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OuterEdge is a voxel-based FPS/RPG Sandbox Survival Game with exploration, customization, multiplayer, and tower defense elements.


OuterEdge is a voxel-based sandbox game at heart, but combines elements of many different genres including city-building, first person shooter, role playing, and tower defense. In OuterEdge, the player is thrown onto an alien planet and given the task of building and fortifying a settlement. To accomplish this mission, the player is tasked with gathering resources, recruiting NPCs, and defending his or her settlement from invasion. As the player continues to fortify his or her city, new items, NPCs, and gameplay options become available, increasing the freedom of the player. The game is designed to accommodate a large variety of playstyles, balancing combat, exploration, city micromanagement, and defense. 

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Here is a link to the pre-alpha engine demo

Be part of the silver backers (or higher) and get early access to the cosmetic eye editor
Be part of the silver backers (or higher) and get early access to the cosmetic eye editor


OuterEdge takes inspiration from a variety of different games and genres. Rather than simply copying and pasting, however, the goal is to build upon the best concepts from these games in order to create something completely new. Influences include:

  • Minecraft
  • The Fallout series
  • Counter Strike
  • The Elder Scrolls
  • Age of Empires
  • Dungeon Defenders
  • Tribes Ascend
  • Killing Floor
  • Call of Duty, Call of Duty: Zombies

What Makes Us Different?

OuterEdge has a unique progression system in addition to its sandbox elements. In contrast to games such as Minecraft or Starforge, progression in OuterEdge revolves to a large extent around the recruitment of NPCs. As the player’s settlement prospers, he or she may choose to recruit new NPCs and assign their stats and abilities. The player may even customize an NPC’s name and appearance. These characters may then be assigned different jobs and specializations (gather resources, defend the base, etc.) that the NPCs will perform automatically. In addition, the player may assume direct control over any NPC within a certain radius, allowing for a greater tactical advantage in combat and a more precise means of allocating jobs. This adds a unique gameplay element that sets OuterEdge apart from other games within the sandbox survival genre.


We are hoping to build a strong community to help us with creative input and feedback regarding OuterEdge. Backers will be able to follow our development and be granted first access to whatever updates we put out. We also look forward to allowing users to vote on content and changes to the game as well as brainstorm new ideas or provide feedback on issues such as balancing. OuterEdge is being built with modding and community interaction in mind. Even the rewards are designed with early created user content. We hope you all can join us. 

Gameplay / Customization / Design


  • Design, customize, and fortify your city
  • Recruit NPCs and manage their jobs and specializations
  • Research and unlock new powerful weapons and items
  • Manage a variety of resources including food, currency, and minerals


  • Journey out into the world to uncover new resources
  • The world is procedurally generated, so you'll find unique lanscapes every time you play
  • Collect these resources yourself or assign NPCs to do the work for you
  • Encounter new and varied enemies and creatures
  • This harsh landscape will reward the player daring enough to uncover its secrets


  • Within the classic day-night cycle, build/fortify/explore during the day and defend during the night
  • Experience alternating waves of enemies (and enemy types) depending on the day, season, moon cycle, and more
  • Understand the types of enemies you face and know their weaknesses, how they attack and how to counter these attacks.
  • Strategy is necessary: different enemies react in different ways. Sometimes a frontal assault is not the best option.
  • Be careful! Some enemies will try to drill through your defensive walls.
  • Some enemies (mini-bosses) will be able to tank through defenses and must be taken down through special means.
  • Enemies want to disable your base and kill your citizens. Protect these at all costs, because you're next!
  • Risk vs. Reward: On some worlds the longer you stay in the area the more aggressive and intense the enemy waves become.


  • Choose from an arsenal of modern, futuristic, and fantasy weapons
  • Prepare a fully-customizable player loadout
  • Craft/buy different ammo types including  hollow-point/FMJ/Incendiary/Explosive gained from resources found in the world
  • Customize each weapons' attachments, mods and skin
  • Power-Up your guns with mystical devices found throughout the world 


  • Buy/craft/upgrade various turrets
  • Place them throughout and around your base
  • Harvest seeds from plants found in nature to help you grow an organic system of defense. 
  • Choose how you feed these plants to determine how they evolve.


  • Based on a skill tree, decide how to spend experience and level your character's persistent abilities and skills
  • The game's Perk/Skill System is written in PHP/MySQL so it may be easily updated and customized
  • Experience can also be spent on various buffs to aid your character in battle, but be careful! As soon as you die, these buffs disappear.


  • During battle, fend off enemies from your base so you can get to time-sensitive objectives 
  • Mission types include Rescue missions, Elimination missions, and Settlement missions in addition to open exploration and city-building.
  • Careful! Sometimes taking a mission and leaving your base may result in the base being overcome.
  • You must weigh risks versus the rewards of a mission and decide how to approach it


  • Create a team of NPCs that you can dynamically assign orders to or directly control
  • Each member has his or her own specialization (Medic, Sniper, Support, Merchant, Miner, etc.)
  • Be careful! If these characters die during the day they will respawn immediately at your base, but if they are overcome at night they may only respawn when morning comes.


