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Waggit takes the wrist wear of the human health care world and brings it into your dog’s collar.
Waggit takes the wrist wear of the human health care world and brings it into your dog’s collar.
Waggit takes the wrist wear of the human health care world and brings it into your dog’s collar.
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    1. Waggit Creator on

      @David Thanks so much!! That means everything to us. We truly couldn't do this without you guys! Also, if you haven't joined our Backer FB, we'd love to have you!

    2. Missing avatar

      David on

      This is by far the most communicative and transparent campaign I have ever been a part of. You guys are doing a truly amazing job not only in creating an amazing product, but providing an amazing experience for everyone involved. I am so excited to be a part of this.

    3. Waggit Creator on

      @Preston. Thanks!!

    4. Preston

      Thanks for the great update.

    5. Waggit Creator on

      @kalah We are sending it out early next week. :-) . Thanks!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Kalah Mueller

      I didn't receive any info on the private Fb group. Can you resend, please?

    7. Waggit Creator on

      @Preston- Good to know for the future! :-) Thanks!

    8. Preston

      Thanks for the update. FYI the Kickstarter lives don't work on mobile phones. But the Facebook lives do.

    9. Waggit Creator on

      @auffray Absolutely. Resending today. Please let us know if you don't receive it!

    10. AUFFRAY Clement on

      Hey wagging team, I have not received my backerkit survey. Do you mind sending again?

    11. Waggit Creator on

      @Haneet Absolutely. I will send an email now to the address you used on KickStarter so you can change the mailing address for your Waggit. If it needs to go to a different email, let me know at Sending it now.

    12. Missing avatar

      Haneet on

      Hi, I recently moved due to an emergency. I have placed a forwarding request with the United States Postal Service, but is there a way I can update my delivery address if the item hasn’t shipped?

    13. Waggit Creator on

      Thanks @Jessica. We are super excited to get your pups their Waggits too. It sounds like you have two smart and adventurous babes! Everything right now is on track for May. We are deep in the manufacturing process and will definitely keep all of you in the loop as we continue down this road!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Jessica Rymer

      Really looking forward to this! My dogs have escaped twice in the last couple weeks and I don't want to buy another product given that I've already backed this! I hope you're still on track for May!

    15. Waggit Creator on

      @stephen Just double checking that this was resolved per our messafging. Thanks! :-)

    16. Stephen Tsai on

      Hi I had originally pledged for 1 unit, but this weekend upgraded to 2 units. I see a pending charge on my credit card for the full amount of both, instead of the difference. Can you look into this? Thanks.

    17. Waggit Creator on

      @JohnFerguson Absolutely. Waggit has a leash ring and a tag clip so it can serve all needs. Excited for May too and Welcome to the pack.

    18. Missing avatar

      John Ferguson on

      Will the collar have a ring to connect a leash and tags to? I didn't see one in any of the pics or in the video and couldn't find any reference to one. I assume it does and backed for 2 but would like to know for certain.

      This is a great project and I'm looking forward to May. I hope everything goes well for Waggit.

    19. Waggit Creator on

      @anneCwind . Thanks!

    20. anneCwind on

      Thanks for your response to my question. Congratulations on a sucessful campaign.

    21. Waggit Creator on

      @preston Thanks for the advice!!

    22. Preston

      @creator no problem. I think you will be ok without an external survey unless you start adding add ons and the campaign gets crazy busy. The external surveys will take a percentage of your total pledge amount so I don't want you to spend money where it isn't needed.

    23. Waggit Creator on

      @preston Thanks for the support and for the explanation. It makes a lot of sense! Appreciate it.

    24. Preston

      @Waggit please give @anneCwind minimal consideration as her opinion doesn't represent the vast majority of KS backers. She is spamming all her projects with the same question. Surveys DO NOT add money for additional expenses. They serve multiple purposes including allowing backers to save for funds, pledge additional amounts for more quantities, and allowing more feature options which KS does provide because a campaign grows and develops organically but KS tools do not. Typically "add-ons" are additional features that the project creators thought could never occur but due to volume the cost becomes feasible. @anneCwind is falsely claiming that she has not encountered a Creator that uses the KS reward survey system. But after a quick perusal of her 908 KS backed projects I can tell you that the Adore scale, the Pockit, and the E.P. Light which I have also been a part of used the KS reward survey system. They did not use an external survey system. Of those three I really needed an external survey for E.P. Light because I ordered the WRONG light. I also wanted a light stand - which was an add on but part of the project. But I couldn't add that after the KS campaign ended. It was horrible for me as a backer. You don't need an external survey for add ons but it certainly helps especially for backers who didn't pledge additional funds during the campaign.

