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Wattvision is a revolutionary sensor and app that gives you real-time feedback on your energy use so you can save money and the planet.
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Wattvision Update

Posted by Wattvision (Creator)

Hi Kickstarter backers! Happy Friday!

So yes, we're still not ready to ship yet -- but we are making progress on getting our product in the hands of everyone that pledged for it. Rest assured that we deeply value your support and have trouble sleeping at night knowing that we are still working on something we promised to ship to you by January.

In late February we had a breakthrough -- the company that makes the networking drivers that we depend on issued a patch that addressed our problems, so we are back on track. One thing we all must understand is the world of hardware (and device firmware and drivers) just moves much more slowly than the world of software. We also made a tweak to our PCBs in the v2 gateways, yielding gateway v2.1.

Here are the steps for what needs to happen next:

1) Test the new hardware boards (2.1) with the new firmware/drivers
2) Verify the setup experience works with Wifi and Ethernet
3) Test the gateways for at least two weeks on our bench and in real-world environments
4) Get the sensors and gateways mass produced
5) Send 10 gateways and sensors to the first 10 backers, get feedback
6) Send 20 gateways and sensors, get feedback
7) Continue to Stage the shipping of sensors on a weekly basis so we can keep learning from you, our early adopters

As you can see, we want a rapid, yet staged rollout of our product. This will help us learn from our early backers. We have some ideas about how the setup experience should work (based on everyone's feedback from version 1) but we are keen to get feedback early on the V2 process as well. We hope that, by staging the shipping of our product, we work out all the kinks quickly.

Please shoot us questions via email or comments, and again, thank you!


Here are some photos of Angelo programming gateway v2:

  • Image 221477 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 221478 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1


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