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The campaign for the second season of the critically acclaimed webseries, "Fallout: Nuka Break."
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Posted by Wayside Creations (Creator)

Wastelanders, ho!

Becca here -- I've been hanging out with a lot of you in the Direct Message Lounge, but I wanted to make sure this space didn't get too dusty. Perk shipping drones on. If you've wondered where yours are and have sent me an "OY, WHERE ARE MY PERKS?" message, congratulations! You're doing exactly the right thing. If you've been thinking about sending me a "BECCA, SERIOUSLY. WHERE ARE MY PERKS?" message... I look forward to hearing from you.

If you're interested in what else we're up to, please check out our new short Loadout: Going In Hot -- it airs tomorrow (Tuesday, December 16th). The teaser trailer is here:

Cheers to 2015, friends!

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    1. John Green on

      Hi, Becca. Is there a production or shipping time frame for the perks with physical props? Like, for anyone waiting for caps, or Jet, or a PipBoy, is there any info that can be shared like "they take X amount of time to make, times Y number to make, times Z months until the workshop is ready to start to making them", that sort of thing. If there's an answer like "we started making the props and have a third of them done and will only ship when they're all done" that would be nice to hear. Even "we haven't started making the props and won't be able to get to them until blank" would be okay to hear, because it at least fills us in.


    2. Zoe Liddell on

      Please tell me this is going to be a series! I'll back the kickstarter if so. Promise!