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NASA’s recent ground-breaking discovery of the Trappist-1 solar system inspired us to design this otherworldly timepiece.
NASA’s recent ground-breaking discovery of the Trappist-1 solar system inspired us to design this otherworldly timepiece.
NASA’s recent ground-breaking discovery of the Trappist-1 solar system inspired us to design this otherworldly timepiece.
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    1. Xeric 7-time creator on

      Hello everyone,

      The comments section and messages on old campaigns are rarely monitored after rewards have been fulfilled.

      For fastest assistance, please email Xeric customer support at


      The Xeric Team

    2. Missing avatar

      Steven Hoover on

      Mine has only done that once! It happened while I was trying to set the Moonphase. I don’t know if that’s how yours came loose, but having to sit there and spin the crown for five minutes is tiresome. My advice to anyone who wants to change the Moonphase and it only ahead by a little bit is to pull the crown out and let it sit for a couple of days to wait until the current phase of the moon catches up to what is showing on the watch.

    3. Dustin Helm on

      i've had this watch for about four months and now the minute disc has come loose for a second time. Is there something that can be done so that when I send it to be serviced that the inherent issue is rectified? I'd rather not have to do this every two months. Anyone having the same problem?

    4. Xeric 7-time creator on

      Hi everyone,

      We've fulfilled all the rewards for those who have filled out the survey. If you haven't received your reward, you can retrieve your survey here:

      Please email questions, return requests, or shipping inquiries to (don't use Kickstarter messages or this comments section since it doesn't connect with our support ticket system). Emailing us directly will generate a customer support ticket in our system.

      If you need to contact us about product or fulfillment questions, please also email

      In the event that you have an issue with a Xeric watch, send an email to You'll receive a response much faster when you email us directly.


      The Xeric Team

    5. Missing avatar

      Yi Dai on

      Got my watch 2 days ago, nothing glows in the dark.

    6. Jonathan Mitchell on

      So I’m trying to return the watch. I’ve contacted support, but they are telling me to contact Kickstarter about the refund. I just want my money back with no hassle. Can’t I return it and get a check. Why do I have to work for my refund. I received a watch that didn’t run or glow!

    7. Missing avatar

      Ulala on

      Well the lume is there. It shines beautifully on mine. The issue is the lume takes much much longer to charge and takes much much quicker to go-away. My other watches can glow easily with normal wear on bright sunny day and glow a bit dimmer with normal wear inside a brightly lit-up room. The Trappist cannot do this. I need to purposely shine a UV light on it for at least 15s to get it to charge up. The lume is bright but die out after less than 10 mins. For that, it is very very very sad. And I don't even consider this watch to have a date complication which is another sad sad sad point. Other than that, it is holding up fine: comfortable to wear, not to difficult to tell time at daylight, and a bit of fun flare to your conversation.

      However, I decide to sell the watch as it is a bit over my 30 days and I haven't wear it much :( Just not my cup of tea I guess. Contact me if you want to buy back my watch Xeric :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Abhishek Khanna on

      I just got the watch few hours back ,
      It looks great but I don’t understand why nothing glows in the dark.

      How much time it takes to charge ? The watch is functional as I set the time using online xeric instruction.

      I closed the light, does it take a lot of time to charge or lot of movement as I tried moving a lot but I do not understand.

    9. Georg Hobmeier on

      Oh, what would I give to contribute to the debate of wether the watch is supreme piece of design and well made or the greatest disappointment since discovering the Santa isn't real. I'm still waiting for mine to arrive. It has been on the road now for almost two months, currently stuck in some delivery loop. Customer service has not answered my last emails. I think they expect me to go on some sort of detective journey myself and retrieve it. Seriously, it would be rather convenient to not spend days to do so. To my understanding, it should simply arrive at my place before I can pass my merciless judgement.

