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Super efficient Personal Solar Power Station to charge your iPad, iPhone or any other smart phone. With excellent reading light.
5,622 backers pledged $419,472 to help bring this project to life.

FAQ & Feeback

Posted by Camille van Gestel (Creator)

Hi all!

While the very last of our backers are receiving their WakaWaka’s, most of you are happily testing them as we speak. We are getting a ton of feedback, most of which is super positive and all of which is very valuable to us. Thank you so much for that!

Hundreds of brand new WakaWaka owners helped us to better understand their experiences via our social media channels or TestTeam page (filling out the form will get you a 10% discount on your next online purchase). This input is greatly appreciated! Here's a selection of what some of you have already told us about their new solar charger and lamp. Although the WakaWaka Power only just hit the market, we already got some amazing reviews. Here's a selection the great stuff journalists and bloggers are saying about the Power.

Nevertheless, we have noticed that there are some frequently asked questions and remarks. In this update we will try to address the most common questions.

Solar charging / LEDs
Some of you are having trouble getting past two or three green indicator LEDs. To understand this behavior of your perfectly normal functioning WakaWaka we have to get into some technical details.

The WakaWaka Power has been specified to charge at least 74% in approx. 6 hours at a New York Latitude, which is 40 degrees North. There is a significant difference with 52 degrees (Amsterdam), when you look at solar intensity at that latitude. That is why most solar products hardly work at all at higher latitudes. With lower light intensity it of course takes longer for the battery to charge, and as the battery gets fuller (past 50%) more charge current is required to charge the remaining capacity. So it is not uncommon that it takes quite some time to get passed 2 LED´s at higher latitudes.
We do have to note that the indicator LEDs are tuned at 25 - 50 - 75 - 100% so with 2 LEDs on, you will have between 50% and 74% capacity. And with 3 LEDs on, you may have between 75% and 99% capacity. Since the last few percent needs to be squeezed into the battery it can be very hard get to 4 LED's. The 4th LED only lights up when the battery is exactly 100% charged. However, as soon as the battery is 100% charged, the drip charge mechanism kicks in and assures the battery is not over charged. For this reason the capacity fluctuates between 98% and 100% and the 4th light turns off again.

Your feedback made us realize that we made a mistake when programming the software. The setting of the LEDs makes you feel as if the WakaWaka Power is not living up to expectations. We've changed the settings for new WakaWaka's. The 4th LED will switch on when battery is charged at 95% or higher. Properly managing expectations. We apologize for any disappointments caused. Now you know your WakaWaka works excellent in sunny conditions on moderate latitudes, far better than any of it´s competitors. Three lights on your WakaWaka Power+ means you have over 2000 mAh of capacity to charge your smart phone - more than enough for most devices!

Solar panel
We have also received some questions about Powers with one or more brighter area’s of the solar module (here’s an example image).

Solar panels are a product of nature. They are ultra thin slices of crystal, which have some color deviation. We try to put the same colors together on one panel but every now and than a different color cell slips through. It has no effect in the efficiency. Even better; you’ve received a 'limited edition'!

Some of you have experienced problems after leaving the WakaWaka on the dashboard of car in very warm weather conditions.

A solar powered device should be able to withstand the sun! That’s why we designed the Power to be very capable of withstanding temperatures up to 80 °C (175 °F) without problems. Hence, we never expected there to be any trouble with dashboard usage, and on some occasions even advised you to do so. However we have underestimated how hot it can get inside a car on summer days in hot climates. Because a car acts like a greenhouse the internal temperature can rocket to over 100 °C (210 °F). These conditions will still don’t harm the internal hardware, but the battery will automatically switch of and the plastic cover could become deformed or warped. So just as with kids and pets, we advice you to not leave the WakaWaka in the full sun on your dashboard in very warm climates!

If your WakaWaka is warped due to dashboard use, and you want it replaced, follow the replacement instructions bellow and we’ll get you a new one.

Delays & Blackout Kit
Even though over 90% of our backers have by now received their WakaWaka’s, there are a small number of packages still on their way. Because of logistic problems and incorrect information from some of our distributors, we couldn’t live up to every promise we made. We are working as hard as we can to fix this and sincerely apologize to those who did not received their rewards on time.

For all supporters who pledged for the Blackout kit, most of you did not receive the kit yet. This is due delay of the production of this limited WakaWaka edition. We are dispatching the Blackout units as we speak. However, the usb-radio’s are not yet part of these parcels. But there is no need to worry. The radios will follow quickly after you’ve received the Blackout kits.

Incomplete or damaged orders

Unfortunately a (even) small number of you have received an incomplete order, an empty envelope or a broken WakaWaka or waterproof pouch.We have sent out 7000+ orders and in a couple of cases either a part of the order was missing, broken or a sad empty envelope arrived at your doorstep. We are researching how this is possible!  The few unlucky ones will naturaly get a replacement or completion of their order. To do so send an email to with the following:

  • What happened? What is missing? What is broken and in the last situation - can you specify how it broke down? (attach a photo if you can)
  • Your postal address
  • Your order and color of the ordered WakaWaka’s
We will review and verify your details and will keep you posted about the replacement program! 

