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Super efficient Personal Solar Power Station to charge your iPad, iPhone or any other smart phone. With excellent reading light.
5,622 backers pledged $419,472 to help bring this project to life.

Two weeks after…

Posted by Camille van Gestel (Creator)

Wow, time flies! It’s been two weeks since the end of the Kickstarter project and we've been working very hard on the production of the WakaWaka Power for our backers and the realisation of the donation of the WakaWaka Lights to Haiti. 

WakaWaka Power production

I'm writing to you from China where I'm visiting the WakaWaka factories. It's great so see the place where the WakaWaka Power will be manufactured and meet the people who are in charge of the process here. We've discussed every little detail regarding the production process, schedule and quality demands. The photo below gives you an idea of how that went. The first Power samples will be finished by the end of February so we can test them thoroughly and guarantee you the best quality. After that we can get the assembly line rolling and start full-scale production! 

WakaWaka Lights and Haiti

The WakaWaka Lights that are meant for donation are awaiting to be shipped to Haiti. At the moment we're preparing everything that is needed for the first steps of assembling in Haiti; location, logistics and local management are being discussed with partners on the ground. We expect to ship the WakaWaka Lights this spring. I’ll keep you all posted on all further developments in the upcoming weeks. 

Get your WakaWaka Power 

Meanwhile, we've set up a pre-sale of the WakaWaka Power. This means that even though the crowdfunding has finished, early adopters can still be among the first to receive a Power via our pre-order webshop So, if you told your friends, family and colleagues about that Solar Power Station & Light you ordered, just redirect them to to pre-order theirs today! 

And the winner is...

And last but not least, I can announce the final results of the color votes! From the 275 votes the majority went to the color: GREEN!! We counted all votes from our FB page (comments and the poll) and in the Kickstarter commentboxes so we wouldn't miss out on a single vote. Want to know how many votes the color of your choice got? View the graph below. 

In a couple of weeks we'll be in contact to confirm your pledge and reward and ask for your preferred color (yellow, black or green) and shipping address. 

Warm wishes,


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    1. Christopher Favero on

      Looking forward to the next update. Already received my email asking me to pick my color choice. This is a very worthy cause and a great product.

    2. Missing avatar

      Johannes Hesters on

      Hey folks,

      greetings from Germany and good luck for you and the project, it's a good one.
      I guess we engineers will try to do our part to make the world a bit better.

    3. Camille van Gestel 2-time creator on

      @Wil: any time!

    4. Missing avatar

      Wil on


      Ah, ok. Had not found that yet. Thank you very much! :)

    5. Camille van Gestel 2-time creator on

      @Wil: yes the getwakawaka-website has this option!

    6. Missing avatar

      Wil on

      Thank you for the update Camille! :-)

      Was wondering: is there also a special website/place where you can just and only donate lights without receiving a WakaWaka in return as here on Kickstarter?

      It would be great for people all over the world to be able to donate a light or two every now and then, e.g. at the end of the month, even now the fundraising period has closed :-)

    7. Camille van Gestel 2-time creator on

      @Gilles Bordelais: Thanks for your concern, Gilles. Fortunately this is not my first time in China, so I know how things work there. As I mentioned in the update, me and my partners from Intivation are on top of quality criteria. That is why we held such marathon meetings, to discuss every little detail there is to be discussed. Just to make sure we can deliver a good quality product.

    8. Camille van Gestel 2-time creator on

      Thanks for all your comments guys!

      @fmotta: You can indeed choose from yellow, black and the extra color green. The yellow and black are standards and green is the extra color voted for!
      @Austin Herry: we actually got someone who voted grey so we didn't count that one. Sorry if we missed out on yours, but I guess green would still have won actually..
      @Carol Pollard: as Rand Chua noted, please read update 13 for all the info. In total 10.000 WakaWaka Lights will be donated, so on an average Haitian household of 5 people these are 50.000 Haitians who are helped.

    9. Rand Chua TL on

      @Carol Pollard
      I think its in updated #13 about 50,000 Haitians or family getting it.

    10. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      I'm glad it's going to be green, my first choice (both preference and thematic), since my second choice blue didn't even come in second!

    11. Missing avatar

      Carol Pollard on

      Just curious - how many Wakawaka lights are going to Haiti?

    12. Missing avatar

      Martin Ouellet on

      fmotta, you will be able to choose from yellow, black or green as said in the update!

    13. Gilles on

      You're having them done in China, by someone who you never dealt with? I lived in China for three years, and I reaaally hope you have an agent and it's someone really trustworthy. I know it doesn't sound really nice, but take my advice and don't hesitate to be be picky and look twice at the quality.

    14. fmotta on

      I must have missed the voting for this.
      Personally, I am a fan of black. But if it cannot be black then some other color that does not draw attention is preferred. So, despite the late vote and regardless of being on a "losing color" color I would prefer blue - dark probably but kobalt is need be.

      I find that white and green electronic devices get stolen faster than others do. And red is just annoying for anything.

    15. antimix on

      Hello Camille,
      I hope you will put a "Kickstarter backer Special Limited Edition" stickers on them ;)


    16. Austin Herry on

      I voted for the dark blue, but might have called it grey because it was really dark and I asked about it a few times. I am pretty sure I saw at least one other person who had the same issue. Oh well.

    17. Chris TiMaG #14 L

      I think I voted for green. Now none of my devices off the grid will run out of juice :D