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Who are the men and women that make up North Americas regional culinary culture?
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William Crouse

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    1. Creator Laura Crouse on May 8, 2011

      Fabulous updates, guys! Really fun to get to sneak a peek into the process. Love, love!

    2. Creator Earl and Nancy Fyke on April 16, 2011

      The cinematography is great. Would have not expected anything less from BT. Glad to be a part and look forward to following this along from Mississippi.

    3. Creator Lucy Griggs on April 11, 2011

      Congrats guys! Your video looks great. Love your project

    4. Creator Laura Crouse on April 7, 2011

      ONLY $110 to go - truly amazing.

    5. Creator Laura Crouse on April 7, 2011

      I don't think Dad knew EVERYONE would see him so clearly "being a Dad" - at least I haven't started correcting your grammar...yet. :) You guys are fantastic and keep the Crouse house quite entertaining. I'm so proud of this collaboration - WOW!! Josh makes an excellent point about "hooking the viewers" - I'm think about me wanting to tune in next week to see.....what? Some anticipation...of something... would be important. I wonder if you could include clips about how production is done when it is not the "artisan" way - like a massive chicken farm that is not so pleasant. To make the love and care of a small farm come through, maybe?

    6. Creator Josh Bancroft on April 7, 2011

      Great job guys. Depending on how you are framing the story, you might think about including not only the background and livelihood of the food producers, but any insights or thoughts they have on their food or organic food in general that people might not be exposed to if they didn't hear it from the growers. That might be a nice selling point for networks as they think about what would hook potential viewers in addition to the poignant stories, depending on how you're thinking of doing it. Just something to think about. Best wishes.

    7. Creator Garland Pollard on April 6, 2011

      Great intro pilot. Very slick but not too slick. Can you get some sponsor like Hampton Inn or such? I am sure you will be good at thank yous--your dad trained you well!

    8. Creator Jay Crouse on April 6, 2011

      William and Edward, PLEASE remember to "personally" thank your backers- phone calls first and then an email. This is hugely important when you are raising $$$$$. Especially those over $100. Love, Dad