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PDFs have been sent out, books should go out early 2018.
PDFs have been sent out, books should go out early 2018.
1,103 backers pledged AU$ 92,156 to help bring this project to life.

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The latest Fragged Kickstarter is live!!!

Posted by Wade Dyer (Creator)

Fragged: Dieselpunk Mecha RPG is live on Kickstarter!!!

Posted by Wade Dyer (Creator)


Thanks so much for your support :) It is greatly appreciated.

Fragged: Dieselpunk Mecha.

Posted by Wade Dyer (Creator)


Hi all, as most of you may already know, I've been working on a cool little project to make another setting and rule adaption booklet for Fragged; Dieselpunk Mechs!!!

The rules are written, the lore is being worked on and I'm wanting to get it out to you in the best possible way, and I would be really grateful if you could take the time to answer a 1 question long survey: "Should I release Dieselpunk Mecha via a short Kickstarter?"

  • 1) No, release it ASAP via DriveThruRPG.
  • 2) Yes, as a 1 week long Kickstarter campaign.

Link to the Survey:

I have been running this survey over the weekend via my social media pages, and the current results are in favour of running a short Kickstarter, but the more replies I receive the more confident I will feel about running a new campaign. I will post up the full results and my final plans on my Facebook, Discord, and Reddit pages in a couple of days.


If I release directly via DriveThruRPG, Fragged Dieselpunk Mecha should be released in about 2 weeks. This will be a quick, clean and simple product release.

If I run a Kickstarter campaign, it will be for just 1 Week and will have a low token goal of just $1 or $1k. And every $1000 over this goal will unlock 2 more pages of setting lore. I should be able to run this campaign in about 1-2 weeks time.


  • Dieselpunk Mecha will only be made available as a PDF, not as a printed book.
  • It is currently 50 pages long, with 8 pages dedicated to lore.
  • It will also include rules for inserting Mechs into other Fragged settings.
  • The Mechs will have a 'heavy' feel about them (ie: slow moving, managing Heat, blowing off limbs etc...), not agile (ie: not Mechs vs giant monsters).
  • But if the Kickstarter goes crazy nuts, all rules are off and I might do a Print on Demand copy of the booklet, and add in giant monsters :D

Rewards go out Soon!

Posted by Wade Dyer (Creator)


Everything is going great and our products are on their way to me and my warehouses across the world! After looking over the books and dice I am EXTREMELY happy with the final result :D


I hope to start sending out everyone’s rewards within a few weeks. PLEASE make sure your BackerKit addresses are finalised within the next few days.


The Plan for 2018

This year is going to be a little different for us as I won’t be running another Kickstarter (I hope to run one in 2019) as I wish to spend more of my energy on producing support material for our 4 settings and building up our communities.


Initial PDF Supplements Plan:

  • FE: Hacked (available now, optional rules for FE, this PDF was a KS stretch goal).
  • FE: Armoury (a huge collection of pre-made personal Weapons and Outfits)
  • FK: Classic Races & Magic (available now, adapts FK races and magic rule systems to a classic RPG feel).
  • FA Adventure: Endless Depths.
  • FK Adventure: Blood & Snow.
  • FS: Armoury.

Future supplement releases will largely dependent on how well these supplements are received by our community.

Some ‘Possible’ PDF Supplements:

  • FK and FA: Armoury.
  • FE and FS: Ships (a huge collection of pre-made ships and ship weapons).
  • FE: Wars amidst the Stars, 50k, Cyberpunk and Mechs & Machines (adapts the FE rules to various popular sci-fi settings).
  • FE and FS adventures.

2019's Fragged Kickstarter

I'm not 100% sure about what our next Kickstarter will be for, as I have a few ideas bouncing around in my head. It will most likely be a new FE book (as I want to talk about the Oni and the Tolatl), but I'm also keen to make some Antagonist Archive styled books for our new settings. I'm also working on a miniatures game, but the development of that project will run parallel to my RPG books.

Discord Server

I also wanted to take this chance to give another shoutout to our Fragged Discord community. I have been blown away by how active people have been on there (we are also at 113 members), where people have not only been talking about Fragged, but also RPGs in general, computer games, running online gaming sessions and planing community projects.

I will also be running more live chat session on our Discord server, where people can talk to me about whatever they want; rules, settings, GMing tips, how to make your own RPG, relationship advice... anything at all :P I will post the time/date details for these live chats on the channel, and on my Facebook and Twitter feeds.

All PDFs Have Gone Out!!!!!

Posted by Wade Dyer (Creator)

Now go play some games and enjoy reading some fluff!

Did you miss your PDF emails?

  • 1) Check your spam folder.
  • 2) Log into your DriveThru account and click "My Library" (top right of the page).
  • 3) Send me a private message, and I will sort things out for you.

The Plan:

  • PDFs will be made publicly available via DriveThru within the next couple of days.
  • "Fragged Kingdom: Classic Races & Magic" PDF will be made available via DriveThru later this week.
  • The final files will be sent to the printers next week.
  • Minis will go out in January.
  • Books and dice should go out in Feb/March.

I Need your Help!

If you’re enjoying my books it would mean the world to me if you rated them on DriveThruRPG and shared your thoughts with your friends and communities. Producing these 3 new settings has been a hugely ambitious project, and I hope to produce more books and booklets for those settings that sell well.

If you spot any typos in the PDFs (there are always a few), please feel free to post them up on our Subreddit (, or send me an email (

Fragged Community:

If you want to connect with more Fragged players, GMs, (and me,) be sure to check out these community channels: