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A collectible 3.75" action figure line based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft that look identical to their 1970's/80's retro counterparts
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Update #2 - The Cultist's Tools of Summoning!

Posted by Warpo (Creator)

Thank you, WARPERS! 

We had a great 36 hours for the Legends of Cthulhu Kickstarter reaching 75% of our initial goal. As a special "Thank You" from Bryan, Tommy, and Eric, we wanted to post a first look at the prototype accessories for The Cultist! 

These are resin prototypes fresh from Eddy's workbench which is why they are white in color. The final pieces will feature injection-molded color and possibly one deco (paint) hit.

1) The Staff: Eddy did a fantastic job of giving this piece an organic feeling with the twisted wood that mirrors the twisted mind of The Cultist. While we asked him to keep it relatively flat to be true to the accessories of the era, he somehow managed to sculpt a remarkable relief of Cthulhu into the head of the staff.

2) The Dagger: Our wicked human disciple of Cthulhu required a wicked weapon. This dagger is designed to make short-work of nosy investigators while at the same time being the perfect tool for the ceremonial sacrifices Ted Biaselli suggested on the comments page.

3) The Mask: Our Cultist keeps his face looking pale and clammy while hiding his identity with the help of his fabulous ceremonial mask!

Since most of the cultists in Lovecraft's stories seem pretty low-rent, we wanted the mask to look like it was cobbled together from pieces that he may have found in a junkyard: old aviator goggles for the eye coverings and tentacles made from...well we're not sure what they're made from but Eddy sure made them look gross, didn't he? ;-)

We hope you enjoyed getting this behind the scenes look at what's to come. Thanks again for believing in us and spread the word so we can reach all of our stretch goals, we can't wait to show you what we've got planned!!! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.



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    1. Jon Wesley Huff on

      Eddy did! I met him at PowerCon a while back and he was great to talk to... and to see those amazing prototypes! Happy to hear you guys are talking about extra figures and army builder packs. :)

    2. Warpo 2-time creator on

      Warpo totally hear's you guys about purchasing extra figures or "army builder" packs... We've been gathering requests from the community to determine demand and sorting out the details on how to address it properly on the rewards. So glad for all your support, didn't Eddy totally rock the Cultist!

    3. Mindless-Focus on

      You'll also need one of the little Cthulhu's to put on a plinth in front of them.

    4. Corey A. Edwards on

      This is awesome! Agree with Jon - I think I need two cultist now.

    5. Jon Wesley Huff on

      Whoa! The mask is killer! I think I need 2 extra Cultists at some point. It'd be cool to have the leader with the staff and two minions with masks and daggers on either side of him.