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The Power of the Canoe: Reintroducing the Art and Tradition of the Birch Bark Canoe to the Youth of the Temagami First Nation
126 backers pledged $11,618 to help bring this project to life.

Successfully Funded! What Next?

You are all awesome! Thank you for all the support and positive feedback.  It is truly an honor to receive these funds, which will allow us to bring Birch Bark Canoes back to Bear Island.

In the coming week, we will send out a survey to everyone who has supported the project.  This survey will ask a couple questions about your rewards, shipping, info, and other important things that will help you get the reward you want!

We are stoked for all of the canoe trips we will be doing with everyone this summer and fall!  If your reward doesn't include a Canoe Trip, please contact us and we can try to make that happen!

Thank you so much and again John and I are honored by the amount of support we have recieved from around the world including backers from Laos, Costa Rica, Canada, USA, Japan...The Power of the Canoe is evident around the world!

Thank you again and May the River be with YOU!

Adam and John