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By Andreas Wallström
SEK 409,779 pledged of SEK 630,000 goal

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    1. Weblaus on

      I've stumbled about this more by chance, seems like nobody else noticed it either. That said, after reading this sort of explanation... I'm sorry, but I feel like it would have been better if there hadn't been an explanation after all.

    2. Andreas Wallström Creator on

      Hello there everyone,

      Please excuse my delayed reply. I ran out of energy. I’d like to shortly address a few things:

      The community drama I mentioned in my cancellation post has been going on for a few years. The stuff that happened around this Kickstarter was merely the tipping point. A passion project like this has to be fun for me, and as that went out the window, I had to do something else.

      Rob Hubbard gifted the music scripts to me. Period. The first time I heard about the scripts being on a ”long time loan” was from C64Audio’s Chris Abbott in an email on April 19, 2017. I’m quoting Chris: ”To be absolutely clear, Rob definitely regards the notes as having been on a 'long loan' to you.” That didn’t rhyme with anything Rob and I had talked about when discussing the scripts, and that was confirmed when I asked Rob about it, also on April 19th: ”The original scripts should remain in tact as a collection for your memorabilia or c64 museum - that's what we agreed.” There’s more to say on the subject and the people involved, but I'm not sure I want to waste more time or energy on it.

      A few people thought I had set a high campaign target and questioned why. To do a book like this in my free time would take too long and I certainly didn’t want to have the backers wait forever to get it. More importantly, I have a family and I want to spend my free time watching my son grow up. I was going to spend nine months with minimum wage from the campaign funds and also spend nine months working on the book full-time without any income what so ever. Sales after the campaign would hopefully cover some of that, so things would be hunky dory in the end.

      Postal costs in Sweden with a courier are very high. I asked for a quote from four couriers and did my very best to get the price down. I guess I was too much a small player in their eyes and were probably given standard rates with standard discounts for bulk. Posting without a courier was never an option as the risk of not being reimbursed for lost or damaged books would have been too high.

      So, I don’t agree the target was set too high, not for the kind of book I was doing. Content wise, it would be quite different from the other retro books you’ve seen.

      In any case, the book was canceled and life marches on. I’m very humbled by all the support you guys and gals have given me and I’m not forgetting that. You rock!

      Have a great summer.

    3. Bubba Hotep on

      I thought it was just in the US, were everything is criticized,and the fun is taken out of so many things. Seem like this "virus" has spread into Europe as well. This was to be a celebration of everything C64. I say if you want this book done donate to and show Andreas some love!

    4. Missing avatar

      John Ioannou

      @ Alex - also hoping for a re launch without the haters.
      They had so much to say - unfortunately their only input was of a negative constitution.

    5. Seppo Seppälä

      @ Alex
      Rob denied the use of the scripts for any crownfunding campaigns or for other means of earning money. He and Chris granted permission for Andreas to release them for free as pdf scans. There was things which should had been done before and during the campaign. Shame that this Kickstarter ended on this mess. Anyway, it was unlikely to reach the goal anyway even before the whole controversy started and Chris was just protecting Rob's legal rights.

    6. Alex Brem on

      I'm very, very sad this book got cancelled. I just read the long thread over at and it seems to me the legal problems have been resolved by Rob himself. So I'm gonna hope for a relaunch of this campaign!

    7. Weblaus on

      Certain someones have gone noticeably quiet ever since their smear compain got derailed by adults like Chris - what a surprise...

      Not that anyony would miss that person, I'm sure.

    8. Missing avatar

      shaun harvey on

      Seems there are people on here with hidden agenda's, i am saddened that this book has been cancelled. I've just read through most of the comments and it seems like some people never left school and grew up.
      Hopefully we can get all this 'ironed' out and start again, maybe banning certain users from backing the project?

