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Create a printable 3D model of any object using only a depth camera and a web browser! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on September 1, 2013.

Create a printable 3D model of any object using only a depth camera and a web browser!

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About this project

Stretch goals announced!

Stretch goal #1: "Pimp-Me-Up!"
Help us reach $30,000 and we can add an additional feature in our Scan-to-Print app that include effects and filters on the texture of your 3D Scan. For example, you will be able to get a nice black and white or sepia-toned 3D model to print!

Stretch goal #2: "Fusionizer"
By achieving $50,000, we will incorporate the functionality of integrating your 3D scanned model into set objects easily with our Scan-to-Print app. You could create a customised chess piece, a case for your smartphone or even a personalised keychain!

The Future is Here. 

3D printers give you the promise to print amazing objects and unlock your creative potential. But to make 3D prints you have to first make a 3D model - and creating 3D prints from complex 3D models can quickly turn into a tricky process of complicated computer programs, tedious iterations and lots of melted plastic in the trash.

Imagine making a 3D model using only a depth camera and your browser, a process so quick that in moments your fully-textured 3D printable model loads on your web browser. The water-tight, closed model is then downloaded to your computer or sent off to an online printing service, ready to print. The dream of a replicator would be realized. The only limit would be your imagination.

Imagine being able to replicate anything you could film with a depth camera without ever leaving your browser.
Imagine being able to replicate anything you could film with a depth camera without ever leaving your browser.

Volumental's 3D Scan-to-Print web app will finally make this fantasy a reality as we're creating the world's first browser-based 3D printable model creator. If you have the skills to watch a movie on Netflix, you have the skills to create amazing 3D models to print.

Our amazing technology is the world's first that allows users to create usable, shareable 3D models of your living room sofa, grandfather, or a kitchen appliance all without leaving your browser window. 

Now we have come to you to help us create a 3D printing web app as fast, easy, and reliable as our 3D scanning solution. This new app will be perfect for those objects that you’ve always wanted to 3D print but were inaccessible due to either 3D modeling difficulties or the restrictions of desktop 3D scanners. Those restrictions are now gone.

But we're going to need your help.

As of today, our 3D scans are more suited for life online than 3D printing. This project will create a separate web app that will allow users to create 3D models perfectly suited for 3D printing. 

The main task is going to be to take current models and isolate the object within the model to 3D print, and then transform that 3D model into a water-tight and closed, printable model.

Your 3D model will load in the app. With some small adjustments, you'll be ready to print!
Your 3D model will load in the app. With some small adjustments, you'll be ready to print!

 Our team is stocked with some of the best and brightest programmers around, but to create the app we need a dedicated full-time developer to do some fancy backend algorithm work. This is not a pie-in-the-sky idea: we know how to do this, we just need more people and processing power to get it done. That's why we've come to you. 

We need $20,000 in funding to hire a dedicated developer for this project as well as to fund upgrades needed in server and processing hardware. We estimate that the app will take 3 months to develop if everything goes smoothly. First we'll be testing with our beta backers, then to the greater public. 

We have already developed some groundbreaking technology that is set to revolutionize the 3D landscape. Now we need your help to go that extra mile. The app will only be created if we can raise the funding. Support the app, be a part of the 3D revolution!

Meet the amazing team!

We spend a lot of time brainstorming interesting model ideas.
We spend a lot of time brainstorming interesting model ideas.

At Volumental, we've got science in our DNA. 

Alper, Rasmus, and Miro are three of our co-founders and make up our tech team. Alper has his Phd in Computer Science from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, where Rasmus and Miro are currently working towards theirs. All three of their theses deal with computer vision whether it be in robotics, object recognition or 3D modeling. 

Caroline is a co-founder, CEO and the brains behind the business. “Brains” being the apt word because Caroline has a degree in neuroscience from Cambridge. 

A 3D-scan made using and a depth camera of Caroline, co-founder and CEO of Volumental.

Besides the founders, we've assembled an international all-star team of Germans, Americans, Indians, Koreans, and Singaporeans who love everything 3D! Mikael, Moritz, Joe, Ernest, Balu and Esther work on sales, marketing, PR and business development. Sumit, Samuel, and Mikael help our tech founders make our website and tech better and better.

The new developer joins us this fall if this campaign is effective. They will develop awesome algorithms to make sure that your scans can be turned into easily printed 3D models!

 How can I use this? 

 We can't wait to see all the creative ideas you will have, but we have a few to get you started: 

 - 3D Print a chess set with your family's faces on the pieces 

 - Kids fighting over a toy? Replicate it! 

 - Easily replicate your dog, horse, cat, lizard, ferret, hamster, boa constrictor 

 -Make a dollhouse miniature of your sofa. 

