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Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Kind of Blue, five chiptune artists reinterpret each song from the legendary jazz masterpiece.
Created by

Andy Baio

419 backers pledged $8,647 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Andy Baio on June 5, 2012

      Me too!

    2. Creator comfortndrew (deleted) on August 27, 2010

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    3. Creator Lance Ivy on June 4, 2010

      i still listen to this!

    4. Creator Andy Baio on March 26, 2010

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    5. Creator Andy Baio on January 15, 2010

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    6. Creator Henry Beer on September 14, 2009

      JUST GOT IT! And it is even better than I'd hoped for. I'm so proud to have been able to be part of this project—a real honor. Great work, to all involved, many thanks.

    7. Creator Taylor Marsh on August 19, 2009

      I would like to download the album of Shnabubula. How can I do that? I will pay 5$
      Jane Taylor Marsh

    8. Creator angusf on August 18, 2009

      I wasn't sure I'd like it - but I really do. Thanks for the opportunity to back this project & listen to the results.

    9. Creator Andy Baio on August 1, 2009

      We did it! Woo!

    10. Creator Scott Beale on August 1, 2009

      Awesome project Andy, looking forward to the final product.

    11. Creator Wayne P. Middleton on July 27, 2009

      Cant wait. I'll definitely pledge if you decide to do a vinyl release.

    12. Creator BrianK on July 23, 2009

      This whole website seems to be setting things in an backwards direction. Before there was some detachment on the making of any form of art. Now the artists have to prostitute themselves by giving away things in order to get pledges. To stop this, there should be a rule that the only thing that can be given away are copies of the "work" being produced.

    13. Creator Matt Sephton on July 20, 2009

      11 days to go. Until what?

    14. Creator Lachlan Matthew-Dickinson on June 16, 2009

      Just made my pledge, and cannot wait for the finished product!

      Thanks to the other international users that already sorted with circumnavigating amazon >_>

    15. Creator Toon Carpentier on June 1, 2009

      amazing project! <3 8bit!

    16. Creator Peter Organisciak on May 18, 2009

      This reminds me of Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds (

    17. Creator Harley Breach on May 18, 2009

      I thought I was pledging for vinyl hahah. Still want an awesome project.

    18. Creator Steve Jenkins on May 15, 2009

      Count me in for the record, too. There isn't enough chiptune on vinyl!

    19. Creator Andy Baio on May 14, 2009

      I'll have to do vinyl as a separate Kickstarter project later, since it requires pre-paying for a minimum 500 run. I'm not sure there'd be enough interest to pull it off, but it's worth a shot!

    20. Creator Matthew Johnston on May 14, 2009

      I'd up my pledge for vinyl, definitely.

      It's cool; I'm a big fan of Virt's, and Andy's local, so I get to support two cool people for one pledge.

    21. Creator Tony Zito on May 14, 2009

      Ditto Dakota -- I would kill for vinyl. Seems much more apropos to the spirit of the project, as well -- the collision of analog and digital.

    22. Creator Dakota Brown on May 14, 2009

      How much would I have to contribute to get a vinyl press of the album?

    23. Creator Alex Reynolds on May 14, 2009

      Looking forward to seeing the end result...

    24. Creator Sam May on May 13, 2009

      This is a project worth supporting if I've ever seen one. Sure to be amazing.

    25. Creator chris j. hampton on May 13, 2009

      boy o boy this is gonna rawk. :) thanks to all for their contributions! rough/sketch chip transcription coming soon! :) --ast0r

    26. Creator aknock on May 13, 2009

      Worked fine from a UK Amazon account without workaround; backed.

    27. Creator blocSonic on May 13, 2009

      I can't wait to hear what results from this! Oh yeah… backed!

    28. Creator Ryan Allen on May 12, 2009


    29. Creator Andy Baio on May 12, 2009

      In case anyone's wondering, I'm keeping this project going until August 1 to allow everyone a chance to buy the album. After the August 1 deadline, the album/CD will no longer be for sale.

    30. Creator on May 12, 2009

      @Charles: I was able to use my existing Amazon account. I was then able to use my usual Visa card.

      To save other non-US people the hassle: A working State/ZIP combination is PA 18651 (randomly grabbed from my address book).

    31. Creator Charles Adler on May 12, 2009

      Amazon Payments has a glitch with their non-US Mechanical Turk account holders. These users are being asked for a US address, when one isn't really needed. We've notified Amazon, and they know about the problem. This issue does not affect another other users.

    32. Creator Andy Baio on May 12, 2009

      @Lasar: Glad you got it to work! And no, I'll ask for shipping addresses later through Kickstarter.

    33. Creator on May 12, 2009

      Never mind. I had to lie to get into the Payments account. Afterwards it seemed to work. Will you be extracting the shipping addresses from that account eventually?

      Looking forward to whatever will happen here.

    34. Creator on May 12, 2009

      Amazon Payments won't let me select a different country and tries to stick me into the US. And that's after I sign in with my German Amazon account. Anything I can do?

    35. Creator Chris Lamothe on May 12, 2009

      Heh, I figured out a workaround.

    36. Creator Andy Baio on May 12, 2009

      Paying with Amazon Payments should definitely work from Canada. It takes Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Diners Club. (You're only limited to the U.S. with bank transfers or when receiving money.)

    37. Creator John Redpath on May 12, 2009

      Chris, I'm from Canada and it worked for me.

    38. Creator Chris Lamothe on May 12, 2009

      This is amazing. I want to contribute $40 (USD) but Amazon Payment doesn't work from Canada. Is there anything else I can do?

    39. Creator Dainius Blynas on May 12, 2009

      Great idea. Love both "Kind of Blue" and computer sounds.

    40. Creator Andy Baio on May 12, 2009

      @Bobby Lang: Yeah, that's part of the cover. (Thanks to SnackAdmiral for his lovely work.) I just need to work on the pixel typography for the titles.

    41. Creator Alex Norton on May 12, 2009

      Wow, such a fantastic idea.

    42. Creator Bobby Lang on May 12, 2009

      Love this idea, and especially the pixel artwork for what I assume will be the cover. Beautiful stuff.

    43. Creator kris keyser on May 12, 2009

      backed. great idea!

    44. Creator Earl Scioneaux on May 12, 2009

      great idea!

    45. Creator Kevin Boyle on May 12, 2009

      I want this to happen.