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Journey back to 1985 to explore a future of personal computing that never quite came to pass. A film about the legendary Amiga system.
Journey back to 1985 to explore a future of personal computing that never quite came to pass. A film about the legendary Amiga system.
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Happy New Year from Viva Amiga

Posted by Zach Weddington (Creator)

Hey everyone,

Great news. The film is 100% complete. And the distribution plan is solid and all set up! 

We are looking at a March release right now to coincide with the South by Southwest film festival:

Kickstarter backers will get their copies BEFORE the general release. As well as access to special content, bonus clips and tons of extras that we have stored up.

I know the film took quite a while. Again, we had a small team and really strove for perfection. The Amiga deserves nothing less.

We've got a great soundtrack, amazing animations, professional color correction and sound mix. The film is outstanding and our little team is so proud of it. You will love it as much as we do.

I promise I will keep everyone informed so that we make sure you get to see the film and receive your merchandise. I know some people have changed addresses, and we have the messages you have sent us. Now's the time when we can address any of those issues. 

In the meantime, please enjoy some stills from the film. We may be able to post some new clips to keep you going until March as well. 

We are working on the official release trailer right now, and will share that with you as soon as it's done. We've also got a great official poster and other promotional elements in the works. 

Again, thanks so much for your support. It was worth it!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Allan Ullmann on

      Just over a week until SXSW! How are things progressing for a launch at this event?

    2. David Greelish on

      Zach, thank you for taking the time and for your very reasonable response. I do wish you felt it was imperative that us Kickstarter supporters got our copies first though, yes, even on DVD then, if you had to. If it were me, that's how I would feel, that it's only right. However, I do understand the concern about BiTtorrent though, so... best wishes, and looking forward to the documentary.

    3. Tia Refait on

      @Zach I need to get you my new address... I'm excited to see the film!

    4. Missing avatar

      Nate on

      Looks great, and I'm glad you're finishing strong!

    5. DANASSIE Arnaud on

      @Daytona675x : same opinion, "In Vielfalt geeint". For USA the minimum is english/spanish/russian but in Europe we love have the choose to watch a film in VO (with or without english subtitles) or with national subtitles. There's 25 official langages in europe and the European Commission has 3 working languages: English, French and German.

      @Zach : just release the english subtitles, as Batteman says, we could help you freely to release french or other langages in .srt (or .ass). In Moleman2 documentary subttitles were available in 14 langages :… ;)

    6. BatteMan on

      Sad to read it but if we can have a downloadable version, we could make a french .srt and share it easier, so...

    7. Daniel "Daytona675x" Müßener on

      only english subtitles? That's a bit disappointing, I expected a bit more because if you quickly check out the comments section here you'll find people signaling demand while also offering assistence regarding french, norwegian, spanish, turkis and german subtitles.
      Actually, you yourself said "Yeah, we are going to do French" at least. But well.
      Address change: pm sent.

    8. Zach Weddington Creator on

      @Daniel Well, as we talked to people, it seemed that most non-native English speakers mostly cared that we subtitled it in English. They weren't concerned about their native language so much and thought English subs would be all we really need.That was the majority of people we asked. As far as address changes, people have sent us updated adresses along the way and we kept them. I hope that part goes smoothly, and will do my best to make sure everyone gets theirs.

    9. Zach Weddington Creator on

      Hey guys, as far as HD, yes, of course, we will offer it that way. I want the Kickstarter people to be able to see it that way. In the next few weeks, we are going to reach out and see what people might prefer. The DVD plus a digital download link possibly? No DVD and a Blu Ray? I have to see what people might want most. We are working on it!

    10. Daniel "Daytona675x" Müßener on

      What about subtitles? Which languages are covered?
      How are you going to handle backer's address changes?

