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Ship of Sacrifice is an online co-op adventure game with an engaging story that begins with the panic of a ship-borne infection.

What Is "SOS: Ship of Sacrifice"?

SOS: Ship of Sacrifice is an online co-op adventure game where you and a friend must escape from a sinking cruise liner. As this an adventure game, you can expect there to be many different types of puzzles and solutions in order to progress in the story. Here are some of the main features included in the game:

  • Fully online cooperative story developed for two friends to experience together from start to finish.
  • Combination of both classic RPG and Adventure Game mechanics to form rich and engaging game play content. 
  • Art, movement, and environments inspired by beloved titles such as EarthBound and Paper Mario.
  • NPCs and objects will react different between the two players creating dialog that is both varied and interesting.
  • Players will have a gender selection between both male and female without affecting the couples' story.
  • Puzzles that require both players to work together to successfully progress throughout the ship.

With an art style inspired by Mother 3 and EarthBound, and gameplay reminiscent of retro point and click adventure games, you and a partner are tasked with not only escaping from the ship, but also uncovering the truth behind the incident. The game is entirely co-op, with many puzzles focusing on this aspect. It's uncommon to find adventure games that are multiplayer, so we hope you'll enjoy this twist on classic gameplay.

Why Kickstarter?

As a small group of developers, we have many hurdles we must jump through in order to develop and release a game. As we do not have the funds to sufficiently develop the game to our standards, we have turned to Kickstarter! Currently the game is in pre-production, and in order to make faster progress and release our game, we'll need your help.

The money we receive will be going to nearly all aspects of development. This includes but is not limited to engine programming, commissions to compose original music by talented professionals, expensive software to help the development process, general art, and concept art.

Thank You!

We look forward to hearing from you. Both comments and constructive criticism are welcome with open arms. If viable, stretch goals will be updated to incorporate our supporter's most wanted features. We'll be working hard to make SOS: Ship of Sacrifice a game that you can be proud of to have supported!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

As a small group, we feel that the work needed to complete the game could take longer than estimated. We believe that we have given ourselves enough breathing room in the release date. However, if a setback does arise and we cannot release the game at the suspected date, we will communicate with the community exactly why this happened and make efforts to streamline certain aspects of development.

Working in a multiplayer online environment introduces a series of complications when creating nearly every aspect of the project, specifically programming. We have a lead programmer with a degree in computer science. Our pre-production demo conquered many problems that we might have faced later in development. If we are presented with a situation where an engine modification is beyond our grasp, we will contract additional programmers to solve the problem and continue development.

We will also need to search and hire a composer to fulfill the game's music needs. Composing original music has its own set of challenges and could take a great amount of time. We will be working closely with the composer to help assure that work is being completed both with quality and speed.


  • SOS is specifically designed for two players. The story and gameplay is built around this foundation.

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  • You will be able to choose your gender.

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  • An exact time is hard to judge because even though we've planned the story out we can't fully realize how long it will be in game. You can expect at least five hours of just story driven game play. We're aiming to double that to ten. The puzzles featured in the game could increase that time depending on how clever you and your friend are.

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  • The game is currently in development for PC and Mac. We hope to support other platforms if the project is successful.

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