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A festival this September in Portland, Oregon bringing together artists and toolmakers to celebrate disruptive creativity.
Now in its fifth year, XOXO started here on Kickstarter—selling every ticket to the inaugural event in two days.
Now in its fifth year, XOXO started here on Kickstarter—selling every ticket to the inaugural event in two days.
735 backers pledged $175,511 to help bring this project to life.

The Final Countdown! Schedule, Hotels, and Transportation FAQs

It’s the last week of the XOXO fundraising, and we've been working nonstop on getting everything lined up. The outpouring of support from people wanting to be a part of this thing was overwhelming. We've met so many creative artists, makers, and small business owners since this started, the hardest part is just making room for all of you! Much of the planning hasn't been very sexy — signing contracts for venues and hotels, working on the street closure permits, audio/visual, wireless Internet, insurance and security, and the glamorous world of bathroom planning. 

The biggest questions we've heard so far are the basic plans: when's the festival, where should I stay, and how should I get there? All this information will be on the official site when it goes live, but for now, here's the critical information you need to make your travel plans.


XOXO starts at Thursday 6pm and ends on Sunday night. To get the full experience, we highly recommend flying in Thursday and leaving Monday morning. Limited on time and budget? At the very least, fly in Friday morning and leave Sunday night. 

Here's our very rough working schedule for XOXO. More details coming soon, but we thought this could help your planning.


  • 4pm — Registration Opens
  • 7pm-late — Opening Party


  • 8am — Registration Opens
  • 10am-6pm — XOXO Fringe Festival
  • 7pm-late — XOXO Arcade and XOXO Music


  • 8am-6pm — XOXO Conference and Market
  • 7pm-late — XOXO Film and Pub Crawl


  • 8am-6pm — XOXO Conference and Market
  • 7pm-late — Closing Party

Hotels & Accommodations

Almost all of Portland's hotels are downtown, on the west side of the river, and we've selected three that we love that are all within a five minute walk of each other. The fourth hotel is in SE Portland, an easy ten-minute walk from XOXO. Here's a map showing the XOXO locations relative to the four hotels. 

We've included complimentary wifi into the discount rates. If any of these group blocks fill up, don't panic! Just leave a comment, and we'll increase the size of the block. We've started relatively small and can go up from there.  (If you want to call the Westin, Hotel Lucia or Jupiter instead, just ask for the XOXO Festival group discount.)

Westin Hotel. The Westin recently renovated all their rooms — big, lovely, and centrally located downtown, one block from Portland's biggest food cart pod and next door to Public Domain Coffee. A Starwood hotel, discounted single and double king rooms are $169. We'll run the shuttles from here. Book now or learn more.

Hotel Lucia. Quiet and cozy, we've partnered with this small boutique hotel downtown for hosting all our speakers for the conference. There's a limited number of rooms available, highly recommended if you don't mind paying a little more. For extra quiet, ask for an "inside" room away from the street. Discounted Premium King rooms are $175. Book now or learn more.

Ace Hotel. The original Portland hipster mecca, the Ace isn't for everyone. Compared to its other locations in NYC and Palm Springs, the PDX location is low-key — the rooms are minimalist but stylish, centrally located downtown with Stumptown Coffee and the reliably good Clyde Common restaurant and bar downstairs. They don't do group discounts, but still have rooms available during XOXO. The "Front" rooms by the street can get noisy, stick to the "Back" if you're a light sleeper. Buddy up in a triple-bed room with a shared bathroom for $125, or rooms with private baths start at $170. Book now or learn more.

Jupiter Hotel. An easy 10-minute walk to XOXO, this funky motel in inner SE Portland is adjacent to the Doug Fir Lounge, one of Portland's best indie rock clubs. As a result, it's earned a reputation for lively, chaotic fun that doesn't let up until around 2:30am. Lots of great stuff nearby and very affordable, we've reserved a range of room types on both the Doug Fir and quieter "Chill" sides of the hotel. Discounted rooms start at $109 on the loud side, $119 for quieter side. Book now or learn more.