    9. Fabrizio Pedrazzini

      Latest update from the Lemon64 forum that is giving the last word on Rob notes:

      "Posted: Wed Apr 26, 2017 6:33 pm

      OK, I have been in contact with Rob, since the situation had obviously changed from my last contact with him. He confirmed that he will now allow the notes to remain in Andreas' memorabilia collection.
      He said this, and I think it's important to quote him here:
      "I told him that he (or anyone else) can not use them for any KS or publishing or money making foo. End of."
      Given this turn of events, I can state that any remaining legal issues left over from the Kickstarter are now finished. I can also confirm that I will unconditionally grant Andreas any publishing rights he needs to reproduce the notes for the community as a free-to-download PDF or set of individual scans. In fact, I would encourage him, subject to Rob's blessing, to do exactly that.
      Many of the commenters like Steve are probably the same as me and Andreas: I think we regard Rob Hubbard and the other composers like father figures. And, like in all families, things get heated. As fans we often have a proprietorial view of figures in the retro scene, which can sometimes intrude a little on their personal life.
      So, as a fan, and because no one else was going to step onto the plate, I started the job of protecting them in 1997, and it's still ongoing.
      My primary interest throughout this has been to protect the interests of Rob and the guys. I take this very seriously indeed, and I like to think that it's appreciated by people who I have come to think of as friends, and whom I hope feel the same way about me.
      I have prevented the guys from being ripped off by record companies large and small, and have only recently given Rob thousands of pounds worth of equipment to start him composing and orchestrating again, paid for by the Symphony 64 Kickstarter. Orchestration is his first love, and I always wanted to give him the bubble where he would indulge this. I always wanted to give him an orchestra. This I'm working towards.
      This is the sort of thing that Kickstarter funds are supposed to achieve. Used wisely, they make the impossible possible, because like it or not, if you're going to make something happen, people will generally only prioritise it if money gives them an excuse. I also care what's good for the C64 community, and history.
      If it wasn't for my Back in Time Live events, on which I took a financial loss but a creative gain, a fair amount of scene history wouldn't have happened.
      A word about copyright: I know it's a dirty word to many. And, as administered by the record labels, it generally is used as a tool for financial gain or simply restricting creativity.
      I have never believed in acting like that. As anyone in HVSC will tell you, I have always strived to make things possible rather than impossible. CSDB remains unmolested by my publishing contracts. I'm a supporter of Slay Radio, SceneSat, Remix64 (co-owner, in fact).
      I have only ever used copyright as a weapon when I've been standing up to bigger companies with evil intent. I was an expert witness against Timbaland. I stood up to Zombie Nation to try and get David's tune returned. We failed both times, but I don't regret standing up for the guys.
      There are many other examples.
      There have been numerous times when a knowledge of copyright is the only way to make great things happen: like licencing a tune for a film, making a compilation possible, or allowing an orchestral concert to happen. I have even worked to _remove_ original SID entries from YouTube's ContentID system when companies were attempting to claim the original SID for themselves.
      I'm really bad at explaining what I do, and what I stand for. People who know me know that I prefer things quiet and creative, and that I'm terrible at blowing my own trumpet.
      But it seems to me that this is a teachable moment: we're all in the same scene, and we all have the interests of the same people at heart. If we approach things from the point of view of their wellbeing and happiness, then while mistakes will happen, we can't go wrong.
      Thanks for reading.
      The home of the SID stars..."

      Let's hope this last word will help Andreas rethink of this project and have it rebooted...

    10. Missing avatar

      John Ioannou

      @ Sternhammer - well said - very regrettable

    11. Missing avatar

      Sternhammer on

      Firstly, I'm extremely disappointed and the more I've thought about it over the past few days very annoyed, that this project has been cancelled. As a bloke in his late 40's who's loved the gaming scene back then and has stayed engaged with it ever since, I'm genuinely gutted on a level that this has saddened me for days.

      Secondly it's a sad and frankly pathetic triumph for haters (from within our own scene for gods sake) and the bloody lowest of the low - copyright lawyers. It was back in the 80's/very early 90's when this was most peoples idea of fun, so as 99.9999 percent of people today couldn't give a monkeys about some old fossils then why the hell would anyone be so churlish as to raise copyright issues ? Surely the very fact that someone (anyone) still cares enough to even mention their largely forgotten triumphs would be a source of huge pride to them. This would have enshrined their legacy....Idiots.

