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Super efficient Personal Solar Power Station to charge your iPad, iPhone or any other smart phone. With excellent reading light.
5,622 backers pledged $419,472 to help bring this project to life.

Check out your confirmation email!

Posted by Camille van Gestel (Creator)

Dear backers!

As you are all desperately waiting for your WakaWaka Power to arrive (I can imagine why, the first prototypes are awesome), we are getting close to shipping the more than 7.000 packages containing your WakaWaka Powers. Getting there was quite an operation, but we can now confirm we will be making the promised shipping date next month!

To make sure these packages arrive on time, at the right address and with the right content, we have sent you a confirmation e-mail this week (3rd of April). For those of you who haven't done so already, please check it out and follow the instructions.

Have a great weekend!

Warm wishes,


PS. Here's a sneak preview of one of the first WakaWaka-customized waterproof pouches!

  • Image 235919 original.png?ixlib=rb 1.1


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    1. Missing avatar

      Allen Simmons on

      Noticed these in my local Frys store today. Hope they didn't forget us.

    2. Missing avatar

      Dr. Paul Schneider on

      I did pay 06.01.2013 - now we have neary 06.05.2013 - 5 (five) month later!
      Up to now I did only receive "mails" with "promises"
      - sorry - wait a bit more - it´s so difficult for us ........ and so on!
      But not my "WakaWaka" Will I ever get it? I do not know!
      If I will get it it will be too late because I´m leaving for my Ethiopia-trip on 13.05.2013
      I would like to give it away to some children there.
      You write here: "be respectful and considerate"
      I am! But i also very dissapointed in deed! And frustrated!
      5 month waiting - and nothing but mails ....
      Can´t you understand me?
      And I´m sure: I´m not the only on! )-: ))-: )))-:

    3. Missing avatar

      Jon Beall on

      Please send me the confirmation email again.

    4. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    5. Nicolas Van den Eynde on

      Can't find the email :( (I'll send a private message)

    6. T Neverdinner Jacket on

      i didn't get an email, but nothing, like my address or email has changed?

    7. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      I think my list (Power, Blackout, P&L) looks right, but I lost track of how the give-to-Haiti numbers added up! How many was it per item??

    8. Xuezhi Zhang on

      I didn't receive the confirmation email. Could you sent it to me again? Email:

    9. Camille van Gestel 2-time creator on

      @Rodney: please shoot me a personal message and I will confirm your information through there, thanks!

    10. Missing avatar

      Rodney Purnell on

      Have looked for this confirmation, but cannot find. I got the second announcement about the first, but not sure what to do. Can you resend please? Thanks

    11. Camille van Gestel 2-time creator on

      @Harmen: you'll receive your power at the same time as the rest! If you want me to check if your address is still the same please shoot me a message too.

    12. Camille van Gestel 2-time creator on

      Hey all, we sent the email to all backers, so please check the emailaddress you gave up for kickstarter to use and double check your spam! I checked the mailing and no emails bounched.. For questions concerning your pledge, please shoot me a message so I can help you out.

    13. Missing avatar

      lmouchoum on

      I received my confirmation email, impatient to obtain my Wakawaka

    14. Missing avatar

      Ethan Nyholm on

      I was wrong, I did get it. Just missed it

    15. Royce Teo on

      I didn't get my confirmation email too! Checked my inbox and spam! Not there (: would appreciate a re-send ! Thanks!

    16. Leo Castillo on

      Hi folks, I got the confirmation email and it's unique per backer. I'm copy pasting it here, replacing the customized info in brackets.

      Dear [backer name],

      Hereby I send you the confirmation of your pledge for our Kickstarter project: WakaWaka Power, compact solar power station & light. Thanks so much for supporting us! Production is on schedule and we are getting everything ready for the shipment of your rewards this May.

      Please check the information we got from you below.
      If it’s correct, you don’t have to do a thing! If it’s incorrect or incomplete, check out how to proceed below.