Airbnb. Not into the hotel scene? Use Airbnb to rent a local apartment or room, a great way to experience Portland like a native. This map shows current listings close to XOXO. If it's your first time, this link will give you a $25 discount off your first booking. 


PDX is a wonderful airport, with free wireless throughout, but direct flights can be sparse for some locations. We recommend using Kayak or Hipmunk to get the best rate, and booking fast.

Once you're here, we've designed XOXO so you'll never need a car to experience Portland. The MAX Red Line leaves PDX Airport every 15 minutes and drops off in front of the downtown hotels for $2.00. Airport shuttles cost around $15 (one-way) and taxis cost $30-50 depending on traffic. 

While at the conference, we're providing shuttles from the Westin to XOXO in the mornings and evenings. The #15 bus takes only ten minutes, runs every 15 minutes, and drops off one block from XOXO. Cabs can be hard to find, and we recommend using the Taxi Magic app for iPhone/Android to hail one. Or, if you're up for it, getting to XOXO is an easy 25-minute walk (or 10-minute bike ride) from downtown across the Morrison Bridge's pedestrian walkway.

And, if you do need a car, Zipcar and Car2Go are widely available across the city.

Almost There...

The Kickstarter project ends on Friday, and you've made this thing real. We're pulling together the final t-shirt designs right now, and happy to answer any other questions you have. 

To answer a frequent question, yes: your tickets are transferrable to another person, but not refundable. If you already know you can't make it, please cancel your pledge before the project ends to give someone else a chance. It makes fulfillment much easier for us.

Andy McMillan is flying in from Ireland to Portland tomorrow, and we're planning to count down the end of the project on Friday in style. Come join us! We'll announce the location in an update later this week. Thanks, everybody.


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    1. Andy Baio 3-time creator on June 20, 2012

      Nina: It is, and we're working to negotiate a good group rate. If you're interested, please fill out this Google survey.…

    2. Nina Eleanor Alter on June 19, 2012

      Hey Andy- is it possible to rent bicycles in Portland?

    3. Andy Baio 3-time creator on June 18, 2012

      The Westin added 20 more rooms to the block. Unfortunately, because of overall demand, these next rooms are now at $169/night, still (at least) a $20/night discount.

    4. Andy Baio 3-time creator on June 17, 2012

      Thanks for the head's up, I've asked the Westin to increase the block size and I'll report back here as soon as it's done!

    5. Phil Dokas on June 17, 2012

      I was just in touch with the Westin and the block is sold out again (for king rooms). Thought I'd be helpful and report in!

    6. Andy Baio 3-time creator on June 14, 2012

      Sure thing! I'll take care of it right now, and post a comment as soon as it's expanded.

    7. Max Fenton on June 14, 2012

      The Westin's down to one King room and no more Double Doubles. Can you add a few to the double double block for cheapskates like me?

    8. Dinah Sanders on June 12, 2012

      Love the Jupiter—this will be nearly my 8 year anniversary of my first stay there—and recommend it for those who don't mind a little quirkiness. Definitely not the quietest place, even on quiet side, but bring earplugs and enjoy the great food.

      Easy to get to too. Take the MAX from the airport, get off at Lloyd Center, then head down 12th less than a mile (if a 70 comes along you can hop that), turn right on Burnside and it's across the street 3 blocks toward the river.

    9. Andy Baio 3-time creator on June 12, 2012

      Just heard from the Westin that the block already filled up, so they just doubled the rooms. Let us know if any of the hotels hit their limits, and we'll try to keep increasing capacity!

    10. Andy Baio 3-time creator on June 12, 2012

      Good thinking! If you're interested in a bike rental, help us with planning by requesting one here:…

    11. Jenni Leder on June 12, 2012

      I'll have 4 in my party. (Would a google survey be better so you don't have 400 responses?)

    12. Andy Baio 3-time creator on June 12, 2012

      Great question. I'll negotiate a block discount with Portland Bike Station, which is a couple blocks from the downtown hotels. Ten-speed bikes are usually in the $20-30/day range, with locks and helmets. If anyone's interested in renting a bike, let me know so I can get a decent estimate of how many we'll need.

    13. Jenni Leder on June 12, 2012

      Can we get some info on bike rentals? thanks!