We would like to thank you again for all the feedback we have received. It really means a lot to us! We hope the update has answered many of your questions. If it didn’t, please check these FAQs and feel free to shoot us as message at We are working as hard as we can to answer everyone, but it might take a couple of days for us to get back to you.

Bellow are some smiles from Haiti, Tanzania and Cameroon. That’s why we are doing this. Thank you guys.

Warm wishes,

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mohamed Khaled Alammari on

      Still did not receive the product .. i am not buying from this company again neither i will back up other projects from this website !! it is my first time and last time .. really awful service !!

    2. uberjoi on

      Still haven't received anything here in Australia :(

    3. Missing avatar

      Mohamed Khaled Alammari on

      I live in UAE and still product did not arrive.I was promised that I will receive it 2 weeks earlier by camille but nothing received up to now !!

    4. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      Six days later and still no reply or help from anyone from this company. I will be posting this lack luster support and feed back on Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, and a personal You Tube video showing how this product is defective and simply does not meet the needs and stated goals the maker claims it to be.

      I have sent in numerous replies to the Waka Waka team at the support address indicated in these updates. Not one person has taken the time to reply or let me know what is going on. Simply taken my money and run like they did at Pebble??

      What a complete FAIL !!!

    5. Felipe Gandra on

      Guys, just to let you know my Waka Waka was finally delivered on past week.
      It came with 2 Leds and charged until 3 Leds for 2 days on Rio de Janeiro´s sun. I´ve charged my LG Nexus 4 yesterday and took 2 leds (±50%) to recharge a few more than 50% of cell´s batt.
      Now I´m waiting to recharge again since we´re having some cloudy days.

    6. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      I am still waiting for a reply to when I can expect a replacement for the three units I purchased along with the defective water proof bag which has the broken snap?

      Camille, how long must I wait for a reply from anyone in your organization???

      I backed this campaign as I believed in its goal(s). Now, I need some customer service which is no where to be found from either you, or the team you lead. How about you get one of these people off their ass and drop me a note as to the status of my replacement units??

      No one has heard a single reply from you, or the team about problems, bugs, and defective units???

    7. Clare Marie

      2x units arrived (in New Zealand) today - Thanks Heaps :)

    8. erutan on

      I'd like to have two mount points for rope / carabiners - right now there is just the one in the middle and it isn't as effective for hanging on the back of a backpack.

    9. Minh Nguyen

      Finally recieved mine in Australia...package was slashed open but luckily nothing was missing...just need to test them when i get home....

    10. IDKU on

      I'm in Australia and have not received mine yet. I've messaged Camille via kickstarter and he's advised to follow up through their support email address - info @ . Dropped them an email late yesterday and will see how things go.

    11. Missing avatar

      Mohamed Khaled Alammari on

      They promised not later that than 15 June. What a joke !!

    12. Missing avatar

      Mohamed Khaled Alammari on

      Am still waiting for the wakawaka power i pledged for ... i am really in very bad mood since i didnt received yet ... I live in UAE

    13. Missing avatar

      Mohamed Khaled Alammari on

      Am still waiting for the wakawaka power i pledged for ... i am really in very bad mood since i didnt received yet ... I live in UAE

    14. Missing avatar


      Still waiting for my blackout kit in Australia.

    15. Felipe Gandra on

      Guys, just to let you know they´ve replied me.
      My WakaWaka is still on transit and may arrive in until 2 weeks.

    16. Missing avatar

      Maximiliano Martins on

      I just got my Power yesterday. For referente, I'm from Uruguay (South America).
      I haven't charged it yet, since it was charged already when I got it. It took my iPhone 4S from 1% to 69% (yes, really :P) before it stopped charging. The Power was on 3 dots, so it was at 74-99% charge. Not bad if you ask me, real life saver when you're out and realize you have 10% battery left.

    17. Minh Nguyen

      Still waiting for mine Blackout kit in Australia...yes i am aware of delays with the radio but haven't recieved anything as yet.

    18. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      I still can't get anything beyond 2-green-lights after several days on sunny windowsills. One of those 2-green-light Powers took an iPad 3 from 80 to 85% before dying. Another was down to 1-green-light after charging an older iPod Touch from 20% to full.
      So I don't know if I just don't have enough sun or what. ??

    19. Missing avatar

      Daniel Barbosa on

      Just got mine yesterday in Brazil! Awesome!

    20. Bontemps Benoit on

      arrivé hier , belle boite , superbe finition , déjà chargé sous lampe (nuit !)...
      le produit semble parfait !.

    21. Clare Marie

      Just a heads-up to say I'm still waiting on two units in New Zealand too .. I'll update when they arrive - hopefully any day now!

    22. Jake Denzer on

      Got the notification they were shipping my unit to Michigan May 31st. Have contacted in multiple ways and have not received any response. Hope this is fixed soon.

    23. Mohamed Rozani Osman

      Waiting in Malaysia. Hope I get mine soon :)

    24. Kashif Maqbool on

      Still waiting for my WakaWaka in Saudi Arabia. Hope, I'll get soon. :) Any Tracking Number?

