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VRGO creates an immersive and responsive virtual reality experience through hands free movement at the touch of a button.
VRGO creates an immersive and responsive virtual reality experience through hands free movement at the touch of a button.
VRGO creates an immersive and responsive virtual reality experience through hands free movement at the touch of a button.
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      So one big issue I'm having is that the VRGO keyboard emulation option only outputs one set of non configurable keyboard strokes (that isn't often the one I need), and also seems to send an extra keystroke to simulate a "run" key when the VRGO is very tilted (which it more often then not shouldn't be doing) : What software should I use, to reconfigure those 5 keystrokes the VRGO is using for up/right/down/left/running ?

    2. Joe Ryan Creator on

      Hi Sultan, thanks for your question. You have to pay for the delivery through
      We have sent you a discount code that you can use to discount the entire shopping basket.

    3. Missing avatar

      Sultan Saleh Al-Salem 1

      I don't receive my item

    4. Missing avatar


      So far :
      - Using VRGO as a keyboard input works (as long as the game supports the type of keyboard you're using).
      - Using VRGO as an xbox thumbpad requires going through some loops (I posted my experience in the comments of the "July 17 update").
      - As for using VRGO as a Touch thumbpad... I'm not sure you can yet. It's more like you have to use the VRGO in keyboard mode, and that's assuming your Touch game supports keyboard movement, and also supports the kind of keyboard you are using ("QWERTY", "AZERTY" and other...).

      These are just my temporary first impressions, because I haven't hear back from any other VRGO owner yet.

    5. Missing avatar


      So as a "Super Early Bird" backer, I received my VRGO chair today...

      I think what I need now, is a VRGO forum to go discuss about it :)

    6. Joe Ryan Creator on

      Hi Baudrin, Thanks for the question. Backers can choose any colour from our range. We asked for colour preference originally to have an idea on what quantities to manufacture.

    7. Missing avatar


      On the purchase site we have to choose the color again : Fortunately I had no problem remembering the color I chose here a few months ago, but what happens if someone ends up choosing a different color then the one he chose here ?

    8. Joe Ryan Creator on

      Hi NERO, we are doing the shipping update this coming Monday. We are aiming to start shipping product by the end of next week.

    9. NERO

      Hi Joe seeing as we're now into July I think we're due some sort of status update?

    10. Joe Ryan Creator on

      Hi Kevin, I've sent you a reply within updates on the delivery.

    11. Kevin Taylor on

      Any news for the backers. Just received the May newsletter but nothing in there about delivering a product to the backers

    12. Joe Ryan Creator on

      Hi Joseph and John, please see the most recent update on the current state of manufacture.

    13. Joseph J Lazar on

      This is what they told me on twitter: "Hey Joe. We are looking to complete final assembly of out first batch in April. We have just completed our testing for CE mark"

    14. Joseph J Lazar on

      TAP TAP TAP ..hello?

    15. Missing avatar

      John Taylor on

      Hi Joe. The Jan update said the next update would be in 2 weeks and delivery in March. Could you post an update please?

    16. Missing avatar

      carlos manning on

      Ryan thank you for your message I'm just a big kid who is really excited about your journey

    17. Joe Ryan Creator on

      Hi Carlos and Kevin, we are going to give an update this Friday. Our focus is getting the electronics, manufacture and logistics done right at the cost of our community management. All I can say now before the update is that it is all coming together. Thanks for your patience once again.

    18. Missing avatar

      carlos manning on

      I've backed hundreds of new products on various platforms like this and it still makes me wonder why after all the feedback from backers which says they just want communication good bad or indifferent about progress why it is still a problem we believe in you and your dream that's why we backed you and we know it's not all going to go to plan so just a little line would be nice

    19. Kevin Taylor on

      Hi All,

      Sorry to keep posting here, has anyone heard anything this year about the VRGO chair. I'm waiting for my Elite Chair. And had no communication since the update in November.



