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A game tester in a funk makes a wish that causes old school video game glitches to infect his real life.
A game tester in a funk makes a wish that causes old school video game glitches to infect his real life.
171 backers pledged $9,737 to help bring this project to life.

The Reward as Promised! (Plus, Last Backer Wins!)

Hello from snowy Seattle!

So at a certain point in our fundraising campaign, we hit our mark, and suddenly I got helpful suggestions from wise new media gurus to up the ante for our Glitch kickstarter. So I did! I said that if we reached $8,000 I would release the pilot to anybody that wanted to see it.

And then we went over $9,000. Honestly I didn't believe that would happen, I thought people would donate a little more because, "Haha, awww look at the little kickstarter guys trying to get a little more money it's sooo cuuuuute." Maybe 7k - which, since I'm still of the opinion that our original goal is friggin' awesome, 7k was a pipe dream. So I'd be able to keep the pilot safe under our care and raise a little more money and --

aw, hell, now I gotta follow through with my promise. :p

So anybody clever enough to read our updates will now be able to see our pilot in its Beta form. It's already been through a lot of work, and we're incredibly proud of it - but just as a disclaimer, there will be another color correction and sound mix pass when all six episodes go through their post production process. I'm proud of it even now, but we're all perfectionists, and now that we can afford a little post-production work (THANK YOU!), we know another pass will make it the best it can be.

We filmed beginning Friday the 13th, and this is post #13, so I feel like we're a very lucky project. We've already got a lot of great shots in the can, and I wish I could tell you what was in store, I'm so excited about it. But better to be surprised. In the meantime enjoy the first episode, if you haven't already seen it!

Link to the pilot:

Password: 1123581321

Once again, I'd like to thank Kickstarter for being generally awesome; the Escapist, Joystiq, and Techzwn for their awesome articles about us; to the entire online community that has been incredibly supportive so far; and most especially to each and every one of our contributors. Everything everyone was able to give will make this show possible, so in a way it's yours. We don't want to just say thanks in the credits, we want you to feel a part of this ridiculously silly project and hope to make you proud of it. We are filled with a geeky gratitude for your generosity and endorsement.

It is late and I am sleepy. Tomorrow is the final day of our campaign, but we'll be protesting SOPA and PIPA and all that nonsense right along with everybody else, but who knows, maybe there'll be some last minute contributors! In fact, here's a bit of sleepy deal making, and I'll do crazy stuff to the words so it seems all mega important:

The last person to contribute or adjust their contribution (haha, oh you're so clever, self) will receive an awesome prop made special for the first season of GLITCH. 

There are actually a couple of one-of-a-kind, in some way hand-crafted but still cool looking, props that would make a great memento to any geek worth his salt and cool enough to collect stuff. And if Glitch wins The Academy Award for Greatest Movie Show Ever Made Even Though Its a Show™, you will be the only person on earth to own that particular prop, and all your nerdy friends will be green with envy or just the facepaint from that midnight opening you were showing off your prop at! I mean you might even get the [redacted because spoilers]!!! HOLY COW!!!

So even with all the SOPA protests going on, let's get this kickstarter as high as it can go. But whatever happens, we have already been so well received by all of you, met our goal and passed it, and we are grateful. Thank you all very much, enjoy the pilot and we look forward to wowing you with the entirety of season one. :)

Merry Glitchmas to all, and to all a goodnight!



P.S. Super special shout out to Jimmy McMichael, our 100th backer and all around amazing human being. 


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