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Two Dudes in a Van Trying to Write a Film About...Two Dudes in a Van! Help us shoot the pilot for this WCWS (World Changing Web-Series) Read more

Brooklyn, NY Webseries
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This project was successfully funded on June 4, 2012.

Two Dudes in a Van Trying to Write a Film About...Two Dudes in a Van! Help us shoot the pilot for this WCWS (World Changing Web-Series)

Brooklyn, NY Webseries
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About this project


Why? We still have some time left and The Two Dudes team wants to make this this pilot as awesome as it can be! 

$4000 was a goal that we thought we could achieve. We are so incredibly thankful and happy we did. However, a lot goes into the production of a new 

We have 100 backers (and counting) to be accountable to. Any money raised over our previous goal will go towards providing rewards for these amazing backers and increasing our production value! 

Muchas gracias to you all!


Two Dudes… is about two struggling actors trying to self produce their own movie with the hopes of launching their careers. What starts as a genuine attempt at authentic story telling soon becomes what may be the worst film ideas ever! From incompetent German Bank Robbers to character pieces involving full size bunny costumes, these “Two Dudes” rise beyond the heights of absurdity in their desperate attempts to make a promising film, proving that sometimes two heads are not better than one. Join them as they brainstorm (or more appropriately mind-tornado their ideas) and enthusiastically play out their awful plots and characters.


What else you doing with your money these days? Seriously though, we are very passionate about this project and you should be too! Brad and I have been talking about working with OPEN ROAD for years now and we finally have a solid script, an experienced production team and a viable plan of action! We are submitting this into a festival with a lot of exposure and contacts, however, we do have a serious deadline. The great thing about this rapidly approaching deadline, is that this is not something you will contribute to and never see. It will be in your hands/in front of your eyes very soon. 

Well, that sounds pretty cool, right?


Brad and I met while filming "Dawn of Conviction", a Western Feature Film that was shot in 17 days of 2009, on location in South Dakota. 

During the little downtime we had on set, we talked about how neither of us had seen much of "the middle of America." Sure enough, a day after wrapping, we went out on a limb and bought Open Road (the Van), for $600 and drove her back on a 15 day adventure across the US and Canada. 

As we drove, we couldn't stop talking about all the amazing films that could be made using Open Road...and the absolutely terrible ones. From this, "TWO DUDES IN A VAN Trying to Write a Film About...Two Dudes in a Van", was born.


These one-of-a-kind "keys on a necklace" are a delightful example of just one of the many rewards that could be coming your way:

We won't be able to do this without help. As our Kickstarter Video showed, we need to money to:

  • rent costumes (like the life size rabbit one you saw in the video)
  • rent/buy props
  • buy/make food for the cast and crew
  • pay for gas for a hungry Open Road
  • equipment rentals
  • postproduction costs 
  • festival submission fees 
  • and our on-set masseuse, Gretchen...she has very strong hands...

Okay, so this last one was a joke, but the rest are very real and very important to the success of this shoot! Your financial support will help us turn our countless hours of planning this project into a real, living, breathing web-series pilot that could change lives...or at least just make you laugh. And we could all use a bit more of that these days, right?

So, arigatou, danke schön, merci, muchas gracias and thank you so much for everything! If you can't support us financially, and take advantage of these one-of-a-kind rewards, please pass this video along to your friends and family! 

With love from the Two Dudes,

Walker and Brad


WALKER HARE Actor/Writer

FILMBlood Junkies, Dawn of ConvictionThe Delivery (Best Leading Actor, Brooklyn Film Race), Touch (2011 Cannes Film Festival-Shorts Corner), Paradise East, The Naturalist, Actually Love. TVAs The World Turns and Guiding LightWEB: Splinter Cell: Extinction and Football Cops with Payton and Eli Manning. He has also done over 40 commercials.THEATER: LondonYou're Invited (The Old Vic). New York:Off-B’way: All Dolled Up (Prod: Colin Quinn), Flanagan's Wake (SoHo Playhouse), Much Ado About Nothing (New World Stages). Readings: The Formula (The Actor's Studio), Fuente Ovejuna (LAByrinth) with Daphne Rubin-Vega, In Ways Both Frivolous and Deep (59E59 Theater) with Jessica Hecht, One Arm (LAByrinth) with Michael Stuhlbarg. Wrote and performed in Beard Envy: A Bro-mance in One-Act and In Flight Service (Barrow Group Theatre).


Brad Martocello has lived in multiple cities in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States.  He has been acting and working in NYC for the last 4 years.  His recent projects include Splinter Cell:Extinction, Echo 49, various commercials and print campaigns.  He is an award winning film maker and has written several feature length scripts.  He has four brothers and is the son of an Engineer and a Social Worker.


