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A collection of new monsters for use with the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, Powered by GURPS!
A collection of new monsters for use with the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, Powered by GURPS!
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Less than $300 to more monsters!

Posted by Philip Reed (Collaborator)

Tomorrow, the Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2 campaign comes to a close and our team sits down to complete final work on the project. As of this moment, we're less than $48,000 from adding more pages -- more monsters!!! -- to the book. How do we unlock that stretch goal? Tell all of your friends about the campaign and encourage them to support the project!

The Citadel at Norðvorn Update

Our sister project for the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, The Citadel at Norðvorn, is also nearing a stretch goal to add more pages to that book. If you've not yet joined the campaign, you will be happy to know that the PDF edition is only $14 and is set for a May release; support the project today!

Next GURPS Kickstarter Campaign?

We have our own ideas for what to tackle next, but we always want to hear from you and find out what you want to see for GURPS. Assuming a printed book of 48 pages or so in size, with room for expansion if stretch goals are met, what would you most like to see the team produce next for a GURPS Kickstarter campaign? No promises that your suggestion will be next, but we can only consider your ideas if we know what you most want to see. Leave a comment, below, and let us know your wish!

- Phil Reed

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    1. Missing avatar

      Joseph Lockett

      To go low, a printed version of *Caverntown*?

      To go higher, perhaps an anthology volume, *Worlds of Dungeons* (since *Dungeon World* is somebody else’s term)? Several writers would offer their own short descriptions of a DFRPG setting, with different explanations for why dungeons exist there: ancient giantish ruins, *Earthdawn*-like magical bunkers, formerly submerged cityscapes, etc. Stretch goals would allow more worlds. And connect them all together with a reference to Collegio Januarii, Portal Realms, or Felltower-style gateways.

    2. Gwythaint on

      I agree with several of these ideas: 4eVehicles, npc templates, and bringing DF 10,15 and 17 into DFRPG.

    3. LokRobster on

      Hmm ok maybe not a 48 page printed book... ok i failed my “read & understand the question roll”.
      But... 48 page “Add Horses” book sounds good.

    4. LokRobster on

      NextUp (my wish):
      Full GURPS Worldbook: Autoduel SixEEEEEE
      A campaign book devoted to a new AutoDuel America background. RP opportunities and ideas for jumping the vehiclular combat to CarWars6e; then swapping to GURPS when you head to town.
      Crazy, i know, (i can imagine the chagrin felt at throwing the 6e dev team that thought) but I’d love to see it.

    5. Veiltender on

      Like others have said, I'd love something in the modern, conspiracy, cinematic action that GURPS does so well. Get Ken Hite to write it, and I'll buy two. My favorite part of GURPS is how easy it ties to the real world. Something from Monster Hunters or Action, a little bit of Illuminati, Cabal, and Black Ops and it'll be great. I also think a series of well-developed timelines for Infinite Earths would make a compelling Kickstarter project.

    6. Kyle Norton on

      If what you're looking to do is support DFRPG, I'd consider a higher level handbook of some sort. Those of us who've been playing DFRPG regularly have characters who are getting... long in the tooth... now who could use some new challenges and things to spend points on.

    7. Missing avatar

      Gerard on

      I personally like the ideas of a "Town and Country" expansion of the DFRPG that Jeffrey L. Hammans, Matt Riggsby, and others have already suggested.

      But Gurps is indeed good at contemporary and near-future action, including gunplay. Since the Action line of pdfs is already well developed – and its fans have been patiently supporting the DFRPG for years now – perhaps something along those lines?

      Elements of After the End and Monster Hunters could be added to support more-or-less contemporary post-apocalyptic and world-saving campaigns alongside Action's black ops. Many of the guns, equipment, advantages, skills, and monsters would be the same for all three genres.

    8. Missing avatar

      Euan Hastie on

      I'll throw out one more idea,
      Low or gritty fantasy, possibly it's own thing or possibly tied into DFRPG somehow. I have very fond memories of playing and running GURPS 3rd edition in that kind of game.

