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Made from aerospace-grade carbon fiber, our case, wall mount, and bike mount enables you to securely mount your iPhone magnetically.
Made from aerospace-grade carbon fiber, our case, wall mount, and bike mount enables you to securely mount your iPhone magnetically.
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    1. Arik Dreher on April 6, 2015

      This project here is very disappointing. Refunds its the least Volar can do! Better would be a carbon fiber mount for the iPhone 6 :o)

    2. Missing avatar

      Judy Bessel on April 3, 2015

      The Kickstarter FAQ clearly states: "If the problems are severe enough that the creator can't fulfill their project, creators need to find a resolution. Steps should include offering refunds, detailing exactly how funds were used, and other actions to satisfy backers." None of this has been done.

    3. Missing avatar

      Judy Bessel on October 15, 2014

      Perhaps it's time each and every one of us should report this project to Kickstarter.

    4. Missing avatar

      Marc T. Shafer on October 14, 2014

      This is what Kickstarter wrote when I complained: Kickstarter Support (Kickstarter)
      Jul 05 13:44
      Hi Marc,
      Thanks for reaching out and taking the time to bring this to our attention.
      We do our best to give project creators the freedom and support necessary to bring their new and exciting ideas to life. This often means that when projects launch on Kickstarter they’re in the early stages of development. While we encourage creators to communicate regularly through this process, it’s important to remember that each of them will approach this differently. In most cases, this may be the first time that a creator has the responsibility of communicating with a large support community.
      Still, we expect that creators will make every effort to complete their project as promised and keep backers updated along the way. We also hope that backers will remain understanding as everyone learns through this process.
      I’m happy to reach out to this creator and offer our assistance. My goal is to open the lines of communication and encourage them to update more effectively moving forward. You should continue reaching out to them on your end as well. Through this joint effort, we’ll be reminding the creator to check in.
      Thanks for being a thoughtful backer and member of the Kickstarter community. I hope you hear more from the project creator soon.

      Another words....he gets to take the money and run.

    5. Missing avatar

      Judy Bessel on September 24, 2014

      Has anyone requested a refund?
      I now have the iPhone 6.

      My entire order is worthless!

    6. Arik Dreher on August 3, 2014

      I had complained to kickstarter.
      They told me to wait because many of the projects are not well planed and need much more time to accomplish. Was in the beginning of 2014.
      What can we do? I am still angry and thinking about this project here makes me not feel better anyway…

    7. Jack Dayan on June 15, 2014

      Is "Volar" a fraud? Has anyone complained to Kickstarter?

    8. Jack Dayan on June 15, 2014

      Still waiting for my shipment!!! Has anyone received their case or any information?

    9. Arik Dreher on March 21, 2014

      Our target release date is May 2013.

    10. Missing avatar

      Judy Bessel on February 10, 2014

      I have not received anything whatsoever. If he is still working on it, I will have the iPhone 6 by the time he sends it. Otherwise, perhaps we should report this to Kickstarter.

    11. Jack Dayan on January 18, 2014

      Has anyone received any update or delivery of their order? Or have we all been scammed!!!!

    12. Arik Dreher on December 28, 2013

      are you still working on this project?

    13. Arik Dreher on October 19, 2013


      Could you please give me / us some information about the development of your project?
      March the 20. is long gone and I really wonder if we you will send the stealth case this year…

      Thanks for you update!

    14. Arik Dreher on August 15, 2013

      Could you please give an update?!
      Your are not in your production plan, in which phase are you right now?

      Am really happy that you take it serious and want to give us the best product possible, but please give us some feedback…

      Where are problems, what are your thoughts about and more…

    15. Arik Dreher on March 9, 2013

      update with some more video!

      make one how easy you fix that to your bike do some more fun stuff :D

      how long would it last on a BMX?

      push it!

      WE NEED IT :o)

    16. Arik Dreher on March 9, 2013

      hey, what happened here?
      We have been 6 Backers an now there are only five!

      Damn, we have to push this one here a bit harder..
      looks like just a perfect tool and I wish it would going through to have one of these!

      Who has a friend working as a bike courier?

      Volar: send some information of your product to bike courier all over the world :)
      USA / Germany / and even more!

      I guess it would be a very good idea giving us some more information about it..
      how strong is the magnet, how much pressure ca it handle, in what way does the magnet influence the iPhone or does not, and some more details..

      I am sure this will help!

      Maybe you should do a site on Facebook as well, so we all can more easily share with our communities..