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The campaign for the second season of the critically acclaimed webseries, "Fallout: Nuka Break."
1,991 backers pledged $130,746 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Wayside Creations (Creator)
We couldn't be more excited about the project momentum and the potential opportunity to work with Chris and Tim! 157% funded and 25 days to go!

We've been reading your comments and have decided to add TWO NEW PERKS!

For a $30 pledge, we'll send you a digital copy of our audio commentary for the second season. The recording will feature the cast, director and some special guests.

What's cooler than audio commentary? T-SHIRTS! We're making them available for $35 and here's what the design looks like:

This is the concept for the shirt, and the final design might be altered. Of course, if you've already pledge an amount greater than $35, you'll be receiving these new perks in addition to your other items. And remember to please add a few extra dollars for international shipping.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing where we go to from here!


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    1. Daniel Reinberger on

      What sixes will you have

    2. rancor1223 on

      I would be very thankful, if the nuber on the t-shirt would be 42. Double-nerd! :D

    3. Tommie O'Ceallaigh on

      how much extra dollars for Ireland

    4. celebratetheodd on

      Yeah, the shirt sealed the deal for me too! How awesome is that?

    5. Thomas James Egan on

      @Pwnanite a hoodie would be cool, but my wallet is already cursing me.

    6. Pwnanite on

      Make a hoodie & you might convince me to up again. lol

    7. Pwnanite on

      I was all ready leaning toward uping my pledge, have to agree the shirt sealed it.

    8. Lazureus on

      err.. $25.. not 20

    9. Lazureus on

      Changed my pledge from $20 - $35($40 for shipping), Can't say no to a T-Shirt.. even though I should.

    10. Johan Edenfjord on

      Im thinking about raising my pledge. But how much do you want for the International Shipping?

    11. Jean-Baptiste Scref on

      I raised my pledge to $35 :)
      The T-shirt and audio commentary are really nice additions !

      However I too would like to know the international shipping costs.

    12. Cameron (BLINK) on

      Can you inform us of the shipping costs for the DVDs, Blu-rays and t-shirts please?
      I want a shirt but can't make a definite decision until I know the full price.
      I can't see you paying for the shipping for 1,000+ backers, though I certainly wouldn't complain :P

    13. Thomas James Egan on

      @ Laurie Bick most likely sizes will they will be collected during the end survey. I just hope they are available in XXL, as that seems to be a size many of the Kickstarters I have seen (that offer shirts) don't list but say "if there are enough who want that size, we'll do it"

    14. Laurie Bick on

      Yeah, are you going to get our sizes for our shirts? because I don't want anything to small or large

    15. Ian Trudgett on

      How many extra dollars do I need to add for UK shipping?

    16. Nathan Reed

      Happy for a T-shirt :) Sad its not the design I wanted :( But in the end its there and I am grateful that they have provide it as a bonus for those who can get to that level.

    17. Hans Peter Bak

      YAY! :-D

    18. Nezimar on

      Upped to get the T-shirt! With Chis and Tim on board, this is the next best thing to an official Fallout tv series we'll ever have! Go Team Nuka!

    19. rancor1223 on

      I would also like to know how much will shipping cost (in my case to Czech Republic (Europe).

    20. Heiko Wagner on


      any p&p-costs for international backers?


    21. Jack Schroeder on

      I've already done the $50 pledge, but I'm gonna donate $20 more because of how awesome y'all are!