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AU$ 12,791 pledged of AU$ 40,000 goal
By Dave Bleja
AU$ 12,791 pledged of AU$ 40,000 goal

Kickstarter and Beyond


Hi backers,

Now that the Kickstarter campaign is over, it's time to take stock. And, finally....to exhale. Ah....after a month of nonstop pressure, exhaling feels soooo good!

First of all - THANK YOU!!! A sincere, heartfelt thanks to all 180 of you who believed in us and gave us your support. Even though we didn't hit our target and your pledges were subsequently canceled, we're still very grateful to you for giving Spryke your vote of confidence!

The results of the campaign are obviously not as we'd hoped. But neither are they as we feared. While we never hit the critical mass required to tip the campaign over the line, the overall response we received was very positive. We received many passionate and encouraging messages from backers and onlookers, and a number of good write-ups, including the Cliqist article that declared that "Spryke deserves to be the next iconic platforming star". Among those who played the demo over the past month and gave feedback, the same three points kept coming up:

  • People loved Spryke's platforming mechanics, and described the controls as "feeling really good", "smooth", and "tight".
  • People loved the visual style, graphics and animation, and felt they were playing more than just a game, but a labour of love.
  • People were really impressed with the music and sound. 

Just as importantly, the negative feedback we received related predominantly to issues that we were already aware of but hadn't yet had time to address. For example, people complained that the demo currently lacks an options screen, has an uneven learning curve, and that some of the foreground graphics aren't yet as polished as the background graphics. These are all valid complaints, but thankfully they're a consequence of the unfinished state of the game's development rather than of problems in the core game itself. We totally agree with them, and they'll all be properly addressed in time. 

So while the kickstarter campaign was a hard slog, we're more confident than ever that there's an eager market out there for a tough-as-nails speedrunner with Spryke's unique artistic vision, and that Spryke will do well when it finally launches. 

What now?

One way or another, we'll still get Spryke made. It might be a bit more hard going now, and it may take a bit longer without the extra funds, but we will complete Spryke. We must. And we must do so without compromising on the quality or work ethic that has gotten us this far. We won't disappoint you. Expect a game even better than what you've seen (and played) so far. 

We may also launch another kickstarter campaign in several months. If so, we'll set the target much lower, and improve and flesh out several areas of the game before then. If we do, please come back and re-back us! 

Stick with us

We feel like a community has started to galvanise around Spryke during the past month, and we'll continue to talk with you folks whenever we have significant Spryke details to share. We'll send you updates from time to time showing new developments in the game, letting you know of a possible follow-up kickstarter campaign, and asking for your feedback on the game. 

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Thanks again, and stay tuned!

-The Spryke team.

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