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Super efficient Personal Solar Power Station to charge your iPad, iPhone or any other smart phone. With excellent reading light.
5,622 backers pledged $419,472 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Update #2

Posted by Camille van Gestel (Creator)

Hi all!

All of the WakaWaka Powers have now been shipped from the factory to various distribution centres and the last packages containing your rewards are being prepared as we speak! We did ran in to some delay though, allow us to explain briefly.


Over the last two weeks all 7000+ Powers came off the production line. While a substantial part of our backers have now recieved their orders we did encounter some unforeseen delays. Mainly due to pain staking inspections at customs (because of the volume and value) quite a few Powers are still on their way. We would like to apologize to those of you who need to wait a little while longer than we promised.

But please rest assured, our crew is working around the clock to make sure every last one of our backers is getting their Powers as soon as possible . Please refer to the ETA's below for the status of shipping in your region.


All remaining orders should arrive this week (before the 1st of June)

All remaining orders should arrive in the first weeks of June (no later than the 15th of June)

 All remaining orders should arrive this week (before the 1st of June)

All remaining orders should arrive in the first weeks of June (no later than the 15th of June)

Rest of the world
All remaining orders should arrive in the first weeks of June (no later than the 15th of June)


If you did not receive your order by the stated date, or if you have any other questions concerning your shipment, please shoot us a message via kickstarter or at We even hired extra staff to answer al of your questions as soon as possible!

If you already received your order and would like to share your experiences on the WakaWaka Power, we would really, really appreciate it! Please use the form on the Test Team page.

Once again we thank you for your confidence in WakaWaka and in us and on behalf of 60,000 Haitians we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you!!

Warm wishes, 


PS. Check out this new promo vid on the WakaWaka Power:


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    1. dwc50 on

      Still have not received my WakaWaka. As I have previously reported, the package arrived at my office empty. Any new on replacements?

    2. Minh Nguyen

      I know there was a delay in the blackout kit but still have not recieved anything to Australia as yet? would have loved to used it for the kids school holidays when we are out and about. Can you please provide another update since its been almost 2 weeks from the estimated15th eta. Much appreictate it.

    3. Thisfox on

      Well, it's the 16th now. Still waiting in NSW Australia. No shipping notification. I've sent a message yesterday, but as yet no reply. Perhaps it will arrive on the 17th?

    4. Tan Jit Ren on

      Same here in Malaysia. Just sent an email to the support team. Hopefully can try out WakaWaka as soon as possible :D

    5. Missing avatar

      Robert Fonti on

      Stil haven't received mine yet in Melbourne Australia. No shipping notification either. Don't think we are going to hit the June 15 at the latest date!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      Mine came today, but too late to charge & tomorrow is going to be stormy; I hope to be able to charge up everything over the weekend and take it all for a test-drive.

    7. Richard Flapper on

      Will & Alexander, same here too. I also live in the Netherlands but haven't received it. I did receive a smallish box that contained a yellow leaflet giving me the option to get a 15% discount when I order the Wakawaka. But that was the only thing that was in the package.

    8. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      I got a shipping notice too. Yea!

    9. Missing avatar

      Tajha on

      Just got my shipping notification now *happydance* complete with tracking number for me to hit f5 on every hour

    10. Missing avatar

      Steve Magnuson on

      I'm in Seattle, WA and I have not yet received my WakaWaka.

    11. Missing avatar

      Tajha on

      In the same boat as StevenA, but I'm in Virginia.

    12. Ove Kristensen on

      Received mine in Norway yesterday. I'm impressed by the looks and quality feel of the product. Look forward to testing it out. Thanks for a good project!

    13. Missing avatar

      Wil on

      Alexander, I too live in The Netherlands and I'm still waiting for my WakaWaka as well..

    14. Alexander on

      Still nothing. If it doesn't arrive today then that's a week over date.
      I already mailed the service adress...they said to wait another week.....a week is kind of long considering it's being sent from the Netherlands in the Netherlands in my opinion. But hey, it's not too bad.

      We'll see.

    15. Missing avatar

      David Dannenfelser on

      @Terri Chavez
      The capacity of the Waka battery is much smaller than your iPad. The Waka will only charge your iPads large battery a small amount.

    16. Missing avatar

      StevenA on


      Just wondering if I was to receive a tracking number or status update.
      I'm in the United States, Oklahoma.
      I have not received my : BLACKOUT PORTABLE EMERGENCY KIT
      as of 2013-06-06. Just wondering, Thanks, Steve

    17. Felipe Gandra on


      I´m still waiting for mine. I´ve sent a mail to asking for a track number to follow mine on brazilian aduana but I still didn´t have any response.
      Shall you please help me ?