  • Join your friends' worlds with your NPC Team to help them fight the biome/world bosses, survive, or build their cities
  • Share/bring/trade the resources you have, bring back spoils to your own place.
  • Survival Games: a competitive mode where you compete with each other using survival means on a randomly generated terrain that slowly shrinks and increases in difficulty. 
  • Hardcore: A mode in which you must spend levels and sacrifice your skills in order to survive.


  • Use portal gates to explore nearby planets and moons which can provide much greater challenge and rewards
  • Unique resources can be gathered from each biome and world
  • Discover new enemies and what dangers and items they have to offer
  • Discover how to harness the mystical energy of this new universe


  • Sell weapons and resources you find to merchants
  • Purchase new items from these merchants depending upon the resources your city has available.
  • Build laboratories to craft new items from the resources you have, or assign NPCs to research new craftable items
  • Buy/Craft vehicles to make travel or combat easier


  • Build your base with as strong materials as you can get ahold off.
  • Each material has a durability tier as well as special properties so you can aesthetically or strategically decide which materials to use to best serve your tactics
  • Use resources to build automated defense systems
  • Recruit NPCs to perform routine tasks for you (collecting/defending/repairing/refilling)


  • Use destructive weapons to assault enemy bases. Bring their walls down!
  • Create drill machines to mine the earth.
  • Beware! Some enemies will strategize and build up resources and defenses for days before a fight
  • Deny your enemies the forces and resources they need to destroy you
  • Be proactive, or be ready for an intense fight


Persistence is important in OuterEdge. The world is essentially serialized, meaning each item and object can be locked onto the data grid. The creatures that are spawned are part of the environment spawning system. Enemies will spawn depending on their population and nearby nests.  Killing enemies and destroying their nest means you will have less competition for the limited resources.

Developer Version

Modifications can be used in a separate unranked version of the game. In this version, you can share a compiled version of the mods and resources with anyone that owns the game (developer or not) to play your mods.

Modify Graphics: Materials, models, shaders, and textures.

Modify scripts 
  • Use custom models
  • Modify recoil, fire rate. Make a gun that fires 10000 bullets per minute!
  • Make your own items, choose what they do
  • Decide how they are crafted
Design your own Skill trees, classes and perks 
  •  Choose their appearance, properties, strengths/weaknesses

Terrain generators 
  • Choose from a list of custom scripts that mold terrain. Decide how they naturally appear
  • Choose the foliage found throughout the world,
  • Make basic creatures. Choose their AI from a list.
  • Use custom models, decide their abilities, hp and speed

Alpha Release (expected Sep-Oct 2012) - Planned Features

  • Expected date depends on the success of this Kick Starter.
  • Buy/sell from merchants
  • 6 Defense Towers
    + Includes Minigun turret
    + Includes Grenade launcher turret
  • Collect 20 different resources
    +Includes wood
    +Includes dirt
    +Includes stone
    +Includes metals, power crystals
  • 15 different customizable/Upgradable guns
    +Includes real world assault rifles, sniper rifles, and pistols as well as futuristic and fantasy weapons
  • 10 different types of creatures
  • 5 biomes within 1 world
    + Includes Grassy Plains & Rocky Hills
    + Includes Ice & Snow
  • Class system (Skill tree)
    + Level up
    + Choose survivor skill perks and abilities
  • Basic NPC hired help
  • Minimal multiplayer
    +Join via TCP/UDP (req port forwarding)


The engine uses Ogre Graphics Engine, Bullet Physics Engine, Lua and Squirrel Scripting. Using those engines allows for a great amount of flexibility and efficiency. Its compiled for PC, but has the ability to be compiled/ported for OS or console if ever desired.  Many of the major gameplay systems have been developed in at least their basic form within this engine. In order to get the alpha out, it is simply a matter of adding the new content to the engine and ironing out the bugs. 


We are a small team with varied complimentary skills who have been working together on small projects since our high school days.

 Keith Tabert:

I currently work as a developer/graphic artist/game designer, focusing on the development of OuterEdge. I have been programming for more than 10 years. In that time, I have developed many small-scale projects and games for personal use. I am familiar with most modern techniques in game design and graphics and am dedicated to studying and understanding the game mechanics of nearly every game I play. I have studied university level Mathematics and Chemical Engineering, giving a solid background in various methodology, problem solving, and the development of realistic algorithms. These skills form a solid technical base from which to refine then engine, gameplay mechanics, and execution of OuterEdge.

Adam Ging:

I currently work as a concept designer/music composer /editor, focusing on the development of OuterEdge. I have been involved in concept design for more than 15 years which has offered a vast pool of ideas and knowledge that have fueled the unique look and feel of OuterEdge. I have a degree in Literature, which has given me vast experience in creating, developing, and editing through original composition, both fiction and nonfiction. I have a strong background in music, composing and applying musical enhancements to various projects. My extensive research of the gaming industry includes the game development process, specific developers’ operating methods, and marketing ideas. This gives me a solid point of reference from which to approach OuterEdge from a creative standpoint.

