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An epic, turn based, fantasy 4X game with procedurally generated maps, and a load of spells, races and heroes.
An epic, turn based, fantasy 4X game with procedurally generated maps, and a load of spells, races and heroes.
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And The Work Goes On!


Greetings to you our wonderfully supportive, full of feedback, and very patient backers! We have a bit of news for you. Mainly it's that the work continues at a good pace (which is something we're sure everyone is happy to hear). Still, we have some specifics to share with you. Here they are:

Second Surveys

We just wanted to let you know that we're going to be sending out more surveys soon. We're starting with the lower tier rewards and working our way up. There's still a lot of information we have to collect so we ask you all to be patient with us while we get this done. We're committed to getting all of you the rewards you pledged for. It's just a bit of a process. We thank you all for you patience!

New Build

We've put together a new build with a tutorial that walks players through a number of basic mechanics. Up to this point we've only put it in the hands of a very few select backers (you know who you are). This is a direct step toward the playable alpha. It's taken a bit of time and effort, but the results have been worth it. We're getting closer and closer to getting you guys into the alpha. We hope that excites you, because it certainly excites us!

Tutorial Video

We don't want any of you guys feeling left out in the cold, but we can't really deal with tons of pre-alpha feedback either. So, although we can't let you all in at this stage we still want to show you something. To that end, we're planing to put together a video of the entire tutorial in it's current state soon. And by “soon” we mean we hope to have it ready by the end of next week.

Farmer's Market
Farmer's Market

The Planes

We're currently doing a lot of work on the planes of existence. We're planing to show you screenshots of each plane week after next. They are still under construction, but even at this point we feel they'll excite your imaginations.

Fall Weiss

Fall Weiss, a WW2 strategy game recently released by Wastelands Interactive is now on Steam Greenlight. Getting this game Greenlit will certainly help sales, which will help WI, which will help Worlds of Magic. So, we ask each of you to take a moment and vote “Yes” for Fall Weiss. You can find the Greenlight page here:

Fall Weiss Greenlight

That's it for this update guys, but there's a lot on the way. We just ask you to be patient with us. We're working away even if you can't see it. If you'd like to see more of it we invite you to join us on the Backer's Forum. We are constantly discussing mechanics, races, magic, etc, etc, etc. If you want to watch the “play by play” it's the place to be. You can get there with this link:

WoM Backer's Forum

As always we want to thank you. With your help we've made a lot happen!

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    1. Missing avatar

      C C Magnus Gustavsson
      on January 19, 2014


      For people who get to name things, maybe it would be good to supply an introduction to the world along with some guidelines? I imagine it would break suspension of disbelief quite a bit to have one hero named Dick "Cowboy" Johnson and another Tecazlaak.

      On one of the screendumps for the project there's a hero named "Bengt-Olof Rubensson". Is that an appropriate name? Should a character have both a first name and a family name?

      So the current races/factions are Dark Elves, Draconians, Dwarves, Grey Elves, High Men, Insectoids, Orcs and Unhallowed? What about professions? Still undecided? Are clerics and paladins appropriate professions considering that they are unit types?

    2. Troy_Costisick on January 18, 2014

      Everything looks great! Love those screen shots! ;)