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High-Tech Low Cost patented state of the art solar solution, giving you 16 hrs reading light. A sustainable & sensible Adventure!
High-Tech Low Cost patented state of the art solar solution, giving you 16 hrs reading light. A sustainable & sensible Adventure!
787 backers pledged $48,399 to help bring this project to life.

24 Hours Left To Shine Bright For Kenya


24 hrs. ago I appealed to 670 of our WakaWaka Team Members to use the last 2 days of the WakaWaka campaign to make a difference for the Mwamtsefu school kids in Kenya. In 24 hrs you changed the lives of 53 ADDITIONAL kids with a WakaWaka Light donation! Excellent!!

We are now a Team of 736 WakaWaka Backers and in managed to raise $4,000 in only 24 hrs!! speechless, flabbergasted, awestruck, amazed, what words are there!!? is what we are to witness this! of course we are also actively appealing to all our personal friends and family one last time to support the Kenyan primary school students and create a major impact on their lives & futures with a free of charge WakaWaka solar light, donated by : YOU!

The school has 700 students in total. Yesterday 488 were still left empty handed, thanks to you the math is: 488-53 = 435. I am not sure whether we're able to provide all of them with a WakaWaka Light, but surely we can manage to change just a few more lives in the remaining 24 hours before Kickstarter closes it's doors for WakaWaka.

This will be the last time I appeal to you, the WakaWaka Kickstart Team: if you haven't followed the example of 53 team members in the last 24 hrs, there is still 1 whole day left to make a miracle happen for a student in Kenya.

Research has shown that students who switch from dangerous and expensive kerosene lights to free of charge solar light, tend to study twice as long in the evening which has a direct effect on their school results! Better grades = a Brighter future. Apart from this you will help save their families a lot of expenses on lighting fuel and your WakaWaka will have a signifcant impact on indoor air quality, preventing resperatory disease and if that wasn't all.. a child who reads under solar LED light has ZERO burn risk...

24 hours for the children of the Mwamtsefu school in Kenya. Google them, check them out, find them on the map and you'll understand that your plegde is extremely valuable to them.

THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE!!! for your last minute efforts! for spamming your network, twittering about WakaWaka, telling your wife, husband ,boyfriend, girlfriend, mom and dad, your kids about what you're doing here on Kickstarter. I don't exaggerate when I say you're leaving behind a legacy with your WakaWaka light in Kenya.

ok, I could go on and on and on, blame it on my excitement about what's happening!


Warm wishes to all of you.


ps 1. you'll hear from me again after the campaign ends, also about your address details and so on.

ps 2. we have started production on the test run series and funds for the field tests are now also secured!!! SO COOL!!!



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