    25. Stephan Reitz

      Germany and waiting, two .. starting to get nervous - where´s my WakaWaka ??? :-(

    26. Mo

      @Pelipe check my previous message to ensure you have sent your query to the correct e-mail address. I have sent two e-mails and received replies within 24 hours. Needless to say I have had some issues with my unit and hope the matter will be resolved soon! I wish you all the best :)

    27. Thomas Boettge on

      Still waiting for mine in Germany...

    28. Felipe Gandra on

      @Mo, I´ve sent my frist e-mail to them on May 27th and I´m still waiting for response.
      Probably they´re full of e-mails to reply. =(

    29. Tom on

      i received my WakaWaka emergency kit, looks like it's complete. Both the lights work fine, but I can't seem to charge the radio with the WakaWaka power. I connect the cables, press the button, see three 3 green lights (so I know the battery is sufficiently charged), then the blue charging light goes on next to the USB connection and on the radio, but then they blink and shut off. Is that the cable or the radio, not keeping a consistent connection?

    30. Kaniawati Zainal Abidin

      Hi, i also haven't recieved any news... Hopefully it's on the way to Malaysia;)...

    31. Mo

      Chris & Felipe send your email to

    32. Chris Skardon on

      Hi there, nothing has arrived here yet (UK) and no response to any email to: Very latest delivery date was supposed to be the 15th of June, how are they sent to the UK? Standard mail? Registered? Thanks!

    33. ALOK CHAUBEY on


    34. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      I got my blackout kit last week Thursday. It was definitely worth the wait, it is a remarkable kit! Thank you very much Camille and the entire Waka Waka team!

    35. Felipe Gandra on


      I´m still waiting mine on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Not even a simple information about it.
      In time: I´ve sent some doubts for and didn´t receive any response yet.

    36. Missing avatar

      kickdababy on


      got my wakawaka today. I like it. It's lightweight and looks nice. When I opened the package, the LEDs were switched on. Maybe the power switch should be covered to avoid switching lights on accidentally.

      Is there any chance to update the firmware fixing that led "bug"? That would be super cool.

    37. pharmac on

      East Coast of US, got mine last Monday. Thks for explaining the LEDs issue, I was puzzled by not getting 4 to light myself....otherwise very satisfied.

    38. Missing avatar

      Clyde Lobo on

      Not received mine yet.

    39. Julian on

      Still yet to receive mine.

    40. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      I charged an ipad3 -- using two WWP, alternating, each starting @ 2 green lights & making the switch when they stopped charging -- everything was in a moderately sunny windowsill the whole time. Got iPad to 100%. Took several hours, some of it "non-charging" time when I wasn't here to notice I needed to switch WWPs & let the one "charge-only" while the other did "charge itself plus charge iPad".
      Haven't yet had enough sun, or left something long enough, to get to 4 lights.

    41. Missing avatar

      Terri Chavez on

      Any one have luck charging iPad? I plugged it in for one hour with 4 green lights on and it went from 39% to 30%. And the charging symbol was lit the whole time.

    42. Cause Vision on

      I received Waka Waka and quite happy with the product. It is very bright! One question; I have left it in the sun for a few days but never charged 100%(four green lights).. So I charged through USB port, still does not charge 100% (no four green lights) Is mine defect? Or ????

    43. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      I have sent in my message via and do hope to receive a reply soon about replacements. As noted in the general comment section I have one water proof bag where the black round snap has broken off.

      I am hoping the other bags are more robust and sturdy! As the first round snap literally broke off with only one snap! I also have two Waka Waka units that refuse to charge past two LED's and this is even with the USB charger being used and connected to the AC mains?

      The third unit seems to work fine and charges well in solar / USB with out issues. There is something wrong with the other two units though and that is fact. I've had both units plugged in for more than 7 days into the wall outlet and both units have never gone past two LED's.

      Must be a bad charging IC in this little box. I am sure Camille and the team will resolve the issue in short order and over all the final product is outstanding and works well. I gather there will always be a few bad units in the initial production run.

      I guess I got the two! :-(

    44. Tara Martin Dale on

      Thanks for the updates! Received mine and have it charging so I can test it at work- been very cloudy and rainy here and it's almost fully charged regardless! Been explaining what it is to my family and what your company does for Haiti.

    45. Kashif Maqbool on

      Still waiting for my WakaWaka in Saudi Arabia.

    46. Christian Christiansen on

      Delays happen and im in EU if they where only concerned about backers in EU and USA then why dont i have mine yet. And i was/is on one of the more special tiers so i can see how they can take longer...

    47. Missing avatar

      julian buetens on

      recieved my WAKA WAKA and for the most part i love it. My only complaint is the location of the usb port. It is not accessible when the unit is closed making it impossible to charge your device in your pocket (on the go). Please consider changing the location of the usb port!
      Other than that, i feel it is a well-built solid unit and I'm glad to have one and support the cause!

    48. Pieter Eigenraam on

      Got Mine!! Holland

    49. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Lebsanft on

      Still no Waka Wakas here in Germany :(

    50. ALOK CHAUBEY on

      STILL waiting in DXB TOO.................