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A collectible 3.75" action figure line based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft that look identical to their 1970's/80's retro counterparts
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Eddy & Eldor: the Perfect Combination

Posted by Warpo (Creator)

Good evening WARPERS,

We at WARPO are massive fans of Masters of the Universe. The designers took the best elements from sword and sorcery and combined them with science fiction and technology. Then they mixed-in elements from previous toy lines like design elements and action features from Big Jim (like Skeletor, Trap Jaw, and Man-E-Faces) and even cleverly disguised existing parts from previous toy lines (like Tarzan's panther as a base for Battle Cat) to make an insane action-packed cocktail no boy could resist. So when we went to visit Eddy at his studio to review our sculpts for Legends of Cthulhu, we asked him to show us a bit of MOTU history, one in particular that was never released...Eldor.

Eldor was supposed to be a wise old wizard type character but was a casualty of the line winding down in the late 80's. Previously, we had only seen the 1987 Mattel catalog photo of Eldor but since Eddy sculpted the prototype used for the photo in that catalog, he still had a copy. Eddy went into his stash of treasures and emerged with the figure. Finally, we could see the true details of his belt buckle which had a very serpent's-mouth-like design. But even more strangely, we finally got to see the head sculpt without the hood and saw that he wore a kind of wizard's-cap similar to Merlin's from the classic 80's sword and sorcery flick, Excalibur.

Since the time we saw the prototype in person, pics have leaked of Mattel's upcoming MOTUC Eldor and they are following suit on the wizard's cap but unfortunately, they changed the serpentine belt buckle to the ram stone. They also reinterpreted a lot of the details of the vintage design that we really felt could have stuck closer to Eddy's sculpt. But now, we'll let you be the judge when you check out this full body pic and brief head sculpt video of Eldor. He would have been a very welcome addition to our childhood pantheon of Eternian heroes.

A big WARPO thanks to Eddy for indulging our geekiness and we hope you dig it too, WARPERS!




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    1. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Rohrich on

      As soon as I read about Warpo and your love for the toys of the 70's & 80's, I was hoping MOTU would be one of them. It is still my favorite toyline of all time. It blended together everything I loved as a kid and still do to this day; sword & sorcery, sci-fi, monsters, and superheroes. Knowing that LOC has one of the people who worked on the original MOTU involved makes me love it even more!

    2. Jon Wesley Huff on

      Love the Eldor proto. I held it (briefly) at PowerCon. I really like what the 4H did with the MOTUC version in a lot of ways... but yeah, some of the detail changes were just perplexing. Like the belt! I could have done without another ramstone reference. But it's cool to see little pieces of history like this, for sure.

    3. Joe Rapoza on

      I was hoping the next update would have been the jumbo figure reveal but I guess we'll have to wait a bit longer for that. ;-)

      And whoa! This sculpt is very cool. I was never a huge fan of MOTU (please don't hate me) but it's funny you mentioned the movie Excalibur because I almost originally pledged at the $130 "The Inventor Level" which includes a 30-minute Skype call with the Warpo team and one of my topics was going to be that your next "series" of action figures be based on characters from the movie Excalibur! Boo-wee-oooh. Scary.

      And, that Merlin cap sculpt looks dead-on like Merlin's from Excalibur, as well as the face. Coincidence? Maybe.

      Thanks for keeping us all entertained Warpo team!