    9. Daniel Dover on

      Something not DFRPG. I suggest this for a few reasons. One, a lot of us aren't here just for DFRPG, but for GURPS: GURPS Action, GURPS Monster Hunters, GURPS Cabal, and so many sci-fi ideas. Second, so far you've tested the waters for DF, but we don't know what support looks like for other genres. Run, say, an Action kickstarter, and if it succeeds or fails, we know what the community's support levels for non-DF games are.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark Baddeley on

      A classic fantasy setting for DFRG, or another alt-fantasy setting that's not viking themed (as that already exists).

      Or a large dungeon or group of linked dungeons (like the ones listed for Caverntown) that could work as a mini-campaign.

    11. unachimba on

      Or a book of PCs/NPCs.

    12. unachimba on

      How about:

      an updated GCA specific to DFRPG;


      A series of physical things for DFRPG, summary sheets, tokens, status cards (stunned -4, fatigued, luck use, and so on), maps, cardboard heroes, an updated more useful GM screen, an index, monster minis, hex bases for unusual and larger sized monsters; or

      An epic mega dungeon.

    13. Antonio Morena Bañuelos on

      Pléase make GURPS 4th Edition Vehicles happen.

    14. Missing avatar

      Rory Fansler on

      I would like to see an exciting setting, ideally one that is suited for Monster Hunters and Action so maybe GURPS Cabal and GURPS Voodoo mixed with GURPS Cyberpunk and Maybe Illuminati or Warehouse 13. Stretch goals or add-ons could include stuff from Action and MH and maybe a new adventure. This expands the audience reach by showcasing a different genre than has been the focus of earlier kickstarters. A lot of supporting material already exists, so thats similar to the DFRPG kickstarter but lower risk without a boxed set.

    15. Missing avatar

      Euan Hastie on

      As to what I want to see for the GURPS kickstarter, hmmm that's a tricky one.
      The 48 page size makes me think setting or adventure. But the town and country idea mentioned below sounds interesting too.
      Personally I would like a hodge podge mess of setting, rules and inspirational content, but that's a rather vague request and may just suit my personal tastes.

      The action rules and gunplay would be great to have as a streamlined "GURPS medium" ready to play book. Then afterwards have successive projects to cover the sub types, sci-fi bug hunts, monster hunting, AtE etc etc etc

    16. Missing avatar

      Colarmel on

      Action slipcase would be AWESOME.

      I love GURPS gunplay. So anything gunplay adjacent I'm here for.

    17. Christopher R. Rice on

      I could get behind a slipcase

    18. Douglas H. Cole on

      Concur on the slipcase books.

    19. Kyle Norton on

      I'd love more DFRPG Support, or an Action box. If you did the Action box though, I'd like to see just a slipcase box of books instead of the whole giant box set. I'd also be interested in seeing a Monster Hunter box set (or a monster hunter expansion to an action box).

    20. Missing avatar

      Michael Gallagher on

      Maybe an Illuminati University update for the modern day.

    21. Douglas H. Cole on

      If I were doing a GURPS composite set, I'd probably hit up modern action or something that features fairly serious play with firearms. Granted, "Gaming Ballistic" so biased, but GURPS handles gunplay so very well. I know how I would personally wish to go about it, but I'd love to see some sort of Special Ops treatment; if one wanted to avoid the real world, hitting up "special ops in space" a la Aliens or Starship Troopers or Ghost Brigades would be sweet. Tone it down a bit in power level, but Monster Hunters IN SPAAAACE would show off a lot of GURPS' strengths outside of fantasy.

      Heck: A pirate-themed set. Pirates and Privateers. Ooo. Marque and Reprisal: Powered by GURPS.

    22. Christopher R. Rice on

      I'd like to see a treatment of Cyberpunk or Supers using the Action framework similiar to what was done with Action 3

    23. Stephen

      Vehicles this has been needed to be revised for so long

    24. Douglas H. Cole on

      Hall of Judgment has wilderness travel and horses. And weather. :-)

    25. Missing avatar

      Michael Gallagher on

      For the next GURPS thing, something in a Cliffhangers or Atomic Horror vein could be nice.

    26. Che Webster

      The barrier to playing GURPS for me has always been stats for monsters. DFRPG now has monsters and more monsters. But, of course, I like the generic in GURPS and DFRPG is just one take on fantasy. I can’t help but wonder if it’s possible to build NPCs, monsters, and alien stuff using some kind of template process. Easy stat builders. Something that gives me the easy stats that other games have but also GURPS’ flexibility tailored to the newbie GM.

