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AU$ 12,791 pledged of AU$ 40,000 goal
By Dave Bleja
AU$ 12,791 pledged of AU$ 40,000 goal

Spryke update #2


Hey Backers!

Thank you again for backing us and believing in Spryke! A hell of a lot of work has gone into Spryke over the last three years, and it has been very satisfying to be able to share some of it with you! 

One of the best things about running this kickstarter has been to see the genuine excitement people have for the game, and to meet so many encouraging and supportive people! We've also had some great reviews, including one from Cliqist, which you can read here: Spryke Deserves To Be The Next Iconic Platforming Star

We are trying hard to promote Spryke as best we can to reach our target so we can finish the game for you all to play. So please keep plugging it for us, and thanks so much to all of you have have written, blogged, pledged and shared. There is also a special update coming soon, so stay tuned!

More behind-the-scenes, with original concept sketches
In the last update, Dave shared some of the work that went on behind-the-scenes of Spryke, which is really mind-blowing stuff! You may also have seen a few of the concept sketches for the underwater levels of Spryke on our Facebook page

An original concept sketch like one shown here will be signed, framed and sent to Spryke backers at the Pilgrim level, and the concept art will also appear in the Digital Art and Lore Book that comes in tiers Sightseer and above.

Concept sketch for Spryke's underwater world.
Concept sketch for Spryke's underwater world.


Concept Sketch for Spryke's underwater world.
Concept Sketch for Spryke's underwater world.

We hope you enjoyed seeing some of Dave's under the hood workings of Spryke, and some of the worlds that we have lovingly been creating! Thanks again for supporting us so far, we really appreciate it and hope to be able to thank you by reaching our funding goal and delivering your rewards!

To help us reach our goal, here are 3 other ways you can help Spryke:

1) Reach out to one or two friends, tell them why you think Spryke is great, and ask them to back it too!

Making posts to loads of social media followers is one thing. But one-on-one personal messages between friends are so much more powerful. And that's where we need your help!!

2) Join our Thunderclap campaign

What's Thunderclap? It's a simple service that lets all of our fans post about Spryke at exactly the same time (just once), for maximum impact. Take a few seconds to join our Thunderclap campaign here.

3) Share our behind-the-scenes video and concept artwork

Forward this email, or link to the behind-the-scenes video on youtube. If people you know love what they see, please encourage them also to pledge and get behind us!

Thanks again for your support so far! Keep your eye out for a special update we have coming on Monday....


Aimee Burslem
Concept and Character Designer for Spryke.

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    1. N. Cooper on October 21, 2016

      Already joined the Thunderclap, hope we can see some love from Kickstarter itself soon. Keep up the great work!