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A cyberpunk advertising tycoon strategy game, set in massive procedurally generated cities with a retro vision of cyberspace.
A cyberpunk advertising tycoon strategy game, set in massive procedurally generated cities with a retro vision of cyberspace.
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AdvertCity released today!

Posted by VoxelStorm (Creator)

A year ago this week, our Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded.  Today we are pleased to announce the launch and public release of AdvertCity!

It's been a long journey, and you've all helped to make this possible - thank you!

The release version is now available to download at

All download keys have now been mailed out to your Kickstarter email addresses.  If you can't see yours, please check your spam folder (and if it's there, help us out by marking it "not spam"!) - if you still haven't got it, don't worry - just send us a message on Kickstarter and we'll confirm your key for you.

Please help us to get the word out, and share this update on social media :)

Thank you all for being so awesome!


VoxelStorm Team

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    1. Fabiano Ferramosca on

      Thanks a lot! That was very useful.
      But really, yous should write a tiutorial or something, so everyone that didn't play beta could know this kind of things.

    2. VoxelStorm 2-time creator on

      @Fabiano: You can take a bigger loan from the bank, but it also helps to target your adverts carefully for the most effectiveness. Additional staff reduce your cooldown period, and the reason to buy additional buildings is to be able to move your headquarters to a larger building, which will expand your sphere of influence.

      Here are some tips from a discussion on the beta backer forum:
      Take some time to formulate a strategy before you borrow from the bank - examine building populations, learn about megacorp relationships etc.
      Take out only as much loan as you need, and just before you're going to spend it.
      Don't go for advertising on the biggest buildings first, try to find a balance between visibility and ad price so you get your money's worth.
      Try to initially advertise for those megacorps who have other technologies they can unlock for you easily; Desperate Designers and Posters of Interest are both good choices for initial clients, as they are willing to do business with you right away, and will quite quickly unlock technologies in their lower tiers.
      Pay attention to the different properties of each advertising technology, as they determine what sort of sites are best for deploying each. What works for flyers won't necessarily work for billboards, and what works for billboards may not be the best choice for blimps.
      Try to pay off your debt as quickly as possible - it is possible to repay your debt in part if you can't afford to pay off all of it, and this is often a good idea when raking in slow profits from long-running adverts, such as cyberspace ads.
      Don't forget to switch between cyberspace and meatspace frequently to get the most out of each advertising technology - cooldowns only apply per tech.
      Not all advertising is good advertising - be careful of spamming adverts carelessly, as ineffective ads lower your reputation with megacorps, and make it much harder to unlock their technologies in the long run.
      If your only problem is lack of growth, not debt, then consider borrowing a larger sum from the bank and splashing out on more expensive technologies, targeting those buildings with the most population and sites with the highest traffic.
      Consider focusing on just one or two clients at the start, and raising your reputation with them high enough to unlock their full technology tree.

      You should keep an eye on the effective radius of the adverts, flyers don't have much at all and are likely to only work on the building you use them on, so make sure there's at least a few people in there. If you start off by handing out a lot of flyers quickly you should be able to pay off your starting debt and move onto larger adverts which you can take more time to consider placement of.

      Working on reputation spread across a few corps is possibly more effective than just targetting one corp since the initial thresholds to unlock the first rank techs are lower, but that's balanced out by the hit you'll take from working with corps that dislike each other.

      Good luck!

    3. Fabiano Ferramosca on

      Ok, I have started to play the game. It is full of great ideas, but I think I need a tutorial. After I pay the lone from the bank, I barely have money to continue to advertize, Why am I suppose to hire staff and buy buildings?