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A re-imagining of the Fighting Fantasy adventures as a rich new digital tabletop RPG with miniatures and multiple character paths.
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Digital Gamebooks, Art Commissions and Firetop Scale!

Posted by Tin Man Games (Creator)

Hello backers and adventurers-to-be!

Digital Gamebooks on PC/Mac/Linux

By now, assuming you responded to our recent survey, you will have received your PC/Mac/Linux versions of either Caverns of the Snow Witch, Appointment with FEAR, The Forest of Doom or Starship Traveller. If you were a backer of the PIRANHA tier or higher, you will have received all four.

As a bonus, because we distribute our games through Humble, you may have noticed that there was also an Android version included. This is an extra, outside of what we originally offered in Kickstarter. So, if you use an Android smart phone or tablet, you have succeeded in your LUCK roll!

(NOTE: There are no bonus versions for iOS users. Apple don't distribute through Humble sadly)

House of Hell BONUS!

In just a few days we'll be releasing Steve Jackson's House of Hell on to Steam! As you may remember, this means that backers of the ROCK GRUB tier and higher will also receive this game too. If that was you, keep an eye on your inbox over the next few days.

Art Commissions

We're really excited to be working with Russ Nicholson and looking forward to see his initial concept sketches. We can reveal that one of the images will include Sindla, Titan’s Goddess of Luck, and a brand new monster that has made Firetop Mountain its home since the dwarves left. This latter creature was once bound by the dwarves to work the forges, so it may be a little bit angry!

We've also commissioned some new digital miniatures, one of our stretch goals, which include Haldar Eriksson, Ophelia Lapwing and Vignor Firestorm. Fighting Fantasy fans will recognise these heroes as the pre-generated player characters that accompanied the Wizard series 2 edition of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain paperback. These miniatures will be available to backers of the ORC GUARD tier and above.

The Scale of Firetop Mountain

It's been a while since we released any images of Firetop Mountain itself so we thought we would highlight just how big a scale we are looking to implement for the interiors. Below is a shot looking from the "Dwarven Halls" across the river to the "Domain of the Dead". Notice how small the digital miniature is!

While the fixed camera in the final game may not show the full extent of the scale shown in this screenshot, it does mean we have a lot of space and scale to play with. Here is another shot with the camera set a lot closer to the figurine, which also gives you some detail of the "Domain of the Dead" entrance too.

See the water caustics on the wall? Those are fully animated too to give that cave-like, underground water-system ambiance!

(NOTE: These are obviously work-in-progress screens and show unfinished graphics. The final art may differ from what is shown here.)

And Finally...

We are introducing a major new character into Firetop Mountain who will be integral to the way new playable characters will be introduced into the world. Ian and Steve have granted us permission to include her and it's safe to say that she'll be shaking things up a little in Allansia! But we need help from YOU. At some point in the next week we'll be running a poll on our Tin Man Games facebook page as to what to name her. Come and join us on our TMG page and keep an eye out for the poll.

May Gerath Yaztromo not turn you into a frog!

The Tin Man Games team

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    1. Tin Man Games Creator on

      @Tanzi We'll look into this today for you!

    2. Tanzi Spencer on

      Hi, I can't find an email for the codes for the game books, what was the email address they would have come from? could they be re sent? sorry for late comment, children total made them slip my mind!

    3. Tin Man Games Creator on

      @ Russel and sidefield I'll be resending codes again for our first four FF titles later today!
      @Tue That's because we haven't sent the codes for House of Hell yet!

    4. Tue

      Same here, no mail regarding the key for House of Hell.

    5. Russell Ventimeglia

      I'll have to send a KS email tomorrow, once I can access my computer.

    6. sidefield

      @TMG. I checked, no email. I sent you a KS email message in that regards. Thanks.

      @John, Thomas, Martin. Thanks for the posts! Cheers.
      @Russell. It seems like our boat is getting a little full...

    7. Russell Ventimeglia

      I'm in the same boat as Side... no email. I pledged at Orc Guard level.I've checked my spam folder and nothing there either :(

    8. Tin Man Games Creator on

      Hi! Let us know if you've done the search in your spam folder or for the email from Humble and still can't find the keys!

    9. Missing avatar

      Martin Gallo

      Search your email for "Humble Bundle" as it seems to be the easiest way to find the emails with the download links. They were sent way back in late December!

    10. Missing avatar

      Thomas Benn on

      I would like to second that question, sidefield.
      There was update #11 which explained the classic games would go out asap after the survey. Then there was #12, which had nothing about the games, and #13 now, which says the games should have been sent already.
      I backed at Orc Guard level, and frankly, I don't remember whether I was supposed to get them or not. So, apologies, if I'm simply not eligible.

    11. John McMillen

      Supposedly the emails were sent out several weeks ago, from Humble Bundle. The problem is that the update that mentioned this talked about a number of other things and the notice was just a couple of lines further down the update. So it's possible you did get it, but may have deleted it if you weren't looking for something from Humble Bundle. I know I've already messaged them about not having the email and hope to hear back soon.

    12. sidefield

      I'm a little confused, "By now, assuming you responded to our recent survey, you will have received your PC/Mac/Linux versions of either Caverns of the Snow Witch, Appointment with FEAR, The Forest of Doom or Starship Traveller...."

      I have not received any of the above - i.e. email, etc.. Does this apply to the Early Bird Dwarf Hero level?