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SC2VN - The Esports Visual Novel's video poster

Experience the life of a pro gamer in a visual novel setting. Win fame, battle rivals and make friends. The choices are yours. Read more

Dallas, TX Video Games
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This project was successfully funded on October 18, 2013.

Experience the life of a pro gamer in a visual novel setting. Win fame, battle rivals and make friends. The choices are yours.

Dallas, TX Video Games
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About this project

Update: We made it! There's still a day's worth of funding left, please help us make our stretch goals and get in on the rewards.

SC2VN tells the story of an aspiring professional gamer who has moved to South Korea, the mecca of esports, in attempt to break into the highly competitive scene. The protagonist, Mach, must not only face the challenges of the world’s best StarCraft 2 players, but also the issues that come with leaving everything behind to pursue a dream in an uncertain industry. Players will have the opportunity to interact with various progamers, team managers, and fans as they attempt to build themselves into the best StarCraft 2 professional player in the world.

Click the image below to download a copy of the demo.

Our demo is a pre-alpha proof of concept build, but captures much of what we want to achieve with the game. In the final build, we envision more interactions and decisions that affect the outcome of the game and how the career of the main character develops. Furthermore, there will be improved art, music, and greater attention to detail allowing for the final product to be something that can stand on its own.

The player will inhabit an alternative universe inspired by our own. The South Korean esports infrastructure will mimic the competitive scene in 2011, along with amateur online tournaments that the player can choose to compete in. The trials and tribulations that the character endures are structured from previous accounts of life in South Korea as an aspiring progamer.     

The progamers which inhabit the world are inspired by our favorite StarCraft 2 players, and translated loosely into new characters. Our characters are a work of fiction and parody.

SC2VN will focus heavily on choice. Players are given the opportunity to select who will they establish rivalries with, who their practice partners will be, who to pursue romantically, and what team houses they would like to train in. Furthermore, players will help develop Mach’s skills on the StarCraft 2 ladder, by selecting strategies that may affect the outcome of critical tournament games.    

SC2VN’s planned released will be 6 months after the funding, and will be free to download and play. The final game will have multiple routes, decisions, and a wider cast of characters and scenarios for the player to explore. Funding this project will ensure we can deliver on a high quality game within a reasonable amount of time.

Where we’re putting the money

Art: Original background, character, UI and event art will all come out of the budget. Character art will be done by hikariix, our artist. Other pieces will be commissioned on a need basis.

Music: We estimate SC2VN will produce twenty original tracks. This money goes to supporting our musician, Zircon5, and others as the project develops.

Scripting: Our game utilizes Ren’py, a visual novel creation engine. Currently, none of the funds from the kickstarter will go to paying for scripting or programming.

Writing: Storyboarding and scriptwriting are provided by Team Eleven Eleven at no cost.

Editing: It will become necessary to bring on an editor as the project reaches the drafting phase. We predict a word count in the hundreds of thousands. That’s just too much for one writer!

Animation: We plan to commission at least one animated sequence should the project reaches its goal, with further animation as a stretch goal.  

Tax and Kickstarer/Amazon Fees: They take about 10%.

Starcraft Community Figures:

We're excited to announce that Sean "Day[9]" Plott will be lending his voice to SC2VN! Sean is not only an accomplished StarCraft 2 commentator and game designer, but also has dabbled in the art of visual novels.

Be sure to also check out Day[9]’s upcoming browser based RTS, “Project Atlas” by Artillery Games!

Kwame “Temp0” Mensah is a musician and figure in the esports community, known for his StarCraft 2 music videos and parodies. You can find his most recent work by subscribing to his youtube or listening to his Soundcloud.

Meet Team Eleven Eleven:

TJ (Vogue) is an undergraduate student at the University of North Texas. He plays Protoss, performs stand-up comedy and loves screenwriting. He’s most influenced by games like Persona and Phoenix Wright. You may have seen his terrible youtube videos.

Tim (shindigs) is a graduate student at University of California, Irvine studying Informatics. He enjoys reading about game studies, research in esports, and interactive design.  

Stephanie (hikariix) is the character artist for SC2VN. She draws inspiration from artists redjuice and Takeshi Obata. Check out her DeviantArt!

More information:

Follow our development progress and find a Mac and Linux download link on

Vogue and Shindigs can be found on reddit as xxSharktits_snipeRxx and shindigs, respectively.

Risks and challenges

SC2VN is the first full length game for Team Eleven:Eleven. We began the Kickstarter campaign with a specific vision on the experience, aesthetics and narrative of the final game, and we recognized that it would take the help of the community to deliver a full-length and solid gameplay experience. We plan to deliver the game within six months of the fundraiser’s end. The game’s completion can only happen with your support.

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  • While we recognize that there are people that would probably be willing to pay for SC2VN, we’re more interested in providing an experience that can be accessed by all. We’d rather share this story and be a part of something cool than make a bit more money.

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    AUDIOPHILE: Early digital copy of the SC2VN soundtrack + Reward #1.

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    CONTRIBUTOR: Your name and handle in the credits + Reward #1 and #2

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    SUPER CONTRIBUTOR: Your name, handle and a picture of your choice in the credits + Reward #1 and #2

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    PRETTY COOL GUY: A pair of famous esports aviators + Reward #1, #2 and #3

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    HERO OF ESPORTS: Producer credit. Your name, handle and a picture of your choice go alongside the writing staff in acknowledgment of your awesomeness. Access to one on one information about the development process (but no spoilers!) + Reward #1, #2 and #3

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    DESIGNER: Help design a side character! Consult creatively to create the appearance, write some of the dialogue, and choose the role the character plays. + Reward #1, #2, #3 and #5.

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    SICK CITY: Create a side story put directly into SC2VN! Want a lusty fanfic about the casting archon? It'll be done. Write. Design. Create. + Reward #1, #2, #3 and #6.

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