 Other help:

We have a small group of friends and associates (Jimmy, Chris, Justin, and Mike) who serve as additional brainstormers and guinea pigs. They not only give us a backboard to bounce ideas off of, but grant us different perspectives, allowing us to better polish and refine our ideas and execution.  

OUR GOAL - $20,000

Up to this point we have been developing the game, engine, art, and concepts in our spare time. Unfortunately, working jobs to eat, pay rent, and so on severely limits our ability to work on this project, and finding time to spend on this endeavor is becoming more difficult. After witnessing the amazing effects of Kickstarter we have decided to make this proposal. $20,000 may not seem like a lot of money to develop a game, but having this money will allow us to finally get our project off the ground and create something we hope others will be as excited about as we are. If we are able to meet or exceed our goal it will mean more time and resources available to us.

We would also like to mention that we plan to participate in Kicking it Forward ( Kicking It Forward is a movement that aims to give back to the indie game community in the form of Kickstarter pledges, helping to enable future projects. We hope you will consider our game, and if you personally do not feel inclined to pledge we hope that you will mention it to friends, family, or anyone you think might be interested. Thank you for checking us out. 


  • Its plan for PC, but most of the code was written with cross platform in mind (Ogre3D, Bullet, Audiere, Lua, Squirrel). If you want Linux we will need about $2,500 additional or specific funding to dedicate the time and resources to port and compile for Linux platform in time for the alpha version. If you want the Linux version you can let us know by sending us a message and donating toward it Linux port specifically. Otherwise if we just meet the funding goals we will work on a port after the beta release.

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  • Much like Linux the plan is for PC. Most of the code was written with cross platform in mind (Ogre3D, Bullet, Audiere, Lua, Squirrel). We have plans for an OS version but for the beta and release. If you want OS version faster, like Linux, we will need about $2,000 additional or specific funding to dedicate the time and resources to port and compile it. If you want the OS version you can let us know by sending us a message and donating toward Mac port specifically. Otherwise look forward to the beta and final release.

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    $5 off the game when it goes up for sale, limited access to alpha and beta process.

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    All previous rewards plus receive a complimentary digital copy of the game, access to limited alpha and full beta. Be part of the bronze sector and receive exclusive bronze-level cosmetic items for your character.

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    All previous rewards plus access to the developer version of the game which will be able to modify and play in an unranked mode in which you may modify guns, enemies, and block types. Full alpha/beta access. Your name will appear in the game credits under “Special Thanks.”

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    All previous rewards plus your name will appear in the game somewhere on a sign or decal. Get a mid-sized video game box (please include an additional $5 for shipping, $10 if outside US/Canada, if you want game box). Be part of the silver sector and receive exclusive silver-level cosmetic items for your character.

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    All previous rewards plus get to select a weapon (must be a real-world weapon) that makes it into the official game and help choose the special properties of an upgraded gun or weapon.

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    All previous rewards plus help design a block type, item, or crafting recipe that will appear in the game. Plus receive an exclusive T-Shirt featuring game art (Please include an additional $10 shipping if outside US/Canada, if you want T-Shirt). Be part of the gold sector and receive exclusive gold-level cosmetic items for your character.

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    All previous rewards plus help design a custom cosmetic skin for a weapon/armor/etc. that can be used exclusively by your character. Your name will appear in the game on a sign or decal, or as a biome/world boss.

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    All previous rewards plus help design a perk or ability. Receive a Limited Edition signed box copy, including a CD/DVD with concept art and other game content and a game manual. Be part of the diamond sector and receive exclusive diamond-level cosmetic items for your character.

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    All previous rewards plus help design an enemy (either choose a concept or theme for an enemy or actually design it yourself). Also get exclusive pre-alpha access, the occasional gameplay builds, and exclusive upcoming content.

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    All previous rewards plus design/decide concept behind a defense tower or structure type. Be part of the platinum sector receive exclusive platinum-level cosmetic items for your character.

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    All previous rewards plus design a special super gun or other weapon that will be named by/after you.

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    All previous rewards plus design an NPC that will be named by/after you.

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    All previous rewards plus help choose/design a biome theme and its elements, incl. foliage, items, enemies, and a boss.

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    All previous rewards plus help design an entire world theme, including enemies, biomes, bosses, block types, and special items such as weapons, which will be named after you. Plus design defense tower or structure type. You may also briefly describe the lore behind the world, guns and items. Your name will appear in the game on a sign, as an npc, or as a biome/world boss. Your name will appear in the credits in a special section. Also get the chance to play a game of your choosing with the developers (Minecraft, Counter Strike, Tribes Ascend, LFD2, TF2, etc.)

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