      The scene hasn't so much shot itself in the foot here as sawed of both its own legs. Which is frankly unforgivable and will only serve to annoy or disappoint what was already a very small group of enthusiasts. I have always tried to carry on the love of the C64 to family (including taking them to many retro conventions etc) but frankly after this even I'm now questioning why.

      I hope Andreas can get through this as I have greatly appreciated his former devotion (and yes I can understand precisely why you have 'stepped back' from after this).

      However, if the project ever again becomes viable then I will be more than happy to it back again.

      A terrible day for all involved in the scene. Just terrible.

    12. Missing avatar

      Knightfault on

      Hi Andreas,

      it's so f**king sad that your campaign found a sudden end. Hope you're not too much involved in legal stuff and copyright issues now.

      Thanks for the idea. I deeply hope you can realize this project one day - without any hassle and drama-invoking people ;)

      Rest assured that enough fans are still hoping for this book to become real - and that I'm among them ;)

      With kind regards and deep respect

    13. Missing avatar

      Joachim Ljunggren on

      I have a couple of things that I am thinking of.

      1. A person writing and claiming he has the rights to someones work isn't enough. You have to have a legal binding signed document to back your claims up. We haven't seen anything that looks like such an agreement. It may exist but until shown, we can only speculate about the copyright. And if Rob and Andreas have their agreement then all is fine! So I don't understand why and how this discussion keeps going on and on with nothing to back it up.
      Please show that contract to end all this calamity. I think its up to Chris Abbott to show that it exist, not the way around as it is Chris that claims he has it.

      2. There is no obligation that Robs scripts HAS to be sent to anyone unless there is a contract claiming so. So again, it would be good for this discussion to clear this up.
      "The original scripts should remain in tact as a collection for your memorabilia or c64 museum" could mean Rob thought Andreas can have them at his home in his collection that he thinks is a C64 museum. That C64 museum could also mean that it should be at The Louvre. We don't know until we see that legal binding contract!

      3. There has been much feelings and what people think should have been done here. Maybe some things should have been done differently. But that is all subjective views. What is right with one person is looked at a different angle from another person. Unless that contract is shown, we can only speculate. And its speculation that has brought it all to this point.

      4. I think its sad, really sad that this Kickstarter was cancelled because there was some really good and unique stuff that was going into that book. Stories about Mr Z, Al, Caren, etc. Maybe that is stories we will never get to read. And its a loss. And it saddens me.
      I completely understand Andreas for cancelling this project after how the comments developed. I have met him several times and talked to him a lot during the 15+ years I have known him. He is a sensitive guy and I guess he didn't think it was worth the effort anymore. After all, this is a hobby and passion and we ONLY do this because it's fun. Why bring the drama, headaches and stess that is normally connected to usual work life into your hobby? Maybe it is naive to think a KS project will be plain sailing but not like this. With creativity you have to have that energy, that flow, that you can feel giving you the strenght to pull through all those endless hours. All the excitement that brings that little extra to the project. It is SO important. And as Robs scripts in my view is small thing that isn't yet even proved to be a legal problem turned into sour grapes I understand, I totally understand it was cancelled.

      5. I think it is a bit wierd that it was only Robs scripts that was questioned. The book was so much more, and nothing of this was ever questioned. Does Andreas has the rights to all the photos, arts, stories, etc. Nothing of this was ever mentioned. Why only Robs stuff? Why? No one here except Andreas, Rob and maybe Chris Abbott knows the deal. Yet it seems that it was this detail that stopped this book getting made. Without presenting one single piece of proof.

      6. 10.000 or 100.000 for a KS book? Its entierly up to the creator to set a price target that he/she thinks is right for the project. Some might think it's too much, some don't and you all have the right to voice your oppinion about it. I am thinking it maybe was a bit too much. But if you think it's too expensive just don't back the project and walk away. Don't rant.

      I am pretty neutral here concerning the copyright stuff. If there is a contract between Chris and Rob stating that Andreas can't do anything with Robs scripts. OK, then thats how it is. But right now we don't know.
      But then again. I think maybe this shouldn't ever been happening. Because we all do this for that hobby we think is fun. A passion. Why then even sink this low so it ends like this. For stuff done some 30+ years ago. Can't we just get along? No one is getting rich on anothers behalf. I really don't understand it.

