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Launched in 2003 and "sunsetted" last year, was the original art and tech events community. Let's bring it back.
Launched in 2003 and "sunsetted" a decade later, was the original art and tech events community.1,787 backers brought it back from the dead.
Launched in 2003 and "sunsetted" a decade later, was the original art and tech events community.1,787 backers brought it back from the dead.
1,787 backers pledged $104,983 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Andy Baio 3-time creator on April 2, 2017

      In case you missed the news, Upcoming is now public:

      Coverage on VentureBeat:
      And Daring Fireball:

      GitHub project is here:
      List of issues/bugs:

      Any other big announcements will be on Twitter:

      If you're a backer, I'm monitoring comments in the project updates or you can message me directly. Non-backers, hit me up on Twitter!

    2. Andy Baio 3-time creator on March 24, 2017

      Hey, Seth! Thanks for the feedback, I'll be taking care of those issues before it goes public. I'm tracking comments in the Project Updates comments and on Github, so feel free to mention any additional issues there.

    3. Missing avatar

      Seth Elgart on March 24, 2017

      Is there a particular spot for feedback on the site? There doesn't seem to be a mechanism for that on the site itself (feedback report #1), so now I'm not sure if I should attempt github (no real github experience so not sure if that's the place [#2]) or Twitter (not updated in forever [#3]). So my first few comments are that it looks great but there are a few issues.

      One is that the event lists don't say where the events are. For example: March 25
      Post-punk 80's Night featuring Just Like Heaven, Midnight to Six, and Suburban Robots at Showdown. The event is at a place called Showdown (I assume) but unless I click through there's no city listed.

      Also: tags, or categories. Would be nice to be able to tag an event as music, sports, etc.

      Places: not a list of all places or a searchable list but rather the "most popular" places. And for example Long Island City is listed there, which to me is interesting as that's where I live, but when you click it you get taken to Long Island, KS (which alas has no events, is 1,501 miles from Long Island City, NY, and is also apparently not an island).

      Time of event: can enter the time but it doesn't seem to be listed anywhere.

      So, those are just a few examples of things I've come across but I'm not sure where to report them. As I said it looks great and basically works but I'm not sure it's ready-for-public ready.

    4. Neil Crosby on March 21, 2017

      If this had been a couple of months ago, I would have agreed to some degree folks, but as of january Andy has started committing changes to the site again. You can see this on github:

      Yes, there has been a gap of seven months between commits, but Andy is clearly actually working on this right now. Thank-you for committing to the project in the open source repo Andy, it's good to see something actually happening.

    5. Nancy
      on February 27, 2017

      Do you think Andy ever had the intention of rebuilding this site? I noticed on Twitter that he's gone dark on most of his accounts. And he canceled the annual festival that it's been holding up development of Does anyone else think he's purposely avoiding his backers for this project?

    6. Olly S on February 20, 2017

      Back in May of last year I was forgiving of delays but this is getting ridiculous... What is happening? When will the site be ready for a public beta?

    7. Andru Edwards on January 22, 2017

      Are these comments even being looked at? What is with the complete lack of updates for over half a year? A lot of people payed their good, hard-earned money towards this project which just seems to have taken out collective $105,000 and ran.

      Hoping for an update that proves that sentiment wrong.

    8. Sean Johnson on January 16, 2017

      Is there any progress?
      Or, can we assume this is shelved?

    9. Nancy
      on December 25, 2016

      It's December 2016. At what point do you cut your losses and say "screw it." I'm a software consultant for a small company and we would be out of business if we missed our deadline by a couple of months, forget a couple of years.

      I'm calling this one a wash. Andy, I hope you enjoy all of your tweeting and other work that you do.

    10. Olly S on November 18, 2016

      So, any progress?

    11. Chris Messina on October 17, 2016

      So... it's been about four months... and there haven't been any apparent updates in the Github repo. Is this project dead... again?

    12. Andy Baio 3-time creator on June 2, 2016

      Hello, all! If you're a backer, but somehow missed the update notifications, all recent activity is over in the Updates section. If you didn't back the project, but are curious about its progress, two recent developments:

      1. The Archive is now publicly available, a collection of 7.6 million events restored from 2003-2013 site to their original URLs, along with their respective users, venues, and watchlists. It's at

      2. Backers are currently beta-testing the new site, and it will be publicly available to non-backers when it's done.

      Thanks for your interest!

