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AU$ 12,791 pledged of AU$ 40,000 goal
By Dave Bleja
AU$ 12,791 pledged of AU$ 40,000 goal

The Spryke demo is here!!!

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We're delighted to announce that Spryke's demo is up, and ready to play! It showcases about 15 levels across 4 different worlds. We're sure you'll find that Spryke plays as well as it looks! You can download the demo here.

Know anyone who is on the fence about Spryke? Have any friends who like games like Super Meat Boy, Rayman, or Sonic? Then do us a solid and send them the link to the demo!!!  


All Or Nothing!

We want to remind everyone that the way Kickstarter works is, unfortunately, all or nothing. If we don't make our 40k target, no one's card is charged, and we don't get a cent.

So we really need your help to keep spreading the word about the game so we can make our target! Here are some ways you can help:

  • Share, share, share! Tell your friends and family about the campaign, and send them the link to our demo
  • Check out our rewards! We have some pretty awesome rewards on offer, including some unique items (both in-game and physical) that will never be available outside of kickstarter! So have a look through our rewards and if you see something like, increase your pledge to a higher tier. That really helps us!
  • Join our thunderclap campaign - it's a one-off thing that you can set and forget. It'll take you under a minute. Join here.
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