 - 3D scan and print amazing, hard to find props for your next indie movie. (That's another Kickstarter project waiting to happen...)

It pays to be a backer!

Please back us if you think our idea is worth creating! It's also a fantastic opportunity to interact with our project while it's being created and to be the first to try it once it's done!

$1 Thank you so much, you 3D revolutionary, you! Get access to our Thank You video made by our new developer!

$10 One free download of a bust model you create. Print out the model at home or through a 3D printing service online (printing costs are not included). At this level you also get access to the official blog of our 3D Scan-to-Print developer! You'll get access to the Thank You video from the developer as well as regular blog updates and videos about how the app is going! This level is also included in all of our other levels above $10.

$35 We’ve rethought the idea of what a Kickstarter T-shirt could be. Our "I'm model material" American Apparel T-shirts make a statement and also connect you to our new scan-to-print web app via a QR code! (Until it is live, the code will link to our homepage)

Our T-shirts connect you and your friends to the new Scan-to-Print web app!
Our T-shirts connect you and your friends to the new Scan-to-Print web app!

$50 At this level we'll send you one 3D print in detail plastic of up to 5 cm3  of a 3D model you create, or of our public models!

$100 The "License to Model" level is the preferred level for those backers with a depth camera. For $100 you'll get 100 downloadable models (printing costs not included).

$300 Love Volumental but don’t have a depth camera? Problem solved. We’ll send a brand new depth camera to you as soon as possible and give you the "License to Model" level.

$500 When you become our Early-Bird Backer, you´ll get 2 years of free downloads (for non-commercial use only) plus a depth camera sent to you! Because you are so cool, you also get access to our developer, with Google Hangouts about the process of the app! You'll also get the 50 dollar level and T-Shirt. 

$2500 Get the full VIP treatment! Come to Stockholm (airfare and accomodations not included) to meet the team, pitch ideas, brainstorm 3D modeling and printing and get a behind-the-scenes look at our process. We'll also dine like Nobel Laureates at Stockholm's Stadshuset, where we will have any Nobel dinner of your choice at the venue where the ceremony is held every year!

Video Music credits: "Phase IV" by lo-fi is sci-fi

Risks and challenges

Development roadblocks: We have the know-how to get this done, but we need more people in our organization to help us do it! One of the problems is of course the unforeseen delays in programming and creation of the app. There are several moving pieces, will they all sync together the first time? Therefore, our delivery dates of these packages represent a worst-case scenario, so we can be sure that our Kickstarter backers stay happy.

Finding the Right People: This project involves funding a development project hinging on finding the right person to run it. There is a risk that the right person might be harder to find. However, we have a lot of knowledge in house and some stellar candidates ready to start helping us take the next step, we just need the money to hire them!

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  • The quick answer is the Xbox Kinect or a Primesense camera. Volumental currently supports any OpenNI compliant depth camera, and our scan-to-print app will do the same. The most common depth cameras are manufactured by Primesense, and those are the ones included in the $300 reward level.

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  • Of course! Being cloud-based means that we can work on both PC and Mac. Most of the 3D models seen in our video were scanned using a MacBook Air!

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  • Yes! If successfully funded the new app will automatically fill holes on partials scans.

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    Thank you, 3D revolutionary! You are making cloud-based 3D scanning better, faster and stronger! Get access to our thank you video!

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    Pledge $10 or more

    39 backers

    Beam me up: 1 download of a 3D bust to print at home or online (printing costs not included). You also get access to our blog written by the developer that you are employing! (This level also given to anyone above $10 as well)

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    Volumental American Apparel T-shirt "I'm model material" (pictured below) as well as the $10 level!

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $50 or more

    12 backers

    Get a print! We'll mail you a detail plastic 3D print of any 3D model you scan or choose from any public model in the new app!

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $100 or more

    24 backers

    License to Print: 100 printable models to download. So print out a whole chess set, figurines of your entire family, and then some! (Printing costs not included) You also get first beta access to the app and the $10 level!

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $300 or more

    19 backers

    Starting from Scratch: Get hooked up to start scanning! We'll send you a depth camera and you'll get a "License to Print" level as well!

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $500 or more

    7 backers Limited (43 left of 50)

    Early Bird Insider: We'll send you a depth camera AND you'll get 2 Years, of unlimited downloads (not for commercial use). You are so special, you also get Google hangouts with the developer you helped hire to share ideas and talk about the process!

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $2,500 or more

    2 backers

    VIP package: Meet the founders in Stockholm and brainstorm about your ideas for 3D scanning for the future. Afterwards, we'll treat you to a Nobel dinner from any year of your choice as well as the $500 reward level.

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    Ships anywhere in the world

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