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Beatboxing Technology? YES! I've been making a throat mic for beatboxers for 12 years. Now I've redesigned it and need your help!
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Some Neat Images While You Wait...

I had an older Thumper TH75 in here this week for repair, which is actually a pretty rare occurrence. Marty Gasper is the beatboxer for the NYC a cappella band Blue Jupiter and had broken the input jack on his TH75 belt-pack. While I had the unit opened up for repair, it was sitting on my desk next to the TH100 prototype. The two of them looked so cool next to each other, I had to take a picture! Looking at the pic, I started thinking about all the improvements in the new TH100, so I listed the changes beneath the photo…and here it is!

I also worked a lot with the belt-pack enclosure manufacturer this past week to finalize the custom modifications they're machining for the TH100. I've attached a mechanical drawing of the enclosure, which also shows the logo that will be silkscreened on the side. I got a lot done on the programming-side of things too, making sure the DIP switches properly control some of the settings, adjusting the signal-flow within the DSP, and trying to optimize things in memory even more to be sure we have room to do everything we want.

Everything else is still moving along fairly smoothly! Almost there!

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