Otoja Abit is an Actor/Director and is proud to work with Walker and Brad on their passion project of "Two Dudes In A Van". Walker and Otoja met while interning for LAByrinth Theater company. In 2011 Otoja was an Assistant Director to TONY Winner Gregory Mosher Broadway revival of "That Championship Season" and NYU's 9/11 Benefit staged reading of Sarah Tuft's '110 Stories". Otoja is a 2009 winner of the "Shotgun One-Act Theater Festival which he directed Jim Tierney's "MONKEY". Otoja directed the one-act and full length production. As an actor, Otoja has been in National commercials, a 2012 Sundance Film, and a national cable series called "Seducing Cindy". 


As an actor Paul has appeared on Rescue Me and One Life to Live, Off-Broadway in Tony 'N Tina's Wedding, and Off-off Broadway in productions at The Metropolitan Playhouse, The Algonquin Theater, Theatre Row, and many more. Paul is managing director of Animus Theatre Company. His play, The Man Under, will premiere at 59E59 Theaters in January 2013. He studied theatre at Circle in the Square Theatre School and Policy Analysis and Management at Cornell University.


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    Uno dolares? Gracias! You get a thank you from us via the bookadaface and a HUG from someone you love...or even a stranger. Contribute, feel good about yourself and then hug someone!

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    Diez dolares? Gracias! You get all of the above & a personal THANK YOU LETTER written on a page from the actual script.

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    Almost veinti dolares? Gracias! You get all of the above & a DVD COPY, complete with behind the scenes footage!

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    Muchas dolores? Muchas gracias! What say you to all of the above & a VINTAGE OPEN ROAD T-SHIRT?! Don't know what to wear to that party you're going to on Friday? We've got your top side covered with our one-of-a-kind vintage Open Road t-shirts! We know what you're thinking, and yes, even though there are many, they are all one-of-a-kind.

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    Muchas dolores? Muchas gracias! What say you to all of the above & TWO VINTAGE OPEN ROAD T-SHIRTS AND A PERSONAL PHONE CALL!?! Need advice on stock trading? Want your horoscope read? Don't know know how to ask that girl/guy out to the dance on Friday? We've got you covered, in more ways than one! We will arrange a time to call/skype, with you and two of our one-of-a-kind vintage Open Road t-shirts!

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    Almost ciento dolares? You get all of the above and a FRAMED AUTOGRAPHED PICTURE of yourself behind the wheel of Open Road with Brad and Walker...or just Brad...or just Walker. Your choice, but choose wisely! (If you aren't located near Open Road, no problem. Send us a photo you like and we will print it off and still take a picture with you!)

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    Muchas, muchas dolares? Muchas, muchas gracias!! You get all of the above & an ACTUAL KEY TO OPEN ROAD on a dog tag just like Walker and Brad carry around their necks at all times. (Note: You may not use the van without asking first.)

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    An odd numero of dolares to contribute, righto? Wrongo! It's a fantastico amount and for this you will receive all of the above & an ACTUAL PROP FROM THE PILOT EPISODE! No way, you say, you're going to send me something that was used during the filming? Yes, say we!
    From a tricycle to a mustache to Brad's gently used underwear, we've got something for everyone!

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    499 dolares? How would you like all of the above & a HOME COOKED MEAL & DRINKS FOR FOUR? Well you've got it! By home cooked, we mean the meal is actually prepared, cooked, and enjoyed inside Open Road, which does indeed have a sink and stove! Don't know what to wear to such a fancy event? Heck, we'll even throw in FOUR T-SHIRTS, for you and your friends! And if you're of age, then yes, the drinks will be of the adult variety! (Not available to overseas contributors...Open Road hasn't learned to swim...yet)

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    You are moving up in life! How would you like all of the above & an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER CREDIT in the series. Thanks to you, our newest Producer (yeah, it's capitalized) we can shoot an entire episode and as long as the Two Dudes are around, you will be too! Your name will be in the end credits for the duration of the series, and in the front of hearts for the duration of our lives!

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    Wow! Congratulations!! You've just become an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of "Two Dudes in a Van", and your Mother said you'd never amount to anything?! What does that mean?
    Well, you get all of the above & an Executive Producer billing in the series. Want to spend a day on set? Bring your friends and family and come on down! We will have a seat next to the Director waiting for you...with your name on it. You're an Executive Producer! Look at you! Say it out loud, sounds good doesn't it?

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    You've made it! Your life is complete! YOU ARE NOW IN THE WEB SERIES "Two Dudes...and another a Van Trying to Write a Movie about Two Dudes...and another Person in a Van". We are serious, you've bought your way into the pilot. (Size of role dependent on if you can talk and walk at the same time)

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