    14. Missing avatar

      Thomas C on

      Guys, don't give Ultrasteve any more attention please. He has no clue about the beloved subculture most of us were part of as kids/Teens and yet he uses words like "...we as community".

    15. Seppo Seppälä

      These messages were posted to forum:

      "Posted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:38 pm"


      As his publisher and friend, Rob Hubbard has appointed me as his official representative on this matter.

      At the end of last week, I raised serious legal concerns with Andreas about his campaign and its material related to Rob.

      Good faith efforts to resolve these issues at no cost to the campaign were proposed to him, but a few days later he chose to cancel his campaign. Thus important issues remain unresolved.

      That is all I can say at the moment, except to ask that you stop attacking each other and wait for events to take their course.

      Chris Abbott"

      "Posted: Tue Apr 25, 2017 3:17 pm"

      Again, as Rob's official representative, there is one thing I can clarify on the record: the notes were loaned (not given) to Andreas 13 years ago.

      Now they need to be returned as a complete collection for proper preservation, some museum exhibitions, and to be available to academics and historians.

      Now Rob has an honorary doctorate, his position in a very specific niche of history has been suitably recognised, and there is now increased interest in restoring context to (and, to an extent, public awareness of) an overlooked but still notable period in electronic composition."

    16. Missing avatar

      John Ioannou

      Hopefully this can be re thought and put up again with a block on the spiteful ones who wanted to sabotage this project. I don't think they deserve either the attention or the final product.

    17. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    18. SuperRune on


      Yes, I genuinely believe you were the primary source of the community drama that Andreas mentioned as the second reason for cancelling. It would be great if you could provide a link to your blog, I would really like to read something positive and encouraging from you.

      The reason I called you a six-year old was based on the experience I had when my kids when they were six: they sometimes kept nagging for something they could not have, and would not listen to common sense. Andreas gave you a solid and consise answer on the 19th of April, and two days after you complained about a lack of communication. He might be busy, he might be unable to. Respect that. Not every kickstarter is the same. And your demand of evidence is just weird, do you ask that about everything you buy or are interested in? You seem to have some thing going on with these notes, and I think you need to step back a bit and realize that you appear a little obsessed. These aren't significant cultural artifacts, they are the special interest of a very small group of retro fans. Rob was very good, but there have been more significant music made in the 20th century! And if you want Rob to make money off them, let him and Andreas find a way of monetizing the notes instead of sharing them all online.

      The price might seem steep, but if you look at other high-end coffee-table books on Kickstarter, for example the ones from Darren Wall, it's pretty much in line with their budgets + the extra cost of living in Scandinavia. I've backed over 30 projects, and some have managed to pull in a lot of money by the end. Many people (me included) wait until Kickstarter sends the 48 hour notification, and steps in if the project isn't funded. Who knows, this kickstarter could have made it, and we could have looked forward to receiving an amazing and great-looking book on the Commodore 64.

    19. chris burton on


      Disappointed it wasn't successfully funded, the target was rather high (as was the shipping from Sweden).

      Hope it will be back for a second try, perhaps with a lower goal?

    20. Bubba Hotep on

      I hope this turns out to be a blessing in disguise. No one is more enthusiastic about C64 than Andreas. The KS fee was 7,000 USD if this campaign was successful. That is a lot of money. I am willing to back a private funding, if he chooses to do so. Andreas, if you are reading this I will even help distribute books in US. The C64 story needs to be told and only Andreas has the passion to do it right!

    21. Seppo Seppälä

      Super disappointing to see this Kickstarter beign canceled. I was left wondering about couple of things here:

      First, why the goal was so high? Many other C64 related Kickstarter books had been successfully funded and produced with much, much smaller goal in the past. With similar budget we would most likely have the book now.

      Second, why Andreas allowed the comments section to turn into battleground of backers and didn't just stepped in and give straight answers to simple questions (mostly regarding Rob Hubbard notes)? This could had been avoided pretty easily.

      And third, like beign said here already, lack of communication with backers, promised updates and extra perks didn't helped this campaign at all. I upped my pledge to "The Grand Pack" during the last days and asked for possibilty to also pledge for one extra Rove/Lund poster. Twice. No reply.

