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The campaign for the second season of the critically acclaimed webseries, "Fallout: Nuka Break."
1,991 backers pledged $130,746 to help bring this project to life.

First Stretch Goal Announced!

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One month down! One to go! It's been an incredible month for this campaign!

Thanks to all of you, the project is 136% funded with 31 days to go. Since we made our goal before the halfway point, we wanted something even more exciting to drive us forward in the second half. And we found it!

Chris Avellone (Senior Designer for Fallout: New Vegas) and Tim Cain (Lead Programmer of the original Fallout) have agreed to creatively come on board if we DOUBLE OUR BUDGET!

Tim and Chris are fans and supporters of our series, and needless to say, we're huge fans of their work. Having them attached would make the series even sweeter. Reaching our new $120k goal will allow us to expand the overall production of the project, which makes it worth bringing on these two talented gentlemen.

How exactly will Chris and Tim be involved? First, they'll be involved in the writing process. This includes input into the storyline, character development, creature interactions and scenery. Second, and probably our favorite part, they're both going to APPEAR in the series. Yes, bring out the acting shoes for these guys, because we're going to feature them on the screen. Hopefully, most of it doesn't end up on the cutting room floor.... (We're just kidding.)

A larger budget is also going to include more creatures, right? OF COURSE! You've been asking for Fallout creatures and we agree, but these critters aren't cheap! Even though our funding has been phenomenal, it still doesn't quite cover the cost of making creatures for film. Whether it's a suit worn by an actor, a puppet, visual effects, or a combination of all three, it's expensive and time consuming to have it done correctly. We'll take a good chunk of the new budget and put it toward feature creatures. We're even thinking of starting a poll to see which ones you'd like to see!

Location, Location, Location...Shooting in environments that resemble locations in Fallout isn't easy. Scouting locations takes a great deal of planning and shooting in them is brutal when you consider the terrain and temperature. We don't have the comfort that Hollywood-budget films have, but a larger budget does increase the opportunity of shooting in rugged, post- apocalyptic-looking areas.

These are just a few things that we'd like to do with a larger budget, and we want to know what else you'd like to see. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below! Thanks!