    13. Olly S on May 28, 2016

      Andy, FORGET THE DEADLINES! I think I speak for everyone who backed this project, that while we would love to see Upcoming coming back at some point, we don't want it to result in you spiralling into depression and self-flaggelation! Don't worry about the delays. We support you, and we believe in you. Upcoming will be done, when its done. Focus on your health and family. My advice - give yourself permission to walk away from it for a while. Take a few guilt-free months off from it. If you come back to if with fresh eyes, it might result in new inspiration, and no longer be the monster on your back!

    14. Greg Maletic on May 27, 2016

      Just read the latest update. Don't panic: it'll be done when it's done. No rush necessary.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jon Walker on May 21, 2016

      I smell... a piece shit

      Andy is a serial tweeter and he checks Kickstarter almost everyday (you can see that). Yet, he can't give a 1 line update in 9 months? wtf $100k andy=disrespectful

      Sure, he may pull Upcoming out of his ass but that won't change how he treated us/me as a Kickstarter supporter over the last 2 years. #tippingpoint

    16. Justin Riehl on May 11, 2016

      Andy Andy... I’m no hater and I’m not a random jerk trashing you online (which I guess is a concern of yours) but 1,787 backers pledged $104,983 to bring your project to life. You could have used just 1/4 of that to sponsor a 2-week build-athon or managed a platform buildout using elance. Instead, your supporters get excuses about you being too distracted to meet your commitment. And don’t point to your @upcomingorg twitter channel – it’s had a total of 10 tweets since 7 May 2014, the last one being almost a year ago. I guess we can all call this one.
      @waxpancake is a serial tweeter but your Kickstarter supporters haven’t seen an update for the past 9 months. $104,983 gone to t-shirts and …. (???) /Disrespected

    17. John Devor on April 30, 2016

      Is upcoming?

    18. Neil Crosby on March 26, 2016

      Apparently there's going to be a "big update" to us by the end of next week.

      By my reckoning, "the end of next week" is April 1st. I hope that doesn't bode poorly.

    19. Neil Crosby on March 9, 2016

      Sounds like it's going to be radio silence to us folks until "It's done".

      Not great, but I guess it is what it is.

    20. Trudo on March 2, 2016

      I'd love to hear an update on this as I totally forgot about it. Escape the silence trap again! :)
      Even if it's dead, in which case, oh well.

    21. David Markland on February 25, 2016

      Eager to see this project come to fruition, have no regrets backing even if it turns out a more than reasonable effort to complete it failed. But I really don't understand the lack of updates.

    22. Neil Crosby on January 24, 2016

      Three weeks ago, when I wrote that last comment, I also sent a direct message to Andy, since creators don't seem to get any emails from kickstarter telling them that people have been commenting.

      No reply, either publicly or privately. Disappointing.

    23. Olly S on January 1, 2016

      "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."

      - Douglas Adams

    24. Neil Crosby on January 1, 2016

      It's a new year, and I'd love an update. XOXO was months ago, and there haven't been any updates to the github repo in half a year. This is making the project look very dead. If it is, so be it. If it isn't, it would be great to see some activity.

      Either way, an update would be very much appreciated.

    25. Missing avatar

      Choire Sicha on December 29, 2015

      I BELIEVE IN YOU! I don't need an update! :)

    26. Sean Johnson on December 8, 2015

      An update would be good, regardless of progress.

    27. Alan Cohen on November 30, 2015

      So what's the deal

    28. Matthew Bogart on November 28, 2015

      I've been thinking about the silence trap recently for a project I've been working on. Doing so made me want to mention here that regardless what has been happening or how this project ends up, I'm happy I backed this.

    29. Andru Edwards on October 19, 2015 this still happening...?

    30. Andy Baio 3-time creator on July 29, 2015

      A reminder that all updates are getting posted over here:

    31. Andy Baio 3-time creator on July 13, 2015

      Ha, no pressure!

    32. Skylar Woodward on July 13, 2015

      I miss Upcoming so much. My life will be changed once again when this launches. I can't wait!!!

      Keep it up Andy - we're behind you.