    11. Zach Weddington Creator on

      @Wei-Ju @Andrew @Marius Thanks guys. Going to give you full replies here later. Now that I actually have a movie, I will have the time and energy to be more responsive on here. I really do appreciate your support and yes, the response has been GREAT for the film. Wei-Ju even is IN the film! LOL. More to come

    12. Wei-ju Wu on

      Ah yes, those BitTorrent folks, I remember Jason Scott's talk at Google describing that issue with his "Get Lamp" in a humorous way, but I can see how that hurts smaller film makers. I am happy for you and everyone interested in this film that you made it happen, and got to meet you in person in Mountain View last year. Personally, it was a great experience to watch you in the making of this documentary.

    13. Andrew Stephen on

      @Zach I'm really pleased to see that the film is done! I have had no problem waiting and I know that schedules shift and change, especially when it's a labour of love and not a full time job.

      Like Marius I'd love to watch this in HD, and would certainly have pledged for BluRay had it been an option. I can understand your reluctance to see the film tormented, but many like myself would happily pay extra for a DRM free HD copy either on physical media or download. I think the research has well shown that the people who would torrent and not pay are never going to be your customer anyway. We are. Market to us, not against them.

    14. Missing avatar

      Marius Hov Lauritzen on

      It's good to see that we're finally getting near the release now. I was about to comment on the Facebook-page just a few hours before you posted the update to ask if something went wrong, and the film would not be released. Good to hear you have all this sorted out.
      Now back to the film.... As far as I understand, the film will be delivered on DVD. Wouldn't this give us less quality than if it was delivered digitally such as a full HD-film?

      I totally understand your issues with BiTorrent, and I think you're right. Some idiot out there will for sure upload it. But woudn't that happen even with the DVD? People are ripping DVDs all the time putting them online.

      I just hope that there will be a HD-version of this film too :) Maybe later?

      Again thanks a lot Zach, I really do appriciate your work and your passion about this amazing piece of hardware. It finally gets the publisity it deserves!

    15. Zach Weddington Creator on

      @David Hey man, I gotta say your words really hurt me. You are not being fair and you don't understand what we had to go through. I would love to explain it all to you. I have the same t-shirt you're wearing on your profile, man. VCF have seen it. I shared it with VCF dude. We gave back to the community.

      RJ, Haynie, Jeff Porter, and the rest of anyone who is anyone with Amiga is behind this film. They all understand what we had to go through to get the film to be great. And it is.

      I would be happy to refund your donation if you are still upset. Why don't you send me an email at and I will do my best to accomodate you.

      Thanks all. We did it.

    16. Zach Weddington Creator on

      @David Hey man, I understand your frustration. Here's the real world:


      That's right. I have only showed the film to people in person. Not online.

      When all is said and done, I will most likely only break even from any profits of Viva Amiga. That's the reality of documentary films. I'm not in this for the money. Otherwise I would do something else. I just love the Amiga and want to not LOSE money.

      As soon as I give out digital copies, they will be torrented. Sadly thats the real world.

      If you want to come over and watch, I can show you personally. ;)

      Please be patient. Movie is done and yeah, you'll get your copy.

      And please don't BitTorrent it. I know you wont. We worked so hard!

    17. Amiten Software Inc. on

      Thanks! Zach Weddington Thanks! Finally the Film its Here Great Job!! and killing for watch your film \o/ all the best- Amiga4ever

    18. Geir Eivind Mork on

      Didn't expect waiting all those years when I backed, but doesn't matter. March comes quickly enough. :)

    19. BatteMan on

      Will we have subtitles on the DVD ? As I said 2 years later, I can make french subtitles if you give me english subtitles.

      Happy to see it finally come to us.

    20. Martin Schobbe on

      YAY!!!! so looking forward watching it. Especially with having met a lot of the people in this dvd IRL at the various meetings and Amiga parties last year :D

    21. David Greelish on

      You have already shown the film to other people, making us wait, and now you say it's 100% ready and you're making us wait again -- for two more months! Does that sound reasonable? We backed you financially, but your priorities have so far never been to us who did that. I personally wish I had never backed you.