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A MUSICAL JOURNEY made by walk/tell aka Jake Wachtel on 80 instruments from around the world.  HELP ME REACH $10k!!!!!!!
A MUSICAL JOURNEY made by walk/tell aka Jake Wachtel on 80 instruments from around the world. HELP ME REACH $10k!!!!!!!
233 backers pledged $10,130 to help bring this project to life.

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Wrapping Up!

Greetings!  I hope this missive finds you well, here at the tail end of summer.  This whole kickstarter business has pretty much drawn to a close, all rewards have been sent out (please let me know if you are missing a reward) and I sincerely hope that you have been enjoying the fruits of our shared labor, wanderLOVE.  If you haven't checked it out yet, you can download it here:

A few loose musical ends to tie up.  First, I've been diligently recording ukulele covers (under the name "Jake-A-Lele") as one of the rewards.  Download this eclectic collection here: Uke Covers

Second, as promised, a bonus collection of songs I recorded while traveling:  Little Wanderings

The journey continues...I'm soon leaving for destinations as exotic as Bangalore, Paris, Addis Ababa, and Kansas.  Who knows what instruments I shall return with! Adventure onward!


wanderLOVE is here

Today I'm releasing wanderLOVE to the general public, and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again for supporting the music and inspiring me.  There's going to be a celebration tonight at 1230 Emerson St, Palo Alto at 8 pm and you are all invited!!

You can find the music now at

Thanks to your support, I was able to fund the mixing and mastering of the album at a level way beyond what I originally dreamed, and the result is that wanderLOVE now sounds as good as it possibly can.  Because of you, I have an album that I'm so proud of and excited to share with the world.  I've decided to offer it free/name-your-price so any one who wants to can listen/download the music.  So please feel free to share it around with people you think might enjoy (and let them know you were instrumental in making it happen!!!).  And if you haven't downloaded the album yet, you can still use the code I emailed you, or click through then click "Buy Now" and enter $0.

All the packages are finally being shipped!  Woohoo. (Thanks Mom for helping me stuff so many envelopes!)

Thanks again for joining me on this journey.  I couldn't have done it without you.



SURPRISE! wanderLOVE is coming to you TODAY!!!

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Mixing in Progress!

Greetings wanderLOVERs!!  It's been a little while huh?  I've missed you, but boy have I been busy.  Thanks to you, I'm deep into the process of mixing wanderLOVE at Tiny Telephone with Jay Pellici.  I put some of it in a video! 

A little update: We've finished a bunch of songs and put 'em on 1/2" tape (and will finish the rest of 'em in another 4 day session at the end of the month!!!) at which point I'm sending everything out to sunny Chicago to get mastered ('cause we all know that's where the best Mastererers live).  This means the final FINAL version will be back to me in late JUNE.  I'll be releasing the digital version at this point for everyone's immediate enjoyment—the moment I've been waiting for for a good year and a half.  It'll take a little longer to print the physical CDs, and I'll ship those "puppies" out as soon as I got 'em.  In the meantime, I'll be reaching out to collect some info (shirt sizes, addresses, bow-tie sparkliness preferences, etc).  Send me a message if you have any questions.

The journey continues.  I wouldn't be doing it without your support!



Wandering Continues...

Greetings from India!  I've been having a most incredible time exploring this diverse and teeming land, and perhaps most excitingly, I've already acquired a host of new instruments, like the sarangi!  In one month, I return home to mix wanderLOVE, with an eye to release in mid-to-late June, and to get going on all your rewards—I can't wait!  Until then, namaste,


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