    18. Missing avatar

      mp on

      I am in Poland and my WakaWaka just arrived. First tests will have to wait a couple of hours unfortunately. The packaging looks pretty good is all I can say now.

    19. iNes on

      Hey, I'm living in Germany and also got my WakaWaka today. Just in time for my hiking trip next week ;) Thank you, Camille!

    20. Missing avatar

      straback on

      Hi all,

      today I got my WakaWaka in Germany. Looking forward to playing with this gadget tonight.

      Have a nice day,

    21. pharmac on

      Got mine yesterday, charged it my office window today, the green color is HOT!!!

      GREAT PRODUCT, WELL MADE, Looking for years of use

    22. Missing avatar

      Christopher Browne

      Just received mine (Toronto, Canada), and it's busy charging up Right Now. It was charging in solar fashion whilst on the road, now charging up from good 'ol A/C.

      I'm liking what I see thus far!

    23. Missing avatar

      Tino de Rijk on

      Hi Camille,

      Hi Camille,
      for some reason or another my comment was removed....?
      It's June 4 now in The Netherlands, and nothing has arrived yet. I also sent two E-mails to last Friday, and no response yet. So it seems the serviceteam is not up to speed yet...? I'm getting a bit disappointed now, with my E-mails not answered and my comments here removed. Can you please try to sort this out? Thanks in advance....

    24. Julie Dietz on

      The great think about the tracking #: I know where my Waka is!

      The sad thing? I know that it was "processed through the USPS sorting facility" in Lake Forest, IL, on May 30. And on May 31. And on June 1.

      Wow. That's a lot of processing!

      I'll be interested to see what the tracking report says tomorrow morning -- USPS only updates once a day, in the late evening.

    25. Missing avatar

      Terri Chavez on

      Love my waka waka. Read that it will charge iPad 2 and 3. I have the iPad 4 and it doesn't seem to work. Please advise

    26. Missing avatar

      David Dannenfelser on

      SOS only will come on if you hold the on button down 2 seconds. If you click once its the meter and ability to charge devices, each subsequent click will lower the LED output.

    27. Missing avatar

      David Dannenfelser on

      Please when you get your units, don't leave in the dashboard of your car or direct sunlight in desert southwest as the unit will overheat and stop functioning until it cools. Just an FYI

    28. Alex Newlon on

      I'm super excited to get both of mine here in FL! If the tracking is right, they should arrive tomorrow! You and your team did an amazing job. Thank you

    29. Chris Tak on

      So stoked! I got mine over the weekend! Just stuck mine on the balcony to start charging! Hope everyone else gets theirs soon!

    30. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      Did I miss (or mis-place) some tracker-info?

    31. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      Tracking claims it was delivered Friday but I have hunted everywhere (mailbox, front door, near the garage, EVERYWHERE), my letter carrier doesn't remember it, and I even asked all my neighbors... no sign of my WakaWaka. How was it packed; how big was it?
      I've gotten tons of Kickstarter packages before and have never had a problem.... :-( Would be glad for any ideas of how to proceed. Order 1592

    32. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      I think I'm jealous!
      Hope mine comes soon, it's nearly storm season here.
      I've been using my Wakawaka light (from previous Kickstarter) as a kitchen nightlight on lowest setting & really like that.

    33. Missing avatar

      Terri Chavez on

      Got mine in Texas! Love it! Just wish it would charge my iPad!

    34. Missing avatar

      David on

      Just got mine! It's AWESOME. I love it!! Thank you so much Waka Waka team.

    35. Missing avatar

      Laura Stadtmore on

      Hi Camille
      You asked to be notified if the WakaWaka power didn't arrive according to the time table on your last update. It's June 1st and I haven't received it yet. I was hoping that it would be here when I arrived home from work this afternoon. Will let you know if it arrives on Monday. I live in the San Diego area. Thanks for your help.............Laura

    36. kai on


      I am from Honolulu, Hawaii and have not received my Black Out Emergency Kit. Saw the postal person today, June 1, 2013 who delivered the mail. He did not see a package for me today. Did not receive it yet.

      Thank you,
      Kai - June 1, 2013 = Saturday HST 11:22 a.m..

    37. Missing avatar

      jessie gillie on

      On my first full waka waka charge, My ipad mini went from 50% to 88%. Maybe it takes a few charges to reach full potential, but only a 38% increase is a little scary.

    38. Martijn Meulenbroek on

      Hi Camille, it's Saturday the 1st of june and I still haven't recieved my WakaWaka. Not even an delivery announcement. Did something go wrong? Btw I am in The Netherlands too.
      Thanks for answering.

    39. Missing avatar

      Chuck Meeks on

      I got mine in Nebraska on the 31 of May. Very nice! I don't have the issue that others are having with the SOS function. It works very well.

    40. Alexander on

      Well. I'm in the Netherlands....and friday has come and gone. No WakaWaka.....

    41. fmotta on

      @Camille: Thanks - I am reasonably certain I completed that survey as well. Is there a proposed firmware update that addresses the charging threshold and the button timing soon? It'd be nice to be able to charge where there is enough light (like my office) and be able to turn on the LEDs for reading in one successful click rather than poking at it several times.

      BTW: 5 people tried to get the LED in reading mode and ended up in SOS mode. My pretext was the following: "Hey, have a look at this new kickstarter item I received - try it out ... press the big button to get a reading lignt." End result was almost always SOS and, with several presses they got to the reading light mode. Ages of these test people were:
      2 - mid 50s
      1 - mid 20s
      1 - 30
      1 - 15

      Thanks again for the excellent execution of a KS project.

    42. Alexander on should arrive today then....

    43. Missing avatar

      Stan Abe

      I just received mine in the mail today. I live in California. I am so looking forward to using this. It looks like a great product. Thank you so much.

    44. Santos on

      I received mine two days ago as well :) This is an amazing product, and it looks gorgeous, plus I love how the stand clicks into various different angles. With only indirect sunlight (window facing north away from sun) it was able to charge up to the 75% marker over the day, and within an hour and a half was able to provide enough of a charge to my GS3 that it should last more than a day. I'm sure if had gotten direct sunlight results would have been better, but for not having direct contact this is amazing! The LEDs are fantastic as well much brighter than all the other similar products have! And I love the little pouch!
      Thank you and best regards to all!

    45. JM on

      I received mine two days ago. Beautiful design, feels great. It has been cloudy where I live. Not sure if the unit will charge during a cloudy day or I am doing something wrong. Will follow up as soon as the unit has direct sun light.

    46. Camille van Gestel 2-time creator on

      Dear all!

      Thank you so much for your positive feedback! It fills our hearts with joy to read comments as such.

      @fmotta: Thank you for your constructive criticism! You can also fill in the form at and receive something which your friends might appreciate!

      @jtan: It will not take long anymore! Yours will arrive at your doorstep in the first week of June!

      @Neal Washburn: Not only is life good for you, but you also improved the quality of life for someone in Haiti!

      For all of you who did not receive your WakaWaka yet, it is only a matter of days or maximum two additional weeks depending on your location!

    47. Missing avatar

      Eric Albert

      Got mine in Pennsylvania today! I am very pleased with the design and manufacturing of the unit - nice job! Overcast today in PA but seems to be charging on a cloudy afternoon in indirect sun. Outstanding project management and communications; wish more Kickstarter projects would be this well done.

    48. fmotta on

      I received mine yesterday.
      Excellent project management!!!!

      The product design is very good. I like the packaging and the hinged "foot". The size and shape are good. I have not had sufficient direct light needed to cause a charge to complete. So, I cannot comment on the time to charge internal batteries nor the time to charge my phone nor the number of times it can charge it. The LEDs are quite bright and I could easily light a 12x14' room well enough to do most things as well as read near the wakawaka.

      Now the constructive criticism:
      1) The fraction of a second between "LED on" and "SOS" is a challenge to hit with consistency (seldom is more like it).
      2) I have yet to find an indoor lighting situation that is not overwhelmingly bright that will cause the charging to begin. Blue sky while the sun is still hitting the ground is the threshold (SF Bay area - May). I have gotten a really REALLY bright CFL to initiate slow charging. But, no fluorescent that I have within home or work will do. Setting it on my window sill with only the screen between the wakawaka and the blue sky also fails to begin charging (6PM shaded - outside the window it blinks very slowly).
      So, I will have to put the wakawaka outside to charge and hope for the best in survival and my remembering it is there.

      I still need one that will harvest the huge abundant energy source that lights my office to the point that I can solder SMD devices.

      Good job - I will use it. But, due to my mis-perception of the intended use case I will not use it as much as I'd hoped since I have to go out of my way to charge it.

    49. Missing avatar

      Peter Aweeky on

      Like the others here I am super impressed with this project. Besides the obviously humanitarian aspect of the project, the quality, timeliness and communication is textbook material for other Kick Starter projects. Many many thanks and congratulations Camille.

    50. cdr on

      Dear Waka Waka Team,

      I just received mine and so far it's working as designed. For my pledge, the ETA was May 2013, and you certainly pulled it off.

      For a Kickstarter project to be this clever AND be delivered on time is truly wonderful. Combined with the well done packaging and your mission to help the world really makes this one of the BEST projects I helped back. I'm proud to be associated with your project.

      WELL DONE everyone!!