    25. Waggit Creator on

      @anneCwind Thanks for reaching out! We are still in the final stages of deciding who we are using for the surveys as the external ones help with fulfillment. I can tell you we will not be asking for additional payment or selling any add-ons. I agree that os absolutely not the purpose. Thanks!

    26. anneCwind on

      Are you planning on using the Kickstarter reward surveys to collect information? As a Superbacker I have been disturbed by the practice of Creators using external surveys that then ask for an additional payment for the Backer reward because of the Creator's unexpected expenses. These same surveys also offer "add-ons" and other products. Kickstarter is not a retail space. I don't appreciate Backers that treat it as one. Since I have yet to come across this practice with a Creator that uses the reward survey system provided by Kickstarter, I've recently decided to only back Creators that plan on using it. Therefore, please let me know your plans for Backer reward surveys. Thank you.

    27. Waggit Creator on

      @Donald, my sincere apologies for the delay getting back to you on the collars, as I was trying to get some better renderings knocked out for posting on the page. We're still finalizing the exact pattern for each, but primary band colors will be 1) dark chocolate 2) blue and 3) raspberry pink, as shown via color chips at bottom of the campaign page...near size options. I'm unable to attach images to this post, but if you'd like to email me at, I'd be happy to share a few "work in progress" design renderings. We will be sharing all final color/design options at end of campaign (plus one additional band design selected via our backers), and you'll be able to select both color and size before shipping. Hope that helps, but let me know if you have any other questions.

    28. Waggit Creator on

      @Donald, my cofounder is working on getting you the colors (should be tomorrow) and we do have more stretch goals coming...sneak peak---one is a special color voted on by this the black or black/white could happen. :-)

    29. Donald on

      This collar would be amazing Iman all black or a black and white option (or both)

    30. Donald on

      Can you guys upload pictures of what the collar looks like in the other available colors?

      Also any thoughts for other stretch goals to keep the funding momentum going throughout the campaign?

    31. Waggit Creator on

      @david. Great question. The collar does not conduct heat.

    32. Missing avatar

      David on

      Hey! I was wondering if there are any heat issues with the collar? Is it warm? I just don't want a hot collar bothering my pup.

    33. Waggit Creator on

      @youlian. I was able to connect with David and Preston. Feel free to reach out. :-)

    34. Waggit Creator on

      @youlian and @david. Yikes! I didn't catch the autocorrect. It is :-). Whoops

    35. Missing avatar


      same here....
      Your message wasn't delivered to because the address couldn't be found. Check for typos or unnecessary spaces and try again.

    36. Missing avatar

      David P on

      @susan: I tried to e-mail you at but it got bounced back as "Address not found".

    37. Waggit Creator on

      @youlian sounds great!

    38. Missing avatar


      @susan i'd like the report. i'll send you an email.

    39. Waggit Creator on

      @Preston. We don't have video of to working. We do have a due diligence report from our investors who used Waggit and wrote up their thoughts before syndicating the deal. We also could connect you with beta users. Fee free to email me at and I think we can get you what you need even if it isn't a video :-)

    40. Preston

      @Creator Do you have any videos showing a working prototype? I'd like to see the GPS feature working and other features integrated with the App. How do you the sensors deal with thick fur? Do you have any video testimonials from the beta testers?
      Thank you.

    41. Waggit Creator on

      @Josh I am so sorry you didn't see that Waggit currently only fits dogs 20# and larger. We call it out on the size options at the bottom of the page. We will have the smaller version later in the year and will also run a pre-sales campaign. As much as it saddens me, It makes the most sense for you to cancel your order and then follow us as I can't promise a ship date quite yet. That way you will be notified when we start pre-sales of the smaller version (and we will have presales discounts) Let us know if you have any other questions.

    42. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      I did some separate research and learned something that is not included on this kick starter page. My dog only weighs about 10 pounds. I pledged an amount but is there a way to have that be for when a version small enough for my dog comes out? Was I wrong when I found that he minimum sized dog is 20 pounds?

