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New adventures for use with The Fantasy Trip roleplaying game, offered in both print and PDF!
New adventures for use with The Fantasy Trip roleplaying game, offered in both print and PDF!
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    1. Mark Morgan on

      Alright, I finally caught up on some personal stuff and can look at this.
      So, TFT Adventures does not have any FGG material included? If that is the case, I'm not looking for a refund, but as long as there is an association with FGG, I can not support future endevours.

    2. Tollenkar (TFT Backer 203) on

      Okay; thanks for the information. There's plenty in the Legacy Edition to keep us going for a long long time, in the meantime.

    3. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Tollenkar - "Is Adventures still shipping this month? The days left in April are becoming fewer and I'm anxious."

      The physical book is not expected until August. We'll post when the book is on the boat and headed toward the fulfillment warehouse.

    4. Tollenkar (TFT Backer 203) on

      Is Adventures still shipping this month? The days left in April are becoming fewer and I'm anxious.

    5. Longspeak on


    6. David on

      Thanks for letting us know how to get a refund.

      It’s unfortunate you are going ahead with this business relationship. Bill Webb has made no indication of changing his behaviour so The Fantasy Trip isn’t much good to me any more. As long as the google trail leads back to him and his unrepentant abusive behaviour I can’t use the game in a public venue.

      I understand what you are saying about FGG being a group of people, but that same group of people investigated the “incident” at PaizoCon found it to be true and then did nothing. When they, and by association you, accept that abusive behaviour it is clear the safety of all gamers at cons is not a priority.

      I am sad you see it the way you do but it is what it is.


    7. Steve Jackson Games Collaborator on

      David, Chris, Aaron - I have read in its entirety the 2017 EN thread that Chris pointed to, and I do understand that a number of posters there are incensed at Bill Webb. To me, that does not justify SJ Games boycotting a whole company. Some very good things are coming out of our work with Frog God – three different projects are underway, and I don’t expect them to be the last. If that makes you wish you had not supported our Adventures campaign, we’ll work with you to refund your pledge, minus the fees already charged by Kickstarter, Stripe, and BackerKit. Those requests should go to –SJ

    8. Steve Jackson Games Collaborator on

      Now this has descended to name-calling. Please don't do that (and please, everyone, don't reply in the same vein). -SJ

    9. Kelroy Was Here

      Look out Steve Jackson Games, the SJWs have their long knives out! It's only a matter of time before they discover something you said in 1972 before you started designing games that they disagree with, and then they'll all be like, "Waaahhh, Steve Jackson said something mean before I was born and now I can't play any of his games ever again and I've wasted all my money buying games I thought I liked. Now we must band together and force him out of business, destroy his reputation and burn every game he ever made. Witness my virtue signaling! Because why would we forgive someone for a mistake they made, when we've never made any mistakes of that kind? Surely vengeance is better than grace and forgiveness. So onwards Social Justice Warriors, and destroy everything with which we disagree!"

    10. Steve Jackson Games Collaborator on

      I have read Chris' report on EN and followed links. Phil's going to review it too. -SJ

    11. David on

      Thanks for commenting, Steve!

      When Bill Webb was announced as a guest of honour at Gary Con there was a bad reaction due to concerns over his past behaviour. There was a call for a boycott of the Con and if I recall correctly Bill Webb withdrew as a GoH. Link to boycott news here:

      The EN World article Chris posted gives a good overview of the situation but if you google "Bill Webb PaizoCon" you will find quite a bit more, such as two twitter threads accusing him of assaulting a Paizo staffer who intervened in the sexual harrassment mentioned in the EN World post. links here:… and…

      Look, if you want to attach The Fantasy Trip to this guy that is your call, but it throws me off because I was planning on using The Fantasy Trip to play in public places like local tabletop gaming clubs. It's a great product for getting more people to take the plunge into RPGs. If you attach it to FGG I can't do that anymore and I just wasted a lot of money backing a game I can no longer use.

    12. Chris Helton on

      Steve, not knowing what happened is an easy enough of a fix.…

    13. Steve Jackson Games Collaborator on

      Aaron – I am sorry to have disappointed you by not responding quickly, but I don’t yet know what this is about, and the only reason I’m posting now is to assure you that I’m reading the comments. I have seen at least four posts alluding to Bill Webb’s “reputation,” but none of them even gave enough specifics to understand, let alone check out. I immediately reached back to one of the posters who I know of old, and he has promised to get me more information.
      The one comment that gave specifics is, in my personal knowledge, incorrect. It said that I should have known about this (whatever THIS is) because Bill was “removed” from Gary Con when I was there. I have been at exactly one Gary Con (the last one), and I saw Bill there on the last day. Perhaps that poster was confusing him with Frank Mentzer; I was told at the con that Frank was a featured guest but was dis-invited at the last minute. And please don’t ask me what THAT was about, because I don’t know (and I don’t even know if it’s true). I burned out on GAMA and convention politics about 20 years ago, and now I ignore web fights and try to get along with everybody who doesn’t actually pour a drink on me. -SJ

    14. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      Add my voice to those disappointed by the agreement with Frog God Games. But even more disappointed by the lack of a reply/response to the concerns voiced. If SJG decides to go forward anyway then that is certainly your decision to make. But at least go on record saying that you’ve heard the concerns and decided to keep going anyway.

    15. Chris Helton on

      I am really disappointed by this news. Considering that Steve was also a guest at GaryCon when Bill Webb was removed, I would think that people would know better. This has chilled my desire to play this game, and I won't be spending anymore money on TFT Kickstarters, or products, as long as Frog God Games is in anyway involved with the game.

      I had said to people that one of the reasons that I had backed and vocally supported TFT coming back was because it was a game from my past that was untainted by the crap going on in the OSR. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case.

    16. Clyde Lee Graham

      I'm in the same boat, and it's frustrating. I have an entire shelf of Frog God product, but have not backed their current Kickstarter because I just can't put any more money in Bill's pocket considering his actions and reputation.

      If they're doing all of the work and the publishing, that's on them rather than you guys... but I'd recommend keeping them at arm's length.

    17. Longspeak on

      I agree with David. Can't support Frog God.

    18. Jeff Vandine

      This is fantastic news! I love the Lost Lands setting (and it could be on Cidri, you know), and have almost everything they've ever done for it. This is the best news (assuming it isn't an April Fools joke) that I've heard since...well...since TFT came back to life!

    19. David on

      I’m disappointed to see SJG getting into bed with Frog God Games considering Bill Webb’s reputation.

    20. Steve Jackson Games Collaborator on

      ch\/\/olfgang - Suggest you contact Frog God directly - perhaps through the backer comments on the Lost Lands project - and see what they are looking for in the way of conversion help! -SJ

    21. Craig Janssen

      Ok, I knew there was a reason I was backing Lost Lands already ;)

    22. Joe Tippets

      Yeah, I was planning to do this myself as well so I'd love it if these guys would do the heavy lifting for me. ;)

    23. ch\/\/olfgang

      Also, if other people want to be involved what would be the best way to get in contact with whomever?

    24. ch\/\/olfgang

      I hope this is true, because it would be a dream come true for me. In fact, I am planing on using TFT for my Lost Lands games already...

    25. Joe Tippets

      This better not be an April Fool's thing!