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Books and PDFs are now for sale via out website! Thanks so much for your fantastic support :)
Books and PDFs are now for sale via out website! Thanks so much for your fantastic support :)
1,265 backers pledged AU$ 113,975 to help bring this project to life.

The latest Fragged Kickstarter is live!!!

Posted by Wade Dyer (Creator)
Three new map-filled region based RPG books for Fragged Empire (Mishpacha), Aeternum (Greyburgh Market) and Kingdom (Arcane Bay). These books will have a focus on lore, with plenty of maps, factions, NPCs and locations. They will also include additional rule options for PCs and GMs.
Three new map-filled region based RPG books for Fragged Empire (Mishpacha), Aeternum (Greyburgh Market) and Kingdom (Arcane Bay). These books will have a focus on lore, with plenty of maps, factions, NPCs and locations. They will also include additional rule options for PCs and GMs.

Thanks for your support :) Fragged has come a long way over these past 4+ years.

The 2nd Fragged Empire Kickstarter is live!

Posted by Wade Dyer (Creator)

The next Fragged Kickstarter launches next week!

Posted by Wade Dyer (Creator)

Hi all, I hope you have been enjoying your Fragged games (currently I have my players defending a ungrateful planet from a Nephilim army) and are ready for more! Because our next Kickstarter for the Protagonist Archive and a range of 9 very high quality resin minis launches next week!!!

Notes: This is Saturday night, Melbourne Australia time (GMT +11). I will post on my facebook, and twitter pages once I know the exact hour.


When will the playtest PDFs be made available? 1-2 weeks after the KS finishes.

How much will the Protagonist Archive cost? $50aud ($38usd, ‎€34).

How much will each mini cost? $25aud for a standard mini.

Will you have additional products, like dice, GM Screens, Adventure? My very first stretch goals will be to make the book bigger and better, then we will announce some extra stuff :)

I have a really cool idea for a Trait or piece of equipment, will you put it in the book? Maybe, post it up on our subreddit page. If I its a good fit, I will put it in.

Please Spread the Word!

The more people we can get on board, the better we can make this project :D

And thanks again for your support over this past year and a half, words cant express how greatful I am.

Final North American orders have started to go out, and final campaign summary.

Posted by Wade Dyer (Creator)

I have just received confirmation from my warehouse, the final North American orders have started to go out! They should be all out by Friday.

Sorry for not updating people sooner, I wanted to wait until the books were being physically sent off to you. Thanks so much to those backers who have been waiting so patiently.

A Message from the Warehouse:

"Greetings Fragged Empire Backers!
We're happy to be shipping Fragged Empire for Design Ministries.

Shipment notifications will be arriving to the email you provided when you completed the survey.

When you receive your shipment, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly by phone toll-free at 1-844-SHIP NAKED, via email at or by text or voice at +01 603-401-9386. Our offices are open from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday Eastern Time. We strive to respond to all requests by the next business day, so if we're on the line or out of the office when you call, please leave a voicemail."

- Ship Naked


Campaign Breakdown

Now that the last orders are being sent out, and 99.9% of all invoices have been paid, lets do a campaign breakdown!

Total amount of money raised via crowdfunding: $134,708 aud
+I put some extra money in.

As you can all see I ended up putting some of my own money into the project, this was to allow me to purchase additional product to sell post KS, and to cover extra shipping costs. Originally I had planed to pay for the additional books from the campaigns profits, but unfortunately the Australian dollar dropped from 0.95us to 0.72us right when I was paying for printing and shipping.

I am confident post campaign sales will cover this.

No real surprises here. Writing ended up being more expensive than I had originally planed due to editing and the short stories. Shipping was also higher than it needed to be due to problems with my UK warehouse. Artwork ended up being a little lower than expected.

Big shout out to my printers, Everbest Printing: they did a FANTASTIC job. Swapping to them from my original printer was one of the best choices I made.

Total number of Backers: 1,352 (94% via Kickstarter).

Go Australia! (population 23 million)


What does the future hold for Fragged Empire?

Next year is going to be an exciting year for Fragged. I have several projects planned, though their development speed will greatly depend on book sales.

The current Plan (in order of execution):

1) High quality resin miniatures!! A limited number of these will go on sale early next year via my website. Resin minis are slow to develop and produce, but I am VERY happy with their quality.

2) The Protagonist Archive expansion. Kickstarter campaign, early/mid 2016
This is my primary project at the moment.