      PLEDGE AMOUNT: [your pledge]

      [your reward from the pledge]

      DONATION: [number of units]x WakaWaka Light to Haiti

      WAKAWAKA POWER COLOR: [color of your waka waka]

      [your address and phone number]

      In case the info above is incorrect or incomplete, please follow the next steps and reply before April 11:

      Go to the online form here.
      Fill in:
      Your personal order number: (your order number)
      The correct address details or reward combination.
      Note: We need your phonenumber for smooth delivery, not for commercial purposes.
      Note II: Shipping costs outside of the US are 14 dollars per 2 units (14 dollars per 5 units for Canada)

      Interested in buying another WakaWaka Power? Go to and pre-order one more!

      We’re looking forward to shipping out your package!

      Warm wishes on behalf of the whole WakaWaka-team,

      Camille van Gestel
      Co-founder WakaWaka Light

    17. Dallas on

      Have my confirmation, thank you,,, however I thought we were going to get to choose between yellow and the other production colour/s???

      (have two on order :)

    18. Missing avatar

      VideoMagician on

      I didn't seem to get the email.... can you re-send?

    19. Missing avatar

      John Edward Ormandy on

      Yes received mine ,looking forward to May.

    20. Pisan Kulkaew on

      +1 to Kevin : check your spam filter people! It's from WakaWaka light

    21. Missing avatar

      Adrian Peers on

      I didn't get my confirmation email. Please can you resend?

    22. Missing avatar

      Kevin on

      got mine 2 days ago, check your spam filters guys, its not listed as an email coming from kickstarter, the sender is WakaWaka Light

    23. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    24. Missing avatar

      Ethan Nyholm on

      No confirmation to me either.. Please resend

    25. Missing avatar

      Richard E Cutler on

      I also did not receive the confirmation e-mail. Please resend......... TO all of us perhaps? :) Thanks.

    26. Erwin Smole on

      no confirmation email received, please send again. Thanks

    27. Jon Uzel on

      No confirmation mail here either. Here's an idea, post an email that those of us who are missing it can respond to with our correct info, instead of spamming the comments here with generic "I didn't get it" responses.

    28. Alexander on

      Sooooo is the e-mail coming in the third week of April or is it lost in my mailbox somewhere?

    29. Alex Newlon on

      I'm super excited to get both of mine. I'm an Eagle Scout and will be using this on all my future hikes and I'll be testing it at Bonnaroo 2013!!

    30. Harmen de Ruiter on

      How is this arranged for the WakaWaka backers who backed the charge option? (The first WakaWaka kickstarter project...) I'm one of those backers and did not get an address confirmation email. :-) No problem if this will be a little bit later, but of course I'm curious as all WakaWaka power backers and eager to get one...

    31. Alan Robertson on

      That waterproof pouch looks great! Can't wait to get the ste!

    32. pcahiwat

      i think i deleted that e-mail. all the info in it was correct though. do i need to do anything further if everything was correct?

    33. J on

      I got no confirmation email from you guys, but I get the newsletters...

      My address is the same as on the survey I sent you guys. Thanks.

    34. Sean O'Hara on

      I haven't received the email, my facebook account which I used to auth my kickstarter account used an old email I don't have access to (old college email)

      Do you guys have a support email I can reach out to for confirmation of my order and my address?

    35. Kelvin Tong on

      Looking awesome! I want it now! But next month works too :D

    36. Camille van Gestel 2-time creator on

      @Rand & Kosongz: we don't have much more pics at the moment but I'll post more when I can!

    37. Camille van Gestel 2-time creator on

      @Jukka: Thanks!!

    38. Jukka Kotkanen on


      Thank you, Wakawaka Power project is very well managed from the backers point of view. Well done!

      A happy backer, Jukka

    39. Kosongz on

      Awesome! Can't wait, but more pictures to tide us over in the meantime?

    40. Rand Chua TL on

      More pictures please?

    41. Juan Carlos Santana on

      looking great!! Wuhooo first KS project to send the rewards on time :)

    42. JDL: Operative - on

      I am gonna use the crap outta this on camping and backpacking trips.