day for my request. The staff (Sarah) who attended to me was very prompt and helpful in assisting me.

      I am sure you will receive help too :)

    4. Ryan Huff on

      @Jason, have you emailed Gustin about this? I emailed them after returning a pair a rivet came off of and had a response in twenty four hours. On the other hand DHL has had my package 10 miles from my house (other project) for ten days, according to their tracking site.

    5. Jason Fox on

      Nice jeans. Horrible fit.
      Gustin crew offered to take mine back and send out another size when they had some in...that was a month ago. Mailed on 22 July as the story goes. The decline of Kickstarter continues. Utter waste of money.

    6. Missing avatar

      Khang Nguyen on

      Again if anyone create an account using my referral link will get $20 off your first purchase!

      @Wa Tten.
      1. The waist will stretch out by ~ 1 inch, if it fits a bit bigger right now then you might need a belt to keep it on later (I recommend get it a bit snugged so it will stretch out to be just right).
      2. Depends on how (and how often) you wash your jeans. They might shrink for about an inch.I would disregard shrinkage if you are planning to not wash them during its life time.
      3. People who wear raw denim tends to wear them nearly everyday for roughly 6 months (some even longer) before it first wash. You don't have to soak these jeans as they are sanforized.
      Lastly, I think the point of jeans (clothes) is to be worn however the wearer like. I personally wash my jeans when they get dirty (~once per month) it will prolong the jeans life time and I don't like wearing smelly jeans. The drawback is that the fades isn't as defined as the pair that hardly get washed.

    7. Wa Tten on

      got my japan standard. got some question:
      1.the waist is a bit bigger than my usual, that's better than smaller ,yes?
      2. i want to shorten the legs, because of it was Sanforized , so i don't have to keep extra inch for the shrunk, am i right ? gustin jeans not need tobe washed before i wear it? and so on?

    8. Kosongz on

      @Mark I ordered 3 jeans from them. And, their sizing has been accurate. Read the comments below, if it doesn't fit, then maybe you have measured yourself wrongly. They did provide a chart for the sizes of their jeans and link to measuring your jeans.

    9. Mark Keyes on

      These jeans are crap! They are nowhere near correct sizing and was an absolute waste of my money. I complained to the company and they offered me a credit on their web site but never advised how to return item, and a credit on their site? So I can order more jeans that aren't sized correctly? Great thanks. I'll stick with Wrangler from now on.

    10. Missing avatar

      Khang Nguyen on

      I think the Jeans are great but do run a size smaller than industry standards. Gustin continues this Kickstarter crowd funded business model via their website.
      If you create an account using my referral link you get $20 off your first purchase! (I will also receive $20 after you successfully backed a project).

    11. derek williams on

      stellar service guys!

    12. GUSTIN Creator on

      Hey Derek-

      All of the denim we use is sanforized, so it won't shrink much when washed. I recommend using cold water, and hang drying the jeans.



    13. derek williams on

      After reading up about selvedge demin and unsanforized denim I hear they shrink up to 2 inches. Is this this case with gustin demin I just started wearing my jeans and love them. I got them hemmed to fit better. Should I take extra precaution when washing. Or should I dry clean to avoid shrinkage?

    14. Six on

      I finally started wearing mine last week and they are AWESOME! Thanks for such a great campaign, follow through and customer service! Just picked up a grey shirt, stoked!

    15. DirkZ on

      yay! Received my overdye in size 30 today.
      Dutch customs charged me 20 euros extra but the price point is still good @ ~90 euro a pair.
      Finally I could check the fit and though still very snug the fit already seems great! Next one to receive and already sent a while ago is The Organic. After that I hope to receive a shipping notification soon of my slim fitted The Natural. :)

      Thank you bigtime team Gustin!

    16. Janardan Nathan on

      @Snailmeat Thanks for the info. I'm still waiting for my second pair to arrive. I ordered size 31 so I can't help you with size exchange. You should try wearing them more often and they will stretch to fit u.
      My first pair were initially very tight but they are loosening up now.

    17. ra66itz on

      and another thing, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for getting the customs declaration right: i only had to pay the tax to the delivery guy. another project i backed, got it wrong and now i have to go to the pretty remote customs office.

