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$3,540 pledged of $40,000 goal
By Desert Owl Games
$3,540 pledged of $40,000 goal

The Maps

You have already seen our first map, "Desert Reveal". Many years ago an alien vessel came to extract the iron in the planet's soil and found the planet to also be rich with curium. Unfortunately they died, and their ship was buried after many sandstorms. A group of Helius explorers discovered this resource-rich area and started to excavate it for themselves. Unfortunately, this great source of curium attracted other beings hungry for power. Below is an early painting done for the game which inspired the idea behind the map.

Our newest map takes place on an abandoned (but still functional) orbiting mining station, called Nova. This device extracts curium from the planet below, which is too hostile for any being or robot to land on. Below are some in-game screenshots.

Another huge thanks to everyone who has pledged. Tell your friends about the campaign. We need your help!


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