    27. Missing avatar

      Matt Riggsby

      I like Jeffrey L. Hammans's idea about something incorporating some of the not-quite-dungeoneering rules from elsewhere. In particular, I'd like to see more support for wilderness-related rules (the DFRPG has no horses!) and may be a little more for trade, social encounters like DF17's getting non-monetary support from a sponsor, and and the like. Call it "Town and Country."

    28. Douglas H. Cole on

      @Joe Walsh - for what it's worth, there's going to be maybe a page of rules in the Citadel at Nordvorn that mimic those in Dragon Heresy to cover the Nordic practice of Flyting - basically Viking Rap Battles in skaldic verse. There will also be some guidance for how to use reaction rolls to get face-time with nobility, as that sort of thing is important for the issues that can come up in the setting.

    29. Michael W. Mattei on

      A "Munchkin" mod for Dungeon Fantasy probably would have the most crossover appeal.

    30. George Anderson

      So, even though GURPS plays 10000% better then most of those other games I find myself reaching for them because a lot of the building blocks are done. Sadly.

    31. George Anderson

      A tiny bit more elaboration: I will on many occasions use the Mythic GM emulator to help me improv my many of my games. I.e. I set the stage then let the players make the story using Mythic as my plot engine. In some cases something comes up that is not already on my “list” (or I need to prepare a list at the last moment). In most cases it is sufficient to just role play the NPC and move on. But from time to time I need a stat for the NPC or some dread being I didn’t plan for . That’s when I need to reach for a monster manual or book of people. Gee, I need a teenage waitress, oh here we go - teenager unskilled. Then I move on. GURPS is a great game but sometimes we don’t have the experience with the nuances to create on the fly or the time (or foresight) to get everything created in advance.

    32. John Morrison on

      I would like to see more Monster Hunters

      I would like to see DFRPG Wuxia!

    33. Joe Walsh on

      My nominees are: 1) GURPS Chases, with an exciting mechanic for handling chases in any mode of transportation, preferably inspired by the risk/reward mechanic in Victory Games' classic James Bond 007 game. 2) GURPS Social Combat, with a mechanic as usable and enjoyable as the one in Fantasy Dungeon Grappling, but for social conflict.

    34. Michael Welker on

      I definitely agree that an NPCs reference would be most welcomed (example: one of my favorite parts of Traveller is the Patrons book; my favorite section of Castle Falkenstein is the several pages of stat blocks for persona; in any adventure I read, all I reference are the NPCs and critters, because, well, PLOT is too squishy with player agency!).

    35. Jeffrey L. Hammans on

      The project I would love to see would be specifically for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy.
      I would like to see DF16 Wilderness, DF10 Taverns, DF17 Guilds and DF15 Henchmen get rolled into the full color treatment goodness that is the boxed set. Consider it the "DFRPG Outdoor Expansion" . But 48 pages is a limitation and much material would need to be cut.

    36. Royce Day on

      I'd like a bound and expanded version of After the End.

    37. George Anderson

      As a GURPS GM on of the things that always nails me is NPCs. Sometimes I just need to reach and grab a statted NOC that I wasn’t expecting to need. I would love to see a book in the “folk” vein for basic everyday people for various genres. I would not mind if they were “building blocks “ (for example a generic merchant rather than tailor but rated for say inexperienced up through very well seasoned). The idea being I suddenly need a cop or a haggling contest vs. a street vendor etc. I know, there are many guidelines out there but sometimes folks just want to grab something and not have to building block on the fly - esp. folks just starting with GURPS that don’t have the characters books memorized to realize how to mix and match the various talents, techniques, skills and advantages together from memory.

    38. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Peter Erwin - ""we're less than $48,000 from adding more pages" -- that typo is, if anything, going to unintentionally discourage people..."

      It's technically true, even if it is misleading. Unfortunately, we cannot edit the update to fix the mistake. Thanks for the assist here.

    39. Missing avatar

      Peter Erwin on

      "we're less than $48,000 from adding more pages" -- that typo is, if anything, going to unintentionally discourage people...

    40. Dan 'Grimmund' Long

      Less than $300 from the $48,000 stretch goal...