    18. ra66itz on

      Hooray, i received mine today. First of all, they look great, the fit is pretty tight as others have mentioned before, even though I ordered a 35 instead of my usual 33/34. Only little problem is the top inner belt seam which is so hard and stiff that it's a little bit uncomfortable. But I have the feeling they'll wear in over time. The craftsmanship is, as far as I can judge, very good! They look like a handmade pair of denim produced on a small production scale. With little pieces of cut off thread here and there. But don't get me wrong that is not a bad but a good thing, it creates a very manufactural personal style that I really like and which was one of the reasons I backed, knowing (or at least hoping) these jeans would not be manufactured in a sweatshop environment. Hopefully I am right with this assumption ;)

    19. GUSTIN Creator on

      Ashoka - we gave pretty specific sizing advice (most people ordered a size larger than they normally wear), but shoot us an email - - and we'll help you out.

    20. Missing avatar

      ashoka on

      Is anyone having issues with the size...I ordered three pairs and I have gotten 2 of them...I wear a size 30 or 31 waist comfortably in most well known brands...Diesel, Acne, Replay, Ag, and etc...I got my jeans in 31....I can barely button them up...they are so there any way to exchange them for a bigger size ?

    21. Yong-Soo

      My Heavy Japans are one of my favorite pairs. They are really stiff so it will take a while to work them in. Because of its heavier weight, I tend to wear them out only at night when it's cooler. It's quite substantial, but I actually like how it keeps its shape rather than "giving in", and stretching too quickly.

    22. Missing avatar

      Ray C on

      Can anyone who pledged the Heavy Japan comment on their jeans? How is the fabric?

    23. Missing avatar

      Allan Hainey on

      Just wanted to say that despite my jeans being initially too tight to do all the buttons up after about a week of wearing (and struggling to fasten) they're now streached out a treat and fit really well. As I said before, great pair of jeans and really well made.
      Expect to get another pair before long but just wondering if its possible to pickup from San Francisco instead of international post?

    24. Nathan Luu Nguyen on

      AWESOME JEANS! Way to go Team GUSTIN!! Just received my 13.5oz Japanese Dark Indigo "The Classic" today in Queensland, Australia! Great Quality & Workmanship, by far one of the best pair of Jeans I ever bought!! FULL CREDOS goes out to you guys! Most of all, I LOVE ur Business Model! ALL my Jeans from now on will be from GUSTIN! eyeing out the #37 SUPER LIGHT for the Aussie Summer! GUSTIN = BIG THUMBS UP from me :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Snailmeat on

      @Janardan Nathan I had a pair of Japan Standards that only hit the shores of Singapore on Monday. On the exterior of the package, it said "Wrongly sent to Thailand". So perhaps your delay might be due to this?

      BTW does anyone in Singapore want to do an exchange? My Sz 32s are too tight, and it sure looks like it might not fit well even after breaking in.

    26. Missing avatar

      mike on

      Yeah these guys really do make some great jeans. Sizing has just seemed to be the only complaint. I guess once you get your first pair and figure out the sizing from there everything is uphill.

    27. GUSTIN Creator on

      The Super Heavy is definitely a unique fabric. I just started wearing a pair and it's softer than some 12oz denim I have. Pretty cool stuff.

    28. Missing avatar

      Carpman on

      Oddly enough, I found that the 15oz Overdye are stiffer and tighter than the 18oz Super Heavy, but I think the SH are an unusual case.

    29. Yong-Soo

      I found the heavier denims are tighter on me. The Heavy Japan's were pretty tight but they are loosening up a bit now after a week.

      The lighter weight denim will stretch easier and faster.

    30. Trevin C. on

      Perhaps I'm not wearing my jeans enough but damn, these classics are still tight. I haven't worn them outside yet only at home because they are like 4" too long for me and I'm waiting to break in before I hem.

      I expected them to stretch more than they have. Out of curiosity how tight did your guys' jeans fit when you first got them? Did the buttons just barely button?

    31. Yong-Soo

      I wouldn't recommend sleeping in any raw denim. The fabric is unwashed so it might bleed onto your sheets.

    32. Janardan Nathan on

      Hi TEAM GUSTIN and fellow backers.
      I have received my Black2 which was shipped from USA to Singapore on 29May2013.
      They are really good. Can wear them to sleep to get them to mold to my body better and faster?

      However I have not received my Organic which was shipped from USA to Singapore on 26April2013.
      Is there something wrong with the Organic's material/specifications that would cause such a delay?

      I would appreciate if TEAM GUSTIN can advice me further on this.

    33. John H on

      Just got my super heavies today; another pair is due tomorrow or the next day. They fit perfectly and I'm really happy with the quality.

      This is actually the second pair I received; the first was the wrong size - one size to big, I had made a size change after I ordered but it didn't get recorded - and the exchange was handled very quickly by Stephen. I was really impressed and I'll no doubt be buying more from the website now that I'm 100% sure about sizing.