(Side note: if you want to see the stats for the new races check out the Fragged Empire subreddit page).

2) Fragged Empire board game. This will be developed by another company, so I cant give any confirmation/details until contract are signed (hope to have this done early next year).

3) Fragged Empire skirmish game. This is a long project of mine. Risks on a project like this are fairly high so development will be slow and cautious.


Photos and Art!

Rachel Swagger in resin! I am SOOOOOO happy with this miniature, and I am so glad that I took the time needed to find and work with excellent sculptors and producers rather than push out minis during my campaign.

She will be for sale in January. I am also developing minis for all of the Fragged races.

Two of our new NPC races; the Echo's (Psionic ghosts, mortal enemies of the Remnant), and the Faren (the Aliens who live inside the Twi-Far).

 One of the new playable race: Remnant.

 And one of the other playable races: Zhou.

Thanks so much for your Support!

Now go out there and created cool stories with your friends :D

Shipping Update, Retail, Translations, a Sneak Peek at the PA, etc...

Posted by Wade Dyer (Creator)

Hi all, a quick Fragged Empire update on shipping, the Protagonist Archive and a few extra bits and pieces.

All Books are out, except for about 120 North American Orders.

The final books will be arriving in my American warehouse "this week" (at least, that is what i have been told). The American warehouse has been paid, and has all the information they need, so I expect things to go smoothly.

If you are one of these backers and you wish to change your address, PLEASE message me ASAP!!

So what went wrong with shipping?

As most of you know, we had some major delays with shipping (shipping issues seems to be a right of passage for new Kickstarter creators :P ). As disappointed as I am with the delays, I am still ecstatic to have my books out there being enjoyed, and I have learned so much through this trouble.

So what lessons have I learned?

1) Don't blindly follow the advice of other people, even if they are incredibly experienced and you are paying them. No one knows your project and your situation better than you, and no one is as invested in it as you are.

2) Try not to get married and move house while in the final stages of a large Kickstarter project. It makes it hard to organise complex worldwide logistics.

3) Get warehouse quotes and plans locked down in writing before you ship them your books... otherwise the warehouse holds all the power, as they know you have no choice but to go with them.


The books have gone public in Australia. But they will not go public outside of Australia (even Digital) until all Backers have their books.

"Backer First!"


I currently have signed deals to have Fragged translated into Spanish (Holocubierta), French (Le 7eme Cercle), and German (Ulisses Spiele)!!!

These projects are being managed by other companies, so I have little say over how long they will take to complete (maybe message them yourselves to let them know you are excited to see the translated books!!!).

Updated Website

I recently updated my website!

As I get time, I hope to update it with more free resources (Quick Start rules are very high on my priority list).

Sneak Peak at the Protagonist Archive

As you all know, my team and I have been hard at work on our next book, the Protagonist Archive!!!

I am incredibly excited by this new book. While many of our extra books have been aimed at GMs (Antagonist Archive, GM Screen, Modules), this book will be primarily aimed at PCs (but still lots of extra stuff for GMs).

Here is a quick list of everything I hope to include (some of these may require stretch goals):

  • Extend the timeline by 5 more years.
  • 4 new playable races (Remnant, Palantor, Twi-Far, Zhou).
  • 4 new major antagonist groups/races (Echoes, Oni, Faren, and Augments).
  • Extensive setting guide that focuses on the new races, and Psionics.
  • Large list of PC friendly factions.
  • Large list of NPC leaders (eg: The Board of Management, Devwi-Ich, Grandma Jinx, The All-Prophet, etc...).
  • Locations (Eg: Cerberus System).
  • Optional Rules: For faster combat and no Resource/Influence maximums.
  • Extra base Weapons (eg: A Crit 4 Pistol, Psionic Weapons, new Tactical Computers).
  • Extra Variations (eg: For Outfits and Combat Computers).
  • Extra Equipment (eg: Mounts).
  • LOTS of new Traits (about 60% more!!!).
  • LOTS of awesome art and stories!!!

These 4 new races have always been a part of this setting in my mind, but had been cut out of the Core Rule Book to make it more refined and focused. This books should be about 200 pages.

My hope is to Kickstart this book (and the completion of the Antagonist Archive 2) mid next year.

Now enjoy some art!

The timeline for the new races (hint, that line on the right is the Mechonids).

 The Legion homeworld of Cerberus Prime!! I LOVE this image!!