      For me it looked like the campaigner lacked enthusiasm towards his own campaign especially during the last days. What ever the "comminity drama" was, I guess we will never know as it can't be the Kickstarter comments alone.

      Just my two cents. Over and out.

    22. Missing avatar

      Daniel Näslund on

      That was sad. Was really looking forward to this book. Keep up the good work Andreas!

    23. Weblaus on

      I'd have quite a few things I'd like to ask Andreas why he did or didn't do things differently. Would the KS have failed anyway? Yeah, probably.

      But having no wish to be constantly pestered and doubted by genuinely unpleasent self-appointed crusaders is something I absolutely can understand.

      We're not supposed to judge you for your actions (after all, you only ever had the best intentions for everyone in mind), yet you constantly smear Zoltan for things he did 30 years ago and conveniently ignored everyone vouching for Andreas - go figure.

    24. ultrasteve on

      If anyone genuinely believes that this campaign got cancelled because of a few people asking questions (who are being name-called A-grade morons, idiots, six-year-olds, etc.) then I hate to think what else they'll believe, and they're a crowdfunders wet dream. Never mind the near-£55,000 target for a book(?!), or the lack of promised updates, pledge levels, and stretch goals. Andreas stood by and let backers trade blows, didn't respond to direct questions unless they were from people increasing their pledges, and absolutely, totally ignored very simple questions about something he was asking people to part with a lot of money for. There was nowhere near the marketing effort or exposure that we're used to seeing on projects like this, there were backer-only updates, for example, and by their own admission, many people have said they didn't even read the comments, so I'm not sure how anyone can give credence to the notion that this campaign failed because of them, or more bizarrely, me. You can add to that the fact that some of the most vocal have a background in cracking - an activity that has such absolute disrespect for intellectual property. The questions asked were not even that challenging to answer, but Andreas didn't want to, he canceled his KS instead. I don’t see any of you giving him a hard time for not persevering and doing all he could to repay your faith in him and get the book funded. Read back through the campaign text, and Andreas' own replies, and you'll see the holes in plain sight. As for hatred, maybe you should all read back your own replies. You’ve all delighted in singling me out, as if just I could break a whole Kickstarter. I’m being thrown under the bus, but how about looking to the person that actually cancelled it. Blame everyone else all you want, but ultimately, this is just another failed Kickstarter, and some of us saw fit to question Andreas’ commitment, and to look out for everyones money, the C64 world we love, and its creators.

    25. Missing avatar

      John Ioannou

      A sad day for true computer fans.
      Disgusting how this process was sabotaged with such hatred.

      Now we all have nothing.

    26. Johan Blom on

      Sad to hear it's canceled :(

    27. Andreas Millinger on

      I'm very sad to hear that this interesting project has been cancelled. Some people can be proud of themselves. So much for friendship and cooperation in the C64 scene.

      Andreas, I hope you'll be able to get over this and discover the fun of being in the scene again.

    28. Franck Sauer on

      Very sad about this cancellation. This project had some technical edges to it that made it stand out. Hope you'll start it again later. You'll have my full support.

    29. Missing avatar

      Peter Mattsson

      I'm sad to see this campaign cancelled. I was looking forward to reading about Andreas's perspective into the C64 scene.

    30. Weblaus on

      I think it's pretty obvious what (or more specifically, who) messed this up, even though I doubt the goal would have been reached in time even without the holy crusade going on. Hope you're happy now...

      And best of luck to Andreas: I may have been critical of how you handled some aspects of your campaign, but that particular thing surely isn't amongst it.

    31. Koen De Brabander on

      So sad to hear. No words for reading some of the comments... You have my support for next project(s)!

    32. Maurizio Pistelli on

      Sorry to hea that this campaign has been cancelled. This message to let you know that you have my support for next projects, especially for this book. Keep up the good work and don't let it go wasted!

    33. Missing avatar

      Andrew Stewart on

      a couple of A grade morons can stuff it up for everyone. Well done idiots.