    43. Waggit Creator on

      @youlian The Modem and cellular service are different in New Zealand. We plan to expand Internationally when we scale. I wish we could do them all at once. :-)

    44. Waggit Creator on

      @chris Thanks for the kind words. You are correct that right now we are only shipping to the US, Canada, and Mexico. The Modem and cellular service are different in New Zealand. We plan to expand Internationally when we scale. Appreciate as well the feedback on the subscription. Right now we have to pass thru the cost of the cellular service.

    45. Missing avatar


      @chris "Also from New Zealand so don’t think it would be compatible. "
      why would that be?

    46. Chris Conway

      Very interested in the product and pup analytics, but not in the subscription model. Also from New Zealand so don’t think it would be compatible.
      But like where this project is going. The 7 day battery life should be reassuring to pet owners :)

    47. Waggit Creator on

      @Donald We will have training content to help pet parents know how to train their pups with the sounds. We will also have content on how to train specific behaviors. The "gamified training" means your pup gets to earn points and badges for achievements. :-)

      Thanks for the idea on the stretch goal. We do have a speaker so your pup can hear the sounds. We will in the future be able to let people record their voices. Appreciate the suggestions!

    48. Donald on

      Thank you for your quick response and great update! Couple more questions I didn’t touch on before-

      1. Could you elaborate a little on what is meant by “gamified training?” Does this merely refer to the leaderboard and comparing activity scores vs other community members? Or is there some special training technique you’re referring to which is going to improve the effectiveness/speed of training somehow?

      2. For an additional feature/stretch goal, among the many other smart collars I’ve found (and I’ve researched these extensively for over a year), a great feature is an embedded microphone & speaker into the collar- this can definitely aid in remotely training/calling out to your pet (e.g. if they’re doing something bad that you see on a Home security cam you can tell them to stop or modify/reinforce/strengthen trained behaviors remotely). Also this would be useful if your dog gets lost, even though you might be able to find them with the GPS, depending on the situation, being able to tell your dog to “come home” might enable them to start coming back to you or make them findable. Also it would allow you to hear if your dog is in pain, or barking, etc. and give the owner the opportunity to act on this info. The WÜF smart collar implements these features and they sound very useful.

    49. Waggit Creator on

      @Donald Thanks for the excitement! Waggit is a very different product from Kyon.

      Since dogs intentionally hide pain, finding diseases like cancer early is super rare. We spend thousands trying to save them and it is usually too late.

      Waggit is the only health & well being monitor that provides key indicators to help detect health conditions early, improving and possibly extending the life of our dogs.

      The true insights come from the combination of vitals, body positions, sleep quality, activity, nutrition, location, and ambient temperature vs a dog’s own baselines.
      • For example, we will send an alert if your dog’s respiration and heart rate are trending up, he is no longer lying on his left side, and he is not sleeping as well as usual. Our vets have told us getting this intel early can likely save your dog’s life and save the pet parent thousands in vet bills.
      • On top of alerts, you will have access to all his trend data so you can have peace of mind knowing he is healthy, manage his pain when he is not…and easily share a report with your vet.
      • From a safety perspective, have smart ambient temperature alerts and find my dog, and virtual fence
      • We also have activity tracking, gamified training, leaderboards and badges for added fun.

      Waggit’s differentiator lies in the actionable insights from multiple data points making it truly life-changing vs a novelty. To your specific questions:

      1) Waggit learns every dog's baselines and then alerts to changes. On the vitals, we track heart rate, respiration rate, and body temperature. We get reads every 5 minutes and then report out to the app every 4 hours. That allows us to ensure high quality of data.

      2) We do not plan on alerting when the collar was wet. So many of our Waggit dogs go swimming in their Waggit's.

      3) We get veery accurate location reads from our GPS. I found my Waggit in the grass when it wasn't on my dog.

      4) We do have three sounds for training. One for positive reinforcement, one for a correction, and one to get attention at a distance.

      5) We do plan on a future integration with auto feeders as we have your dog's activity and calories burned so we can add tons of value.

      6) Agree 100% on the app updates. We have also made all the code on the collar easily updatable so we can continue to add features.

      Thank you and feel free to reach out to mew as well.

    50. Waggit Creator on

      @Donald We do have some fun Stretch Goals planned! We will be posting them soon. :-)

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