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A once-in-a-lifetime chance to own one of the holy grails of Electronic Music by Richard James, aka The Aphex Twin, aka Caustic Window!
4,124 backers pledged $67,424 to help bring this project to life.

Quantities Dwindling! Caustic Window DigiPak and CDr Still Available

Posted by James E. Thomas (Creator)

A lot of you have purchased the Caustic Window DigiPak and CDr to burn your Caustic Window LP digital files to and sit alongside your upcoming copy of Aphex Twin's new album, SYRO - thanks!

For those who didn't see this offer the first few times, there are still some left - I'm surprised how quickly it's still selling, even after all this time since the success of the Kickstarter. If you haven't gotten one, I'd suggest you make plans to do so before they're gone and they end up on Ebay or something - we all know the resale value of anything attached to Richard D. James, eh? :)

Head on over to and get a copy while you can - and again, please note: the CDr is blank, and does NOT come with the audio files - you supply those yourself (presumably from the Kickstarter you backed in June) and burn them to the CDr - the idea is to have an attractive way to store your digital files, and to play in your car CD player, etc.

If you have ordered one and haven't gotten it yet - hang tight - all the orders have gone out, and should be to you any day now. If you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to contact me and we'll do our best to help you out.

For Folks Who Ordered The DigiPak/CDr and Are Overseas (non-US)

Posted by James E. Thomas (Creator)

For anyone who ordered the DigiPak CDr to record your Caustic Window tracks to and are located outside the US - we had issues with the software that prints our postage in regards to overseas addresses, and the good news is we got that sorted out (finally), and all the remaining orders are going out this week (or have already gone out) - you should be getting your package soon.

My apologies for the delay and I really want to thank everyone who ordered (if you haven't, there are still some left), and we appreciate your patience - I have a profound respect for small labels like Rephlex who do this on a daily basis - it's a task packaging, processing and printing 1000+ labels and parcels, hauling it to the post office, etc.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me - we'll do our very best to satisfy your needs.

Vote For CAT023 To Be Part of a Music Discussion Panel At SXSW in 2015!

Posted by James E. Thomas (Creator)
Kickstarter approached me recently asking if I would be interested and willing to be on a Music Discussion Panel at SXSW (South By Southwest) 2015 this upcoming March in Austin, TX.

This is very much the story of music communities coming together to make great things. They'll be using the CAT023 project as a highlighted example of how fans and artists can come together and use Kickstarter in unique and exciting ways, beyond the traditional expectation of musicians using the site to fund new album recordings. Joining me on panel, if it is selected, will be fellow Kickstarter creators and musicians, Seth Olinsky and DJ QBert.

Part of getting the panel to be chosen and included in SXSW is community voting - so, if you'd like to support the idea, go over and register and vote on SXSW: If you are not already registered, you can do so here:

 We won't know if the panel is selected to be presented at SXSW until this Fall after voting closes.  

Here's the breakdown on how panels get selected from SXSW's site: 

"Voting from the public accounts for about 30% of the decision-making process for SXSW panel programming. Also important in this decision-making process are the SXSW Advisory Boards (40%) and the input of the SXSW staff (30%)." Voting lasts until September 5th at Midnight CST!

Markus "Notch" Persson Buys The Caustic Window LP For 46,300.00 USD, Donates More Than Half To Charity!

Posted by James E. Thomas (Creator)

As some of you may know, the Ebay auction of the actual Caustic Window LP ended recently, with the high bidder being none other than Markus "Notch" Persson, aka the creator of the addictive video game, Minecraft!

Markus has been a lifelong fan of Richard James' music, so just like the rest of us, wanted such a rare record for his collection. The bidding was fierce, but Markus prevailed, and at the end of it all paid 46,300.00 USD for the record.

We asked Markus to please make a donation to the charity chosen by the WATMM community, Doctors Without Borders of half the auction amount, and Markus actually donated MORE than half the amount - almost 30,000.00 USD! What an amazing and generous person!

I can't tell you all how pleased I am how everything turned out - the fans got to hear a superb release that really should have come out back in 1996 as planned, the fans showed Richard how much they enjoy and want his music (he says he was really touched by the outpouring of fan support, and thanks everyone involved for making it happen), and we raised a good amount of money for a great charity (not to mention possibly setting a few Guinness records for one of the most expensive records ever sold).

Huge thanks to everyone who helped make this happen - you all are wonderful people and I am grateful to have been able to be a part of such an amazing experience.

If You Missed Out On The Kickstarter and/or PayPal Options, Please Read

Posted by James E. Thomas (Creator)

Since I am getting a LOT of emails asking, I thought perhaps an update would help:

If you missed out on the Kickstarter, or the extended offer via PayPal, then I am very sorry, but I am not authorized to sell this release any longer, and Rephlex will not release this officially or otherwise. 

We did our best to promote it via Twitter, WATMM, the media, etc. so everyone was given ample time to get in on the offer. I wish I could get everyone who wanted a copy one, but alas everything comes to an end, and so has this. At this point, only folks who haven't redeemed their vouchers are the only ones eligible to get a copy of the music.

Please do not confuse the current offer for a Digipak with a BLANK CDr to record your tracks on as a way to get the music itself - this is merely a way to store your digital music files, and does NOT include the music files. Again, for clarity: IT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE MUSIC ON THE CDR - THAT IS UP TO YOU TO BURN YOURSELF IF YOU ORDER THE PACKAGING. WE WILL NOT AND CANNOT SUPPLY THE MUSIC TO YOU IN ANY WAY.

Again, huge thanks to everyone who supported this project, and thanks to everyone for the kind words of thanks and encouragement - without you all, this wouldn't have been possible.