    34. The Evolutionary on

      @mike, its seems the guys at Gustin may have their hands full. Some e-mail are going unanswered far...

    35. ra66itz on

      i know it takes a while to send stuff to europe but i wonderd if you have tracking ids so you could see the status of my package?! greetings peter

    36. Ryan Huff on

      Got my Overdye in today. Amazing. These things look black, and they are my favorite pair yet. Also wanted to compliment you on your fast and excellent customer service. Thanks again Sarah!

      I can't wait to do a proper write up and review of not only your jeans, but your company. You've earned a fan for life in me.

    37. GUSTIN Creator on

      Hey Rommy -- sorry about the size mixup. We'll shoot you a note directly to coordinate. Thanks!

    38. Rommy Stefanus on

      After waiting for 1 month (May 3rd) from notification e-mail that my jeans was sent, finally I received my 1st Gustin today. It's the heavy japan. It was awesome, the color is better than what I expect, small details are great, true workmanship. Just finished taking a picture of it from front to back, waist to bottom. I want to see the evolution of it after few months. One thing I want to ask. I think I asked for size 31 on my survey, but I got size 33. I still got one more on the way, I believe it's the standard. I will wait until it arrived and see the size. I can handle the waist, inseam, and the cuff size, but the thigh and the knee size making me looks like a clown. What should I do with it? should I send it back to exchange? Or should I just accept what was sent to me?

    39. GUSTIN Creator on

      Hey Kolt- We responded to your note on 5/17 in 22 minutes - maybe it got trapped in your spam folder? Sending you an email now.

    40. Kolt Curry on

      Hi there guys got my jeans a couple weeks ago they look great but do not come close to even fitting I ordered 32 but they 100% not like any of the other 32 I wear. I didn't want to get in touch with you this way but I sent 2 emails to your support directly and till now still no return email.

    41. Noah Fleming on

      gorgeous jeans, just way too tight.

    42. Missing avatar

      mike on

      Yeah i have been wondering where my pair of organics are as well. Just sent the Gustin team a msg though for the first time about this issue.

    43. Missing avatar

      justin peffer on

      I have to say that Stephen and team have provided fantastic customer service and prompt communication from my own experience and what I've seen with others. I agree with Ray's comment in that it is likely an isolated case. Also this is a new model and there are bound to be some kinks but we're getting great denim at great prices!

    44. Yong-Soo

      They've been very busy (I visited them at their office). You will get your Organics and will be your favorite pair of jeans. Customer service has been top notch for me.

    45. Missing avatar

      Ray C on

      @Edwin Chan - Although your situation is very unfortunate, I will say that it sounds like a big mix up and an isolated case. From my experience (and believe me I have many - 10+ emails), Stephen and Team Gustin have been very prompt and professional in their correspondence. Since the launch of their web storefront, they have experienced a slight delay. But to their credit, they have actually met the good majority of their promised dates. Something you cannot say for most kickstarter campaigns. I know that doesn't help your situation any, but I'm sure that Stephen and Team Gustin will take care of you. I have issues on a few things, and on each instance they handled the issue with great customer service. Hopefully you get your Organics quickly and love the quality of them!

    46. Edwyn Chan

      Stephen - I was referring to the email I sent last friday that didn't get a reply til today. A refund won't be necessary. I backed your project and I will honor it. Sometimes there are delay you can't control, I understand as that's part of backing projects on Kickstarter. What you can control is knowing you messed up and being proactive on the communication. Please look after your customers, I backed you guys and do hope you guys do well. I look forward to getting my pair soon. PS. You still haven't given me an ETA

    47. GUSTIN Creator on

      Edwyn - sending you a note directly on this. Also, it's been 8 minutes since you emailed us (on a Friday at 7pm) - that doesn't seem like we're not replying to your email.

    48. Edwyn Chan

      My organic still hasn't arrived and I'm in the Bay Area. Reached out to the Gustin Team and initially they said they misplaced it but now they aren't even replying anymore. Its already a month late and I still don't have an ETA. Very disappointed with how they are handling the situation.

    49. Lester Hein on

      After receiving the first pair which was too tight (my fault for choosing the wrong size), Stephen and the team at Gustin reached out to me and did an exchange. Second pair has just arrived and the fit is perfect.

      Looking forward to breaking these in and ordering more in future.

    50. ra66itz on

      hi did anybody in germany or maybe europe in general receive their pairs yet?! I'm just wondering. Looking forward to receiving them... hooray

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