    34. Missing avatar

      Christopher on

      Sorry to see this cancelled, I was really looking forward to reading the result. Anyway Andreas, thanks for trying! Your effort with this project has been appreciated.

    35. Missing avatar

      David Almer on

      I'm so sad to see this cancelled. I understand rumours went out of hand here. It's pretty amazing to see how one or two people seem to have spent all their free time to kill this project. I still hope for a second try here, though, and Andreas: you can count me in, as always. Just take my money.

    36. Johnnie Wallgren on

      Sad news, was really looking forward for this one. I wish you the best Andreas and hope for a comeback. I'll be waiting :)

    37. Frank Michlick on

      Sorry that this didn't work out Andreas. I for one appreciate all the time, energy and funds you have devoted to the Commodore 64 and the scene.

      All the best my friend, hope to see you soon.

    38. ActionHank on

      Well it is a sad day :(

    39. Weblaus on

      Well then, so everyone involved lost. Good job, team.

    40. Missing avatar

      Petr Vanek on

      This is exciting and abicious project and we must! go for it. There is 600 backers in the game at the moment. Raising 300 SEK/backer plus few new backers and we got it!
      I've just changed my pledge from 400 to 700 SEK. It goes over my budget but who cares with nice book in hands.....

    41. Weblaus on

      I think it's rather safe to assume this won't come even close to its goal and while all the negative stuff going on surely didn't help, it likely also doesn't matter all that much or even at all.

      I wouldn't mind being wrong in the end and the book miraculously reaches its goal, but I canÄt help but feel the whole thing was way too ambitious right from the beginning.

    42. chris burton on

      I'm not sure what's going on with this kickstarter but we all want to get it funded and get Andreas's wonderful pics and anecdotes into the light of day...

      We all need to calm down!

      However, it admittedly does feel strange that promised updates haven't been forthcoming and as the creator, Andreas hasn't jumped on board to fulfil promises and stop rumours running out of control.

      I sent him a personal message last week and haven't yet received a reply, so perhaps he's away on holiday or working on location? Let's see what Monday brings... Until then I have removed my pledge too but I hope some explanations and commitment are forthcoming soon. :)

    43. ultrasteve on

      @Weblaus. No offense intended to you, so I apologise unreservedly if there was any taken. I wasn't trying to align you with a 'side'. Equally, though, it's a little rum to say that my intention is to sabotage this Kickstarter and call me a self-appointed saint. All I was doing was mentioning that I too, earlier on, had criticised the lack of communication and suggested that the whole issue may have been moot had there been a bit more openness. The reasons for this Kickstarter stalling are multiple, and not my fault.

    44. Weblaus on

      I would prefer not to be namechecked by people whose only intention seeems to be to actively sabotage this Kickstarter.

      While I'm not that happy with the level of communication in general, that's a completely separate issue and I refuse to be thrown in the same corner with self-appointed saints.

    45. Seppo Seppälä

      Now calm down everybody, surely Andreas will sort everything out on his next update as promised. As long as he releases it quickly, because... We have only one week left! We must speed up things in order to get the book funded!

    46. ultrasteve on

      @Zoltan. This is the last time I'm going to say this, as I imagine it's just as boring for the other backers to read as it is for me to write the same thing time and again: I don't need to present any evidence of anything. The burden of proof is on Andreas to show that he owns them, since they are not written in his hand, nor show music that he created. It's a very simple thing for him to just say "Yes, I own them, and I can do what I want with them." or "Yes, I'll send them back to Rob", or even "No, I'm never giving them back to Rob." He hasn't, he has avoided giving a direct answer, and there is no reason not to, commercial or otherwise. As Weblaus has said, and as I said days ago, maybe if Andreas was a bit more forthcoming with information, updates and answers you wouldn't feel the need to have backed the project just to have a go at me and other backers. You want us to spare a thought for Andreas and his "personal risk" and having to "work his arse off". While you were busy cracking the games featuring his music, Rob worked his arse off and abstained from safe, steady employment. He lost out because of people like you, and we as a community, as fans of the C64, still care very much about those people that enriched our lives. Andreas chose to do this book through Kickstarter and ask people to invest in it, in him. He chose to use Rob Hubbard's notes to help him do so. He chose to say that there would be future updates about Rob. He chose to say there would be Rob Hubbard print pledge levels and that those prints would be signed. All we ask in return for giving him the money (that we've worked our arses off for) is a book, whatever perks we've pledged for, and some clarity on the position of what are some valuable, historical documents.