    20. Kevin Taylor on

      Hi, Is there a further update on delivery etc. I've not heard anything since November 24th. Thanks Kevin

    21. Missing avatar

      carlos manning on

      Let's have conversation her guys it's what make it all work unless I'm missing something

    22. Missing avatar


      "We are aiming to ship the first batch of VRGOs this side of Christmas". Christmas is close... any updates in this regard?

    23. Joe Ryan Creator on

      Hi NERO, sorry its been so long for the update, there really isn't an excuse for the delay. We have been focused on delivering the best possible VRGO we can make as we do not want to disappoint. I hope that our most recent update reassures you to our commitment (and progress) and that we will deliver the product as quickly as we possibly can.

    24. Missing avatar


      do you think so? they don't seem.

    25. NERO

      I think we deserve some sort of update now?

    26. NERO
      on it going?

    27. Missing avatar


      Since this project is finished. I think I can speak about another project I stumbled upon today. It calls MVR Ascend ( What is it? it may look like a regular VR headset for smartphone but it is not just that:
      - You can use your own smartphone as a VR display for the usual VR experience.
      - You can also display game streaming from PS4 and PC with the smartphone.
      - There is a dedicated screen (mandatory for XBOX One) in replacement of the smartphone.
      - You can display game streaming from PS4, XBOX One and PC with the dedicated screen.
      - There are two types of controllers: one for PS4/PC, the other for XBOX One/PC. Both look pretty much as their originals with additional functions.
      - The headset has interchangeable 2D & 3D lens adapters.
      - The headset has also its own head tracking to be used for PS4, XBOX One and PC.
      - The headset is tether-free between the PC/Console and the couple headset-controller through a good WiFi connection.
      - The only wire is to connect the headset with the controller if you want to use the head tracking.
      - The headset has headphone.
      - The headset appear to have a transparency front-end to allow the front camera of your smartphone to operate: possible AR experience.
      - The headset has a flip-flop function so you can open the visor and see your real keyboard, read a game walk-through on a monitor, etc. without needing to remove the whole visor from your head.

    28. Joe Ryan Creator on

      Hi John, thanks for your comment and we've posted an update on our progress

    29. Joe Ryan Creator on

      Hi BAUDRIN GERALD, thanks for your support and your questions. The VRGO connects to either a PC/mac or mobile device as a joypad or keyboard input. If the VR content allows for both Touch/Vive controllers and either of these inputs at the same time then yes it will work. We will compile a list of all VR games/content that work with the VRGO and post this in a Wiki along with instructions on the different methods we used when making our YouTube videos.

    30. Missing avatar

      John Taylor on

      Hi joe please could we have an update on progress and ideally an eta for the first super early bird supporters.

    31. Missing avatar


      Despite a vastly superior budget and access to some of the best related minds in the planet, CV1 took Oculus VR ~4 years to complete (with Touch controllers still missing to this day) : I was expecting ~2 years (and a ~350$ ballpark...), counted every day, and I guess that's where my patience for VR things comes from.

      And they did mention that voting to hold onto the VRGO's storage compartment would create further delays.

      In my case I'd be more worried if they WEREN'T demonstrating the VRGO in computer shows, innovation competitions, and VR stores : They're alive and kicking, and their product works. Even if turning a working prototype into a durable high quality product is taking longer then expected.

    32. Missing avatar


      Seriously? VRGO hardware is nothing close to Occulus Rift CV1 hardware in complexity term. The fact this team is spending a lot of time (and probably money) in shows is not a safe situation - have they enough money to enter shows and build and ship their products? Their silence and their insane 6-month delay for such ridiculous hardware make me think they are probably not in position to ship us anything.

    33. Missing avatar


      yeah... sounds like 6-month delayed... an half year.

    34. Missing avatar


      now 5-month delayed... soon 6-month delayed?

    35. Missing avatar


      Did you get a chance to try out the VRGO with the current HTC Vive wand controllers, and incoming Touch controllers for wireless compatibility issues, or for optimizing the way they can work together without the software directly supporting VRGO.

