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A re-imagining of the Fighting Fantasy adventures as a rich new digital tabletop RPG with miniatures and multiple character paths.
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Introducing Balrum Axecleaver!

Posted by Tin Man Games (Creator)

Here at Tin Man Towers, we've been quite keen to show off one of our new digital miniatures for The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, but the question has been, which one to choose?

After much debate we have finally chosen one of the many adventurers that will making their way through Zagor's domain. So here, in all his painted glory, is Balrum Axecleaver!

Balrum hails from Stonebridge and is well renowned throughout the Moonstone Hills and lands to the north of Darkwood Forest. Fighting Fantasy fans and players of our classic FF digital gamebook, Caverns of the Snow Witch, may very well recognise the family name! Balrum is the cousin of famed adventurer, Stubb Axecleaver, and one of King Gillibran's loyal guards. Why is he wandering into Firetop Mountain? Well, you'll find out later this year!

If you backed the Kickstarter at ORC GUARD or higher, you'll get Balrum Axecleaver as one of the three new digital miniatures. For non-backers, Balrum will be available as paid DLC on launch.

Remember to come and join us on our TMG Facebook Page and keep an eye out for our upcoming character naming poll!

The Tin Man Games team


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    1. Jason Roy on

      Looks great - Excellent work!! I'm think I backed on ORC level, if not, well... I have no problem paying for him and his axes! :)

    2. Vryl

      Dual wielding swords is for weaklings! Though I think the fact he's swinging two of those things around might impact Colin's comment about disproportionate.

    3. Colin Deady on

      Balrum looks interesting. The plackart over mail is realistic and it's VERY GOOD to see the axe isn't too disproportionate, unlike most other fantasy computer games where the character's main weapon is often longer than a giraffe's neck yet still wielded in one hand. The only issue I have is that his upper armour would not work in practice as it will prevent Balrum from lifting his arm above his head. This is because the vambrace will push under the upper cannon, which stops too high, resulting in the upper cannon pushing up into the neck and head, or not moving due to being strapped in place. Better, would be to stop the upper cannon a little lower down the body and add a simple spaulder. Look at the second photo on this page from my re-enactment group for exactly this armour in practice:

    4. Steve Britton on

      Really excellent! I would love to get a physical miniature of this to paint. Looking forward to playing him in-game.