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A festival this September in Portland, Oregon bringing together artists and toolmakers to celebrate disruptive creativity.
Now in its fifth year, XOXO started here on Kickstarter—selling every ticket to the inaugural event in two days.
Now in its fifth year, XOXO started here on Kickstarter—selling every ticket to the inaugural event in two days.
735 backers pledged $175,511 to help bring this project to life.

Talk Videos Go Free, Recap Video Released, and the DIY Kits Ship

Hey, XOXO backers! We've just released all the videos from XOXO to the public, now freely available on the official website and our YouTube channel. Go spread the word!

Also, we just released a two-minute montage from the festival, created by local documentarian Paul Searle. It's a great overview that captures some of the feeling of XOXO. Lots of great moments in there, we hope you enjoy it.

And finally: the DIY Kits are shipping! While we released the digital portion of your XOXO DIY Kits on schedule, I'm so sorry that the physical packages haven't shipped by now. I underestimated the time it would take to pull together so many pieces, but I'm very happy with the end result — a great collection of stuff from independent artists and organizations involved with XOXO, with a heavy emphasis on locally-made items from here in Portland, along with your own silkscreened XOXO shirt printed on super-soft American Apparel tri-blend. 

Several of these items took longer to produce than expected, but I'm very happy to announce that the last two items for the DIY Kit arrived yesterday, and every package should be in the mail tomorrow morning.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks for helping make XOXO possible.


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    1. Andy Baio 3-time creator on

      Rukesh: Your package shipped on December 1... I'll email you with the tracking number.

    2. Rukesh Patel

      Am eagerly awaiting the DIY kit. How much longer should it take to arrive to India?

    3. Eric "Webb" Prentice on

      Awesome, thanks for posting that! I think the few words about getting to know people at 20:50 made a big difference. It made it really easy to strike up conversations and meet really cool people. We're doing this whole thing again sometime soon right?

    4. Andy Baio 3-time creator on

      Yes! It's on YouTube right here:…

    5. Eric "Webb" Prentice on

      This is great. The video I've been looking for is the initial introduction with Andy & Andy encouraging people to meet people in food cart lines, go up to people standing alone, go up to groups and introduce themselves. For me that was the coolest part of XOXO and the introduction gave people freedom to do that. I'd love to have that video to share with people, I think it is an essential part of what allows XOXO to be so cool. Anyone know where I can find that?