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I-won't-tell-you-whose voice over leads us through three extreme situations that are actually the same... Will you survive?

We are really thankful for the support that we got to Voice Over!

Muchisimas gracias a todos por el apoyo a Voice Over!

Voice Over is a short film project in postproduction stage. Martin Rosete, the director, has won more than 100 awards with his previous work, and the rest of the cast and crew complete an amazing team with a lot of talent and experience:

Voice Over es un proyecto de cortometraje en fase de postproduccion. Martin Rosete, el director, ha ganado mas de 100 premios con sus anteriores trabajos y el resto del equipo tecnico y artistico completan un equipo rebosante de talento y experiencia.

-       Koldo Zuazua, producer.

-       Sebastian Alvarez, producer.

-       Manuel Calvo, producer & AD.

-       Jonathan D. Mellor, lead character.

-       Feodor Atkine, narrator.

-       David Heras, FX Supervisor.

-       Raul Monge, Creature Designer.

-       Fernando Franco, editor.

-       Jose Martin, DP.

We have already completed principal photography in unique locations in Tenerife and Almeria (Spain), but even before finishing it, Voice Over won several awards in film festivals like Gijon International Film Festival (Best Project) and Almeria and Corto (Best script).

Ya hemos completado el rodaje en increibles localizaciones de Tenerife y Almeria, pero incluso antes de acabar, Voice Over gano varios premios en importantes festivales de cine como Gijon y Almeria.

Also, Canal Plus, a very important European TV Channel has already bought the rights for 5 years, which means that Voice Over is going to be watched by millions of  people. Moreover, other companies and institutions have already given their support: Gobierno de Canarias, Tenerife Film Commision, Diputacion de Almeria, Mas Medios, The Line Between,…

Además, Canal Plus, un importante canal de TV en Europa ya ha comprado los derechos de emision por 5 años, lo qeu significa que Voice Over va a ser visto por millones de expectadores. Sumado a lo anterior, otras empresas e instituciones  nos han dado tambien su apoyo: Gobierno de Canarias, Tenerife Film Commission, Diputacion de Almeria, Mas Medios, The Line Between,...

Voice Over is a very challenging and also expensive project. We had to shoot in very special situations, and that is great, because it makes this film unique. Almost every sequence, every shot needs to add effects or visual retouch, and that´s why we need your support to complete the postproduction and to be able to distribute Voice Over to many film festivals and TVs around the world.

Voice Over es un proyecto muy ambicioso y por ende, muy caro. Hemos rodado en situaciones muy especiales, lo que haran de este corto algo unico. Casi todas las secuencias, casi todos los planos necesitaran añadir efectos y retoques visuales, y es por esto que necesitamos tu apoyo, para poder completar la postproduccion y ser capaces de distribuir Voice Over a cientos de festivales y TVs de todo el mundo.

You will be proud to be part of it.

Estaras orgulloso de formar parte de este proyecto.




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