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The creators of Fallout: Nuka Break embark on a high-fantasy journey with a new, licensed series based on the game Legend of Grimrock.
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Posted by Wayside Creations (Creator)

Introducing the DIGITAL DUNGEON DWELLER perk. You'll receive digital copies of the Grimrock film soundtrack, and the Nuka Break soundtracks, a “Special Thanks” credit in the Grimrock film, a PDF download of the Grimrock script, and digital HD copies of the Grimrock film, and both Nuka Break seasons.

Those of you who have played Grimrock or similar games know how important music is to the high-fantasy experience. Dan Martinez (Fallout: Nuka Break - Seasons 1 & 2, CSI: NY) will return to compose original music for the Grimrock series.

Listen to Dan's work here:

(Note: If you've already pledged more than $45, these soundtracks and the HD copies of Nuka Break have now been added to your inventory!)

Thank you so much for your support! Please keep spreading the word.

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    1. TheChosenOne on

      Any chance for a blu-ray package of this without anything else?

    2. Jalister on

      @Wayside - Thanks!

    3. Wayside Creations 3-time creator on

      Jalister, it's simple using our add-on system! Keep your selected perk at the $30 level, and add $15 to your pledge amount. When the project has finished, we’ll send out a survey where you can tell us your address details, contact details, and specifically what you pledged for.

    4. Jalister on

      How can Grimrock 2 level backers get all the soundtracks?

    5. Humbleroots on

      Excellent we need a boost!