    47. Missing avatar

      Zoltan Kelemen on

      @Andrew: you are doing the right thing by withdrawing your pledge, since you don't believe in this project and its creator. It would do much more harm to pledge a small amount (say 18 £) and then use it as a ticket solely to smear Andreas and his motives.

      You mention that Andreas uses Rob for his "personal gain". Others were speaking about their rights as "investors", doing "due diligence", etc. All of this make me associate to the financing round of a real venture capital startup. But this is not a real startup. You are not shareholders, and if you were, you would only get voting rights proportional to the amount of money invested.

      On the matter of investments: this project would not be possible in this form without all you financial backers. For that, I would think, Andreas is immensely grateful. But in addition, many people have invested something invaluable: their time, taken from a busy schedule, family life or from a well-payed job. So it is not always about money. Sometimes, another kind of small, non-monetary investment makes a big difference: a few words of appreciation and encouragement.

      Which brings me to the question of personal gain contra risk. Andreas does not have any personal gain from this project, other than the satisfaction of doing something rare for others to watch and admire. In this he is no different from many other artists. He is also prepared to take a great personal risk: abstain from a safe, steady employment and, for a year, work his arse off, living on a small salary barely enough to cover the minimum costs of living. (No, I will not bore you with the numbers or with Swedish tax levels, but anyone can do the math).

      It's sad that not more people have realized their chance to get (affordably or even cheaply), a unique, glimpse of history, told with un anprecedented curiosity and commitment and with an eye for detail and perfection.

      "For the love of a machine" really means something in this case.

    48. Weblaus on

      I really couldn't care less about a few sheets of paper, to be honest. It's just sad to me if they're part of the reasons why this KS will likely fail. Though probably not the only one - I actually almost forgot I backed this because there certainly doesn't seem a lot of buzz around it and precious little activity from the creator. Which is even more glaring when compared to similar campaigns running right now (Reformation 2 and the SNES compendium) that really are very active in communicating despite having reached their goal. Still better than the Tel CD, though...

    49. Missing avatar

      Zoltan Kelemen on

      @ultrasteve: Regarding your comments about intimidation and race: I'm sorry that you perceived it that way. I will not make any further comments about it and leave to the audience to judge themselves.

      Turning to the main issue; without presenting any evidence, you have implied several times that Andreas is not the rightful owner of the scripts, statements bordering on slander against Andreas in general and this project in particular, which is evident from the following excerpts from your posts:

      "... give Rob’s notes back to him ..."
      "... the article Potnus linked to it explicitly states that he didn't pay for them, which surely means he doesn't own the rights ..."

      So forgive me if I ask again: do you know something that is not obvious to the rest of us? If you do, why not simply tell us? Otherwise, can you please stop implying things, in (what seems to be) an effort to smear Andreas and his true intentions? (This may be the reason for some posters wondering if you have a hidden agenda.)

      Regarding your reference to my past as Mr.Z, dating 30 years back in time: it gave me a good laugh. Not that I understand what it has to do with the matter we are discussing, but I don't mind talking about it as a separate topic.

      Even back then, as a teenager, I believed that the authors of good quality games should be rewarded for their work. That's why I payed for several such games even though they were freely available as pirated copies. One prominent example is Green Beret, coded by Dave Collier, who I still fondly remember as one of my coding heroes. (I was therefore very excited when he agreed to talk to Andreas for an interview in this book). I also took pride in never ever earning money from other people's work, neither directly nor indirectly, so selling games, for example, was out of the question.

      As an adult I can understand the issues and complexities with removing copy protections. On one hand it facilitates illegal copying, on other hand it gives back some freedom to the original owners: the obvious right of free disposal of their property, including making backup copies in case the original breaks, transferring to other media, loading with fast-loaders, and so on.

      (Please excuse me Andreas for revealing a tiny part of the interview intended for the book).

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