    33. Andy Baio 3-time creator on July 12, 2015

      Yes! I launched this project with the intention of having a sustainable project to work on when I'm not doing XOXO. Inevitably, my time becomes more scarce in the months leading up to September (when the festival occurs) and frees up immediately after. I expect that cycle of speedups and slowdowns will continue as long as I'm doing the festival, and as long as I'm the only one working on it. If Upcoming ever gets to the point that it's earning enough money to hire a team, that'll change. Until then, it's just me.

      I have absolutely no intention of stopping Upcoming development. When our new workspace opens this fall, I'll be working on it there. I hoped to have launched a beta in May, and I'm more disappointed than anyone that milestone's behind schedule, and I'll have another update shortly with more information.

      This is a project I intend to work on for the next several years, and I want to do it right.

    34. Nancy
      on July 12, 2015

      Didn't we hear the same things last summer? No development on because resources are on XOXO?

    35. Javier Arce on June 5, 2015

      I asked Andy about Upcoming on Twitter (Jun 3):

      "@javier Still ingesting Upcoming data (4.5M events right now!), but new development's temporarily taking a back seat to XOXO launch stuff…"

      "@javier I'll post another update as soon as these announcements are out in the next couple weeks. Getting close!"

    36. Andy Baio 3-time creator on March 18, 2015

      Yikes, I never look over here! All the updates are over in the Updates section, and code's over on Github! <3

    37. Alan Cohen on February 20, 2015

      Just a reminder: "I’ve neglected weekly updates, but they’re coming back. Starting now. "

    38. Javier Arce on January 14, 2015

      Andy posted this last week on Twitter:

      "@garrettc @upcomingorg Yes! Big update coming, most likely Tuesday morning. Sorry about the long delay."

    39. Ravi Vasavan on January 11, 2015

      Has there been any progress with the build? On github it shows that last update was made three months ago.

    40. Suw Charman-Anderson on October 27, 2014

      Not sure where the best place for a feature request is, or even if this is in your plans already, but I'm interested in knowing if it will be possible to extract and embed a feed of events that comply with particular search parameters on an external website. I run Ada Lovelace Day, and each October we end up with dozens of grassroots events around the world. This year we had over 65 events in 14 countries on 5 continents. At the moment, we get each organiser to fill in a Google Form, and then I have someone reformat that data to put it on our website, in our newsletter etc. It would be awesome if instead I could embed an Upcoming form on our website, and then extract an ALD feed to feature on our events page. I'm a big fan of not re-inventing the wheel, and it would be so much better to use Upcoming for this next year than to find a way to automate it myself! Any chance of functionality like that happening? (And apologies if this has already been discussed somewhere - I've not been able to keep up!)

    41. Andy Baio 3-time creator on October 23, 2014

      Whoops, just saw this. I'm posting weekly updates here:

    42. Ken Burgin on October 16, 2014

      What's happening? Seems like a long wait...

    43. Andy Baio 3-time creator on June 1, 2014

      Thanks, everybody! In case you missed it, I put a special message up on Upcoming as soon as the project ended...

    44. Tarikh Korula on May 30, 2014

      Congrats, Andy!!!

    45. Bryan on May 30, 2014

      Congratulations! This is going to be wonderful.

    46. Paola Kathuria on May 30, 2014

      Re: " I haven't decided about open-sourcing the entire site, mostly because my code is pretty ugly and I'm embarrassed, but I might just have to get over that." there's a thing I heard once: "your ideas will go further if you don't go with it." Ideas -> code?

      In the reboot, I'd like some simple things addressed, such as the duplication of venues and events because people (will always) describe things differently. SongKick has this problem too.

      I think Upcoming had a way of suggesting merged venues but it'd be good to have a 24hr turnaround. Having to list a new event at 5 variations of the same venue gets annoying very quickly (e.g., Barbican).

      Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr have trained us to expect instant feedback and gratification now (with likes and comments). I think that Upcoming needs to concentrate on reducing existing pain points before adding new features.

      I'm looking forward to being able to use Upcoming again. I added a lot of events to Upcoming in the genre I was interested in (film and game music concerts, and UX events).

      I followed people with similar interests to see what was coming up. I currently use Lanyrd for that now but it's really annoying as I have to follow people on a Twitter before their events are shown to me in a Lanyrd. Whereas I just want to know where they are going or speaking, I don't want to follow their lives on a Twitter.

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