      Such as allowing the VRGO to emulate the Touch thumbstick or wand touchpad (VR software rarely supports keyboard input), because one of the selling point of the VRGO chair is how it can free up you hands for a (pair of) hand controller(s).

      Like does VRGO already work out of the box with HTC Vive style teleportation mechanics, wand based FPS titles and more ?

      PS : A few thousand early Touch controllers should already be available to various software developers out there.

    36. Missing avatar

      Marios Mitella on

      thanks for keeping us seem to be overcoming the hurdles bit by bit, I'm sure the final product will be worth the wait. I'd definitely rather wait longer so that it works out better

    37. Joe Ryan Creator on

      Hi Nero - please see the update last update for the results of the survey

    38. Joe Ryan Creator on

      Hi Hlide - please see the new update for more info on progress

    39. Missing avatar


      Any progress?

    40. NERO

      @Joe... So...what was the result of the survey?

    41. Missing avatar


      Repeating a post from updates:

      I don't understand... I was under impression that your prototypes were close to final products. And still you have issues with a BT board and how to make this openable chair steady after three months delay? This project starts making me uncomfortable... it isn't cheap at all and I have no idea how much the shipping cost shall be added the the overall price - especially if the product is sent from outside of Europe.

      If you think to make this chair openable is problematic, then just glue it and absorb the shipping charge in the pledge. After all with all those delays for what look like simple matters, I will extremely displeased if I still need to pay something for it.

    42. Missing avatar


      I'll just throw in two ideas :
      - The ability to screw the top part in the bottom part (same screwing mechanism as a plastic water bottle).
      - Glue the two parts, but have a side trap that can be opened to store things inside.
      - For inspiration did you check how Kinder pulls it off with it with it's plastic surprise egg ? ^^

      And while I'm at it I'll throw in something mostly unrelated :
      - How about having a fixed base, and having only the top part of the chair (the seat) rotate at the top of that fixed base. The idea being that it would be more stable, possibly lighter (no need to weight down the base), and could be built higher and with less expensive materials. And also have the side effect of making it easier to store something in the bottom part. Maybe this is an idea for a future version 2.0...

      PS : I don't care about storing something inside, and in fact I would probably NOT want to store a VR headset in it (maybe controllers and various cables instead). However in my case it's also because my VR headset is tethered to a PC anyway (plenty more things to carry around), so for me the ability to store and carry the VR headset in the VRGO chair is more of a mobile VR headset kind of thing.

    43. Petr Legkov on

      so maybe at least an update, like short one?

    44. NERO

      Hi Joe... still no update? I know your probably busy but part of the fascination with backing projects on KS is getting the "behind the scenes" stuff that goes on with any complex project... good or bad.. hope to see something soon...?

    45. Joe Ryan Creator on

      Hi hlide, we are hard at work finishing off the sensor module to start testing properly. The module is taking longer than anticipated and we will give everyone a proper update as soon as the testing phase begins. As Baudrin says we won't ship until the chair has been throughly tested so we hope you can bear with us in the mean time. Joe

    46. Missing avatar


      Yes there have been delays...

      But the last news I heard from VRGO outside of here is only 2 months old, so it's still going strong :

      Also Oculus VR is said to be looking into tilting the body as a way to reduce motion sickness, which confirms what has been said about the positive effect of VRGO's own tilting.

      We just need to bear with the delays (the CV1 release did worse), for the sake of a more polished product : We Kickstarters will also be the first reviewers of the VRGO, so making a good first impression matters :)

    47. Missing avatar


      The delivery of my rewards was supposed to happen almost three months ago. No news since then (I don't come here often). Hope that VRGO is not turning into VapoRGO...

    48. Joe Ryan Creator on

      Hi Nero - Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry for the delay in getting the shop open. The webshop has taken a little bit of a backseat as we are finalising aspects of the design including how the chair locks together. We are planing on releasing a update at the end of the month that will detail everything with regard to manufacture and delivery. This will include the launch of the webshop.

      Thanks from the VRGO team

    49. NERO

      So... how's it looking Joe? ...i notice the web store is still not up and running? ...are you still on target for starting delivery in July?

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