    10. Tom van der Spek

      I have wore my Trappist-1 Rose Gold watch for 2 months now, so high time to give my opinion about it.
      First of all, the watch looks wonderful. It is also very pleasant to wear due to the low weight and the strap also is very comfortable. I hardly feel I have something around my wrist. So for looks and comfort I give it 10 out of 10.
      But how the watch works? We have 5 aspects here: time / date / moonphase reading, the (already many times discussed) lumen and finally the setting of the watch.
      1: Time reading. The reading due to two spinning planets is very special, but works quite fine. Sometimes you will guess the time about 1 minute wrong, and you have to look a bit longer to see the time , compared to a traditional watch with dials. The bright 'polar star' in the middle, together with figures there a of nice help. It is fine to me. 8 out of 10, for time reading.
      The accuracy of the watch is amazing. In two months no need to set the time again, so 10 out of 10 for accuracy.
      2: Date reading. As stated many times before, it is very hard to read. Sometimes it is clearly visible, but most of the time not, or barely. This is mainly caused by the reflection of the light of the glass dome of the watch. I cannot give this aspect a higher mark than 3 out of 10.
      3: Moonphase reading. This works correct, but with a clearly 'but'. As the disks of the two moons are situated well below the obscure disk, especially between last quarter - new moon - first quarter, the moon phase seems to differ quite a lot, dependng on the angle you look at your watch. The right moon phase is shown as long as you look at a relative small angle to your watch, from below the '6', which is the way most people, when wearing it, will likely look at their watch. So I give it 7 out of 10.
      4: lumen. It works fine, but with his common limitations. When holding the watch under a bright lamp for a minute or so, it will glow bright for about 5 minutes or so, after which it will dim quite quickly. During the bright glow you can see the time quite clear, but it it is impossible to see the moon phase than, because both moondisks glow bright, despite their position compared with the obscure disk. I give no mark, for this aspect, because it is not important to me. During dark in my bedroom I always look at the red glowing figures on my alarm clock to see what time it is.
      Finally 5: setting of the watch. Setting the time goes fine, setting the moon phase is very complicated. The moon phase on my watch was one day ahead, so I have had to turn it 28.5 more days ahead. It cost me almost 10 minutes to do that, because it isn't possible to turn it one day back. Setting the date goes easy, but is nevertheless difficult, because the shown date is hardly visible. I gave this 10 (time) 4 (moon) and 6 (date) out of 10, but it is not so important, because you seldom have to do this.
      Overal I am very happy with my Trappist-1 watch. The date is a serious issue, but I am treated my watch as if it has no date at all. My final mark is 8 out of 10.

    11. Xeric 7-time creator on

      Hi Jason,

      We will always defend our products because we're passionate and we stand behind them. We've shipped over 2000 Trappist-1 watches already. Less than 10 people have requested a return for refund. You're not going to find another watch like the Trappist-1 Moonphase at this pricepoint. We've already addressed the lume questions ad nauseam. Please scroll down in the comments section to read the limitations of lume on clear discs. It will never be as bright as lume on a solid opaque dial, but here are some examples of the lume from random backers on Instagram.………………

      We're happy to take your Trappist-1 back and hope this doesn't turn you off on future Xeric projects. We have some amazing creations launching this year. Please email to begin the return process and we'll get you refunded.

      The Xeric Team

    12. JASON on

      I really want to post some photos and show how terrible the quality is. Once again, a great design concept is totally ruined by horrible built quality and details.

      The date window is NOT READABLE. The magnifying glass totally destroyed the visibility. FYI, my eye sights is 20/20.This is NOT an uniqueness or design, this is A FLAW.

      The lume, simply DOES NOT GLOW. You read my words right. You look at the campaign cover picture and it clearly shows glowing lumes!

      I understand that if the acutal glowing is not as vivid. But the lumes almost DOES NOT GLOW. I have a 7 watches ranging from Rolex to Seiko, the Xeric is BY FAR the weakest when it comes to glowing.

    13. JASON on

      Stop defending yourself like this. NOT FOR EVERYONE? Excuse me but you can look at my watch's date window and you tell me if this is WORTH having. Sure, people have their own preferences. However, not being able to deliver your promises/qualities is NOT a proper excuse that you can use to defend yourself.

      I spent more than 24 hours to test this watch and tried my best to convince myself to keep it and just live with it. This morning i exposed this watch under the California sun for more than 1 hour. Came back inside, went into a dark room and closed all windows.


      It is your job to reach out to me and handle the refund. After 24 hours, I would directly contact my credit card company to file a dispute against this.

      Again, NOT BEING ABLE TO DELIVER THE QULITY you promised is NOT an excuse. Stop saying this is not for everyone. I love the design and I would like to give you credit for that. But the quality is NOT there for a $240 watch!

      Yes, it is conclusive and you are welcomed to respond to my comments and make them public. People would have their own judgements.

    14. Xeric 7-time creator on

      @Jonathan Mitchell Please see below. We'll get you taken care of.
      @jason Sorry to hear that you don't feel the Trappist-1 isn't worth the pledge amount. Xeric watches are unusual and aren't for everyone. This is why we have the 30 day return policy. We're nearly sold out on of the Trappist-1 so we're surprised to hear that it's not to your liking.
      @mike We're make sure you receive your reward even if we have to send a second shipment.
      @Jayden Your feedback is valuable. Thank you for sharing. We'll research fulfillment centers in Asia.

      Please email questions, return requests, or shipping inquiries to (don't use Kickstarter messages or this comments section since it doesn't connect with our support ticket system). Emailing us directly will generate a customer support ticket in our system.

      If you need to contact us about product or fulfillment questions, please also email

      In the event that you have an issue with a Xeric watch, send an email to You'll receive a response much faster when you email us directly.


      The Xeric Team

    15. Jonathan Mitchell on

      I’m calling on the 30 day return policy

    16. Jonathan Mitchell on

      Since the creator has not responded and I have received a completely dead watch. I would like a refund as well. I had great hopes for this watch. Please respond ! I will also be willing to charge back on my card

    17. JASON on

      Date is not readable. Lume is not noticeable. And you dare charging me 200+ for this piece? I would like to have a full refund including shipping cost. Or I would just dispute with my credit card company as CSR card offers great protection to its holders.

    18. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      I still haven’t got my watch yet. It’s almost 80 days... No any information about where it is now... The USPS replied that they haven’t found it yet... Please help me...

    19. Jonathan Mitchell on

      I got my watch, it seems dead! Some operating instructions would have been nice. Literally no movement! Help me out here guys!

    20. Jayden on

      Honestly quite disappointed with the final product. Got mine a while back and like everyone else has been commenting, the lume is too dim. I understand that the weight of lume is an important factor, but nonetheless, we are talking about Superluminova here. As you've mentioned, this is the brightest non radioactive material that is commercially available. Yet this watch has the weakest glow out of all my other watches (which cost about the same at MSRP). I have even shone UV light directly onto the dial and it still isn't very bright. Not to mention that the lume doesn't seem properly coated as the glow isn't consistent (there are spots of brighter lume). The finishing of the case and the strap exceeded my expectations so I hope the next time there would be improvements! Also, something to consider would be to have a fulfilment centre in the Asia region considering that your watches are made there. This way, the cost of shipping would be less to us and it might also be easier and quicker to ship out all your watches to us backers.

    21. Xeric 7-time creator on

      Hello, the shipment of Trappist-1 watches arrived this afternoon at the warehouse. We're processing as many rewards as we can tomorrow. Tracking numbers will be emailed to you within 24 hours of reward shipping.

      Don't forget to enter the $500 INSTAGRAM PHOTO CONTEST

      Our backers are located all over the galaxy and we're excited to see photos of the Trappist-1 Moonphase watch! Show us some creative content for a chance to win!


      1. Post a stylish picture or video of your Trappist-1 Moonphase on your Instagram profile. Some ideas for placement to get your creative juices flowing: scenic/space environments, watch collection shots, classic wristshots showing off your unique sense of style, doing your favorite hobby/activity like stargazing with your Trappist-1, etc.

      2. Tag @xericwatches and use #xeric #trappist1 in your caption. You can enter as many times as you want. The more the better!

      ***!!! Very Important: Your profile needs to be public during this photo contest so we can see the photos you post. !!!***

      The contest will run until June 15th to allow all backers a chance to enter. Winners will be announced on our @xericwatches Instagram profile and in a Kickstarter update.


      One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive a $500 gift card on

      Three (3) Runner Ups will receive a $100 gift card on

      Thanks for your patience.

      The Xeric Team

    22. Xeric 7-time creator on

      Also please double check that you've filled out the survey.

      We can't ship your reward if the survey isn't filled out. This is where you'll confirm your color choice and provide us your shipping information.


    23. Xeric 7-time creator on

      Hi everyone,

      Check out our update from April 30th.

      Our freight forwarder picked up the watches yesterday from the factory. We should have them in 7-10 days and we'll ship all your rewards within 48 hours of receipt. We're bringing in additional help to get them to you as soon as possible.

      Thanks for your patience. We're in the final stretch now.

      The Xeric Team

    24. Missing avatar

      Martin Gossen on

      Meghan refunded the total amount of the Trappist a few minutes ago.
      I will say that she was a consummate professional throughout this trial.

    25. Missing avatar

      Martin Gossen on

      As expected. I have not received any information concerning the return and when the credit for the watch would be posted to my account. “Kendall” did sign for the watch that I returned on 4/24. I have formally opened up the fraud case with American Express. They will take it from here.

    26. Missing avatar

      Martin Gossen on

      I got receipt that you received my watch and return administration materials over a week ago.
      When is the refund applied?
      I have not received any information regarding finalization of the refund.
      Please advise.

    27. Arne B on

      @Georg Hobmeier @Kaul Ich habe ebenfalls Lieferprobleme in D. Mein Paket wurde laut tracking zugestellt, aber nicht an mich, es war auch keine Karte im Briefkasten etc.
      Der Zoll sagt ohne nachzusehen "Paket ist nicht bei uns, sie hätten eine Benachrichtigung bekommen". Habe Xeric geschrieben und eine neue Uhr geschickt bekommen. Gleiche Sache ist wieder passiert. Habt ihr vielleicht Tipps..?

    28. Missing avatar

      Faiz Budak Kecik on

      Man, by the time the second batch shipped out and with this kind of delays, I'm gonna receive my watch by Christmas

    29. Georg Hobmeier on

      @Kaul das versuche ich gerade so zu lösen. Aber anscheinend wurden da einfach nicht die entsprechenden Papiere beigelegt und das scheint dem Helpdesk vollkommen egal zu sein. So auf die Art "We don't care, go and solve it yourself."

    30. Missing avatar

      Kaul on

      Georg, bist Du in D? Bei mir hat es geholfen, die Kickstarter-Seiten mit dem Finanzierungsbeitrag auszudrucken und dem Zoll vorzulegen. Kannten die alles schon....

    31. Georg Hobmeier on

      Folks. My watch has been sent a month ago, but apparently shipping papers have not been supplied with it. The parcel, according to tracking, is stuck in customs and your helpdesk has basically stopped answering my requests how to move forward. Despite my enthusiasm for your product this is becoming a bit of an ordeal ...

    32. Xeric 7-time creator on

      @lee tze jian -

      Glad you received your watch but It seems there might some misconceptions about the properties of lume. The lume we used was superluminova C3 which is of the brightest available.

      To offer a bit more information, superluminova is created with strontium aluminate. This photoluminescent phosphor is the brightest non radioactive material that is commercially available, and the intensity and retention of light is largely dependent on the application method.

      Let's look at two well known brands Omega and Rolex. These have price points 20 fold our project and yet are still limited by the physical characteristics of strontium aluminate. Omega uses superluminova while Rolex uses a proprietary blend known as chromalight which is a doped version of superluminova. Even with all their research to improve the luminosity, the overall effects are negligible when compared to standard superluminova (yields up to 5% more relative brightness 30 minute after being charged).

      For example, a new Omega Planet Ocean is expected to glow at best 2-3


      So the claim of 6-10 hours of bright and legible luminosity is impossible to achieve without some radioactive material such as tritium tubes. As you will see from the graph of superluminova linked below, luminous intensity will be reduced in half within the first 10 minutes from 1000 nCd/mg to 500 nCd/mg. After 2 hours the luminous intensity is reduced to less than 100 nCd/mg which is difficult to read unless in total darkness.

      Keep in mind this data is on the raw material and applies to every watch with superluminova whether it is Omega, Rolex, or Trappist-1, the physical properties of strontium aluminate still applies. The more mg of lume applied the greater the retention of luminosity.

      If printed on a standard dial, we could have stacked as much lume as possible in order to get a thick concentration of lume. A standard dial can have ample amounts of lume since there are no weight restrictions and the backing is solid so light is always directed upwards. When it comes to generic watches, lume requires no additional thought. Xeric watches are anything but standard and require vast amounts of engineering solutions to make the watch unlike anything you've ever seen.

      With transparent discs there are far more engineering challenges to overcome in order to ensure reliability and we cannot simply overload lume. We had to calculate maximum loads for each disc and ensure proper weight distribution throughout. More lume means more weight, thus limiting the accuracy and lifespan of the movement. The other factor was getting proper clearance between the discs. Keep in mind there is only approximately 0.5mm of clearance between the hour and minute disc. So we need to ensure that after the lume is applied they do not interfere with each other and have at least 0.3mm of clearance. Furthermore the lume is printed on clear discs, so light is dissipated in all directions thus limiting potential retention. 
      Look around the web and you'll never find a watch that comes close to what this achieves. Without the transparent discs the entire concept would have been impossible to materialize.
      We hope this better explains the properties of superluminova and we will include this information in future projects.

      Thank you for your continued support and feedback; these crazy watches would be impossible to bring to life without watch enthusiasts like you.

    33. Missing avatar

      lee tze jian on

      Received the watch wore for 2 days, really like the design but it's not glowing...... Please advise.

    34. Xeric 7-time creator on

      @Christoph Scheer - Good news as the straps are shipping today! Enjoy!

    35. Christoph Scheer on

      When will the extra Trappist-1 leather straps be shipped? Because I haven't received a tracking number until today and it's already the 16th of April. And my questions are not answered by the support.

    36. Xeric 7-time creator on

      @martin - It looks like our customer support staff has already provided you with all the required return information. We apologize for any confusion as we aren't asking that you pay for a band as that's not a requirement for the return. As long as you return the unworn watch in accordance with our 30 day return policy after receiving authorization from our customer support staff at, which you have, we will refund the entire price of the watch. Please email our customer support staff at with any additional questions regarding returns, we’re here to help!

    37. Xeric 7-time creator on

      @Dustin - Sorry for the confusion, if you are located in the U.S., we can easily provide you with a return shipping label so there is no cost to you. Email and they will provide this to you. Thanks for your compliments, your repaired watch will be in your hands as soon as possible as our repair center is located in the U.S!

    38. Dustin Helm on

      I have accepted it. I just hope the repair allows me to show off an awesome watch that tells time.

      By the way, I'm in the United States, not asking for International shipping...unless the repair is done outside of the US. strange.

    39. Xeric 7-time creator on

      @mike, we do apologize, this Kickstarter comment page is not actively monitored and your comments have been suppressed below other comments. It looks like our customer service team has been corresponding with you via and has an ongoing lost package investigation with USPS open. Please continue to reach out to our customer support staff via and we will respond to your emails actively there.

      @Dustin We do appreciate your support and are glad you are happy with your watch! We wish we could provide prepaid labels for our International backers, unfortunately no carrier will allow us to buy International postage from the US. We do our absolute best to arrange options to compensate buyers for their International postage in the rare case that their watch arrives defective. Our customer support staff at are here to help you with any additional questions or concerns.

    40. Missing avatar

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑)

      You would think if a watch was DOA that the seller would do anything in their power to replace AT NO COST including shipping just to satisfy a costumer.

      Now am reading that a watch is DOA and you have to send at your cost? That the watch was worn/tried once and once a refund was requested the seller claimed it was used so you have to pay a “strap” fee?

      Unbelievable. This is why Kickstarter sucks.

    41. Missing avatar

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑)


      That’s not first world problems. That’s a crappy company not standing behind their product. Period.

    42. Dustin Helm on

      A little disappointed that I am having to pay to ship my watch to the repair company for a defect. But, i am still happy with the watch, just don't want it to keep breaking and having to send it away to get fixed at my expense. First world problems, I know.

    43. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      So u team is just gonna be silent about my problem?!

    44. Christoph Scheer on

      I still haven't received a tracking number for the extra Trappist-1 leader Straps :(

    45. Missing avatar

      Martin Gossen on

      Requesting refund. Not paying for a band. Will let AMEX work it out if I get push back. No glow? No go. Watch is worthless. Unreadable.

    46. Missing avatar

      Steven Hoover on

      @Ahmed Galal, yes, I had the same issue with one of my watches. This happened after I was trying to set the Moonphase. Apparently turning the crown that much caused the minute hand/disc come loose. I emailed Xeric about this and they had me send it to their watch repair specialist “AnyTimeWatch Repair”. Those people told me that the hand/disc was damaged and had to be replaced. So they have it now waiting on replacement parts from China. I have heard this issue from a couple of other people as well. This apparently is a serious flaw that Xeric needs to correct before they continue making and shipping these Watches. You’ll need to contact Xeric @:

      I sent my watch in for repair mid-March and I won’t see it until probably early to mid-May due to them waiting on those parts.

    47. Missing avatar

      Ahmed Galal on

      I received the two watches and both of them are not running. When rotating the crown to set the time, the hours hand is moving while the minutes hand is stand still. Any minor shaking to the watch itself makes the minutes disc rotates freely. I am really surprised that both watches are not running and came with such flaws. Please advise what shall be done. After all this time waiting and delays, I got two watches not running.

    48. Missing avatar

      Ahmed Galal on

      I received my watch but the hours arm rotate without minutes !!
      Did anyone face same problem that minutes not move when you try to adjust the clock.

    49. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      I left a long comment here on 17th March. But this team turned a blind eye to it totally. No any reply. Everybody can check it out back to the early comments.

    50. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      (Translation) As a Chinese, I have to leave a message in Chinese:

      Xeric is a very disappointing team! Extremely irresponsible!

      In November 2017, I ordered RoseGold. After February 27 delivery, on March 1, I received a USPS logistics information, hint my parcel has been in China Beijing capital airport dating airline transportation (no information on customs clearance), since then no any updated information. Since the international parcel of USPS arrived in China and was delivered by EMS, I called EMS customer service several times. The VIP customer service manager verified that my package did not enter China at all, and did not even enter customs clearance, because if the information is being cleared, it will be updated in the logistics information. Therefore, the customer service staff of EMS told me that there is really nothing they can do in this situation, and I need to contact the shipper (that is, your team) to help me check my package in the United States.

      So I sent a request to your team on March 15 for the official email address left by the message board, describing the situation in detail and asking for your help. However, after 4 days, you only replied to me that this package may be in customs clearance. After the introduction, the logistics information will be updated and delivered. But this package has not been in the customs clearance before the entry into China! But I decided to wait until April 1, and there was no reply. During the period, I also sent a packet query request to USPS, but there was no response. So I emailed you again to ask for help, but this time I got a more perfunctory response. Just tell me to find an EMS claim.

      That's a big joke! USPS is responsible for the package before it enters China! And you have the obligation to solve the delivery problem for your customers! But you're not only perfunctory, but you also pass the buck! This unscrupulous team is really unprofessional! As I said in my last email to you, I will continue to leave messages here so that all users can see and report your irresponsible behavior to this platform.

      PS: as of this message, my package still has no logistics information update. I am not sure if I can still receive my watch